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Apple Trade in Program: Everything You Need to Know

Nov 29, 2023 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Part 1. Introduction

The Apple Trade In program allows customers to trade in and recycle Apple products like older iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches and put the value towards an upgrade.

Just go online or visit an Apple store to get a quick estimate based on your device's model and condition.

If you are happy with the value, trade it in when purchasing a new Apple product. Either mail your old device in using a prepaid shipping label from Apple or drop it off at a participating Apple store.

Apple will wipe your data, inspect the device, and issue an Apple gift card for the final appraised value, typically within two weeks. You can then put that credit towards your new iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Trading in with Apple is convenient, secure, and nets better value than going through third-party trade-in services. Just be sure to factory reset your old device before sending it back and remove any locks or passcodes. You can use the services of Dr.Fone for a safe backup of all your data.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explain everything you need to know about how the Apple Trade In program works.

Part 2. What is the Apple Trade In Program and How Does it Benefit Customers?

Various Apple devices like iPad, iPhone and iWatch

The Apple recycle program, also known as the Apple Trade In program, allows customers to exchange their older iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches and get credit towards new Apple device purchases.

This popular Apple buyback program has several key benefits:

1. Convenience

The Apple exchange program process is designed to be simple and convenient. You can start a trade in request online or at an Apple store, then mail in your old device or drop it off once your new item arrives. Apple even provides free shipping labels in many cases, making the Apple give back program very straightforward.

2. Instant Credit

One major perk is that you get the estimated Apple trade in value applied instantly towards your new Apple purchase either online or in-store. So, you get an immediate discount on your next iPhone or MacBook when using the Apple upgrade program trade in option.

3. Peace of Mind

Apple thoroughly wipes all old iPhones and devices traded in so you can feel confident your personal data is securely erased through the Apple recycle program.

4. Added Value

Apple iPhone and device trade in values tend to be higher than third-party programs because the credit is given as an Apple gift card. This provides more flexibility and purchasing power than cash back.

Overall, the Apple Trade In program delivers a seamless way for customers to recycle their older iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches they no longer need and put the value gained towards the latest models. It's one of the most convenient ways to exchange old Apple gear for instant savings on upgrades.

Part 3. How Do I Exchange a Device With Apple Trade In?

If you're wondering "can I recycle my iPhone at Apple?" or want to recycle other Apple products, the Apple trade in program makes it easy. There are convenient in-store and online options for trading in your used Apple gear through the Apple recycle program.


One way to exchange your device is to use the Apple exchange program online. Just go to the Apple trade in program website and get a quick estimate of what your used iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch is worth.

To get an accurate quote, you'll need to enter your specific device's model, year, and condition.

In Store

Alternatively, you can bring your old iPhone or other Apple device to any Apple store and recycle it instantly in-person through the Apple buyback program.

An Apple Specialist will inspect your item and provide you with a trade-in estimate right on the spot. If you accept it, the credit will be immediately applied toward a new in-store purchase of an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

The Apple store employee will handle securely recycling your old device through the Apple recycle program if it has reached zero value. Trading in at the store allows you to get your credit faster for a new Apple purchase.

Get An Estimate First

Before starting the Apple iPhone recycling process, it's a good idea to get an estimate of your device's trade-in value. This allows you to set proper expectations when using the Apple exchange program.

Simply go to the Apple trade in program website and enter your exact iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch details including model, year, and condition. The tool will instantly provide an estimated amount for how much credit you could get toward a new Apple purchase.

Checking the Apple upgrade program trade-in value online beforehand takes just a minute and helps you decide if recycling your Apple device makes financial sense. It also lets you compare the Apple recycle program value versus selling yourself.

Once you've got your estimated Apple buy back program trade-in quote, you can confidently proceed with the online or in-store process knowing what credit to expect. This streamlines trading in your used iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

The Apple recycle program makes it simple to exchange older devices and put the value towards new Apple gear. Just be sure to factory reset and remove any passcodes before sending in your old iPhone or MacBook. With a few quick steps, you can turn unused Apple products into instant savings.

Tips:Are you worried about safeguarding your privacy and your sensitive information when you switch to a new phone or sell your old devices? Worry not, as Dr.Fone helps to completely wipe clean all your information. Dr.Fone Data Eraser ensures that all your personal data, including contacts, messages, photos, and more, are permanently and securely erased fromyour device.

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Part 4. What Devices Can Customers Exchange with Apple Trade In Program ?

