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20 Tips to Free Up Storage on iPhone

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Usually, when we are short of space on our iPhone, we resort to deleting apps, videos, and photos. But instead, we can try some useful tricks to free the space. In our day to day life, there are a number of things we want to keep safe in our iPhone in the form of pictures, apps. Deleting them will never be our choice in case no or less space is left out to save important file or data. As a solution for that, we come across with 20 tips on how to free up the storage in the iPhone. This will allow you to use your iPhone without facing the problem of less storage area.

Just follow the following steps to understand how to free up the storage in the iPhone.

Tips to free up storage problem

Solution 1: Clearing the cache memory of browser

Browsing different pages online creates the cache memory. Cache is a volatile memory which provides high-speed access to frequently used data online. It captures some space.

Just follow the detailed instruction here to clear iPhone chache.

Solution 2: Deleting the reading list

A lot of space is used by Safari’s offline reading list. To clear this list we need to tap on the >Setting >General >Storage & iCloud Usage >Manage Storage >Safari >Offline reading list >Click on Delete will delete the cache.

how to free up storage on iphone-offline reading list

Solution 3: Google Photos

Google Photos is a third party Software which helps to solve the iPhone problem to a large extent. There is the unlimited free storage facility. For it, Internet connection is needed. We can use this software to save our pictures, videos.

how to free up storage on iphone-google photo

Solution 4: Dropbox

We can use the Dropbox to save photos automatically whenever we click it. Up to 2.5GB is free.

how to free up storage on iphone-dropbox

Solution 5:  Deleting the text storage

Messages we send or receive used to get stored in iPhone by default thus using the space of iPhone. Instead of saving them forever we can reduce the duration up to 30 days or a year.

Open Setting > Click on Messages > Click on Message History > Click on Keep Messages > Change forever option to 30 days or a year > Click on Delete to complete the task.

how to free up storage on iphone-message settings

Solution 6: Clear the history and web data

Whatever we search online, Safari is used to keep the record of its data which unknowingly get stored on the phone. We need to clear that record to free the space. For that visit Settings >Safari >Clear History and Website Data.

how to free up storage on iphone-safari data

Solution 7: Get Rid of the Junk files

When we connect iPhone with computer some other data such as email temporary data, cache, cookies are stored up as junk files. To remove them we need third party app such as PhoneClean. Before cleaning it ask our permission to clean.

how to free up storage on iphone-get rid of junk files

Solution 8: Backing up camera pictures

First back up the photos on iPhone then delete them, repeat this every week. There is a software named as Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) software which we can use to back up the picture memory back to the computer.

Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS)

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how to free up storage on iphone-backup iphone data

Solution 9:  Disable Photo Stream

When your device is connected to Wi-Fi then photo stream automatically sync the photos with iCloud. That uses the memory space of phone up to 1 GB. Which we can disable by going to Settings >Photos & Camera >Off My Photo Stream.

how to free up storage on iphone-disable photo stream

Solution 10: Save HDR photos only

HDR refers to High Dynamic Range photos. After capturing the picture, iPhone automatically saves HDR and non-HDR images simultaneously. Thus we double copy of images. To keep only HDR images we need to visit Settings >Photos & Cameras >Switch off ‘Keep Normal Photo’

how to free up storage on iphone-save hdr photos only

Solution 11: Look for Newsstand Apps

Newsstand is a kind of Apple’s folder use to hold all online magazine subscriptions. Instead of keeping separate subscription we can use such apps like London Paper; this is also one kind of Newsstand which will save up to 6 GB space.

how to free up storage on iphone-newsstand apps

Solution 12: Resetting the RAM of iPhone

Many times we forget that there is also a kind of memory, that is RAM which needs to refresh time to time to speed up the phone. To do so:

  1. Unlock the phone
  2. Hold down lock button
  3. Release lock button
  4. Hold down the home button until home screen appears

This way, RAM will get refreshed.

how to free up storage on iphone-free up storage

Solution 13: Dependent apps of iCloud

There are some apps in our phone that depend upon iCloud and store data to it. To check and confirm that visit Settings >iCloud >Storage >Manage Storage.

Under Document and Data we will find such apps and if that data is not important then delete by swiping to left.

delete app data how to free up storage on iphone-delete app data

Solution 14: Delete and reinstall Facebook

In order to browse fast online, Facebook uses to capture significant cache memory. That needs to clear from phone to get back the free space. Steps are:

>At home screen, hold the facebook icon

>Click on x sign

>Confirm to delete

how to free up storage on iphone-delete facebook

how to free up storage on iphone-reinstall facebook

Solution 15: Remove the Unwanted Podcast

how to free up storage on iphone-remove podcast

The podcast is a series of digital audio files. In our phone Podcast episodes used to acquire very large space due to series of episodes. To get rid of we need to follow certain steps.

>At Home Screen click on Podcast app

>My Podcast section

>Select Podcast episode

>Swipe to delete

how to free up storage on iphone-remove podcast

Solution 16: Unwanted Music Storage

In our phone, there is a list of unwanted track and albums that capture large storage area. So it comes on priority to get these audio and video files free from the phone. Following steps will guide us to do so:



>Storage and iCloud Usage

>Manage Storage

>Click on Music App- Summary of Songs and Albums will appear

>Delete unwanted track by swiping right to left

how to free up storage on iphone-music storage

Solution 17: Deleting unused Apps

With time we found that there are a number of apps that we are not using or these apps are consuming a lot of space. So the time has arrived to delete such apps to restore the memory space.

>Visit home screen of iPhone

>tap and hold the app

>A small x sign appear

>Click on x sign to delete the app

how to free up storage on iphone-delete iphone apps

Solution 18: Installing iOS 14

Apple released the latest version iOS 14 of an operating system for iPhones, iPad, iPod. Updating the software will provide some free space to your iPhone.

how to free up storage on iphone-install ios 10.3

Solution 19: Buying plug-in storage

Just like USB drivers, we can also purchase an iOS Flash driver. These offer lot of storage facility. We just need to plug it in the lightning port of iPhone. To view the storage files, plug it and open the app.

how to free up storage on iphone-plug-in storage

Solution 20: Check your Email Storage

Checking email by just clicking on it is the wonderful thing, but many times email service takes up a lot of space on our phone. So how to come out of this problem

Just Do not allow loading Remote Images

As emails usually come with many images, which gets downloaded into our phone. To block the downloading we need to follow these steps:


>Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendar

>Click on Mail section

>Off the Load Remote Images

how to free up storage on iphone-check email storage

In the above article, we come across various methods to sort out the problem of how to free up storage on iPhone. These methods and tricks are very effective as well as easy to follow in order to get more free space that we can utilize in another useful task on iPhone. Thus using the space of iPhone to capture and save the beautiful moments of life.

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