Apple devices for Apple trade in program

Apple accepts a wide range of older model devices to be traded in through their program. Here is an overview of which types of Apple products are eligible:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • MacBook laptops
  • iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini computers
  • Apple Watches
  • Few Android smartphones

Your exact trade-in value will vary significantly based on the device's model, year, and condition. For instance, trading in an old iPhone 5 may get you $25, while an iPhone X in good condition could net $220+ in credit.

iPhones and iPads tend to have the highest trade-in values out of Apple devices. MacBook, iMac, and Apple Watch trade-in credits are comparatively lower.

Note that other manufacturers' devices are not eligible for Apple's exchange program. Non-Apple smartphones, tablets, laptops, or smartwatches cannot be exchanged. The device must be an authentic Apple product with its original parts to qualify.

Part 5. Estimated Model and Value Of Old iPhones In Apple Trade In Program

Various iPhones on Display

One of the most popular items to trade in is the iPhone. Here is an overview of the approximate Apple Trade-In values you can expect to receive for some recent iPhone models in good condition*:

  • iPhone 7: up to $50
  • iPhone 8: up to $90
  • iPhone X: up to $120
  • iPhone XR or XS: up to $170
  • iPhone 11: up to $300
  • iPhone SE (2nd gen): can go around $80
  • iPhone 12 Mini: around $200
  • iPhone 12: up to $450
  • iPhone SE (3rd gen): up to $160
  • iPhone 13 Mini: around $320
  • iPhone 13: can go to $580
  • iPhone 14: can go to $650

*Values are estimates only. Actual amounts will vary based on exact specs and conditions.

As you can see, more recent models like the iPhones 11 or 12 could net over $400 or $500, respectively, if traded in, while an iPhone XR could still fetch around $300. Even trading in an iPhone 6S or 7 can get you $75-$120 off your new phone purchase.

Be sure to look up your exact iPhone model and specs to see the latest real-time estimate of your trade-in value from Apple. It takes just seconds online.

Part 6. Estimated Model And Value Of Old Ipads In Apple Trade In Program

Image of older iPads

Along with iPhones, customers often trade in older generation iPads using the Apple program. Here are the approximate trade-in amounts for some recent models:

  • iPad Pro: up to $510
  • iPad Air: up to $315
  • iPad Mini: up to $260
  • iPad: up to $170

The latest iPad Pros can fetch up to $450 or $500 in trade-in value, while even an iPad Air or Mini from a few generations ago could get you $100-$250 off a new model. Be sure to check your specific iPad for an accurate estimate.

Part 7. Estimated Model and Value Of Old Macs In Apple Trade In Program

Apple also accepts old Mac desktops and laptops for trade-in. Here are typical values based on model and condition:

  • MacBook Air: up to $615
  • MacBook Pro: up to $1090
  • MacBook: around $145
  • iMac: up to $480
  • iMac Pro: around $575
  • Mac Pro: up to $1250
  • Mac Mini: around $465
  • Mac Studio: around $1415

Keep in mind Mac trade-in values tend to be lower than mobile devices. But you can still save a decent amount - a recent MacBook Pro could get you $400+ off a brand-new model. Check your specific Mac's info to get an accurate estimate from Apple.

Part 8. FAQ s

Here are answers to some common questions about the Apple Trade In program:

1. Is Apple Trade In safe?

Yes, the Apple recycle program thoroughly wipes all data from old iPhones and devices received through the Apple trade in program. You can feel confident using this Apple buyback program, knowing your personal information is securely erased. iPhones and other Apple products are then recycled responsibly rather than ending up in landfills.

2. Can I trade in two iPhones at Apple?

Absolutely. The Apple exchange program allows you to trade in multiple devices of the same type at once. For example, you could recycle two old iPhones and combine both trade-in values into a larger credit to put towards a new phone. Or you could trade in two MacBooks at the same time. This makes the Apple give back program very convenient when upgrading multiple Apple devices.

3. How long does Apple Trade In take?

The whole Apple iPhone recycle process typically takes two weeks or less. After you mail in your used device in the prepaid box provided, Apple will inspect it, wipe the data, and process your trade in value. Most Apple gift cards with the appraised value are issued within 14 days or less.

Part 9. Conclusion

The Apple Trade In program provides an excellent option for consumers to exchange their older-generation Apple products and put the value gained toward a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other device. It's a simple, seamless process that can save you hundreds of dollars compared to selling yourself.

Hopefully, this overview gave you a good understanding of how Apple Trade-In works. Be sure to use the value estimator tools to check your particular device and see the potential savings. With the new iPhone 15 lineup launching soon, now may be the perfect time to finally upgrade and trade in your old device to Apple for the maximum discount. Never forget to wipe out your data for information security, using tools like Dr.Fone to safeguard your mobile selling journey!

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