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Complete Guide for HEIC Images and Converters

James Davis

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Are you thinking about how to download HEIC image sample files? We're glad to assist here! Apple has taken on the HEIC picture format for iOS devices. This file format protects the image quality and gives the preferred size over the JPG format. However, HEIC files are only supported by some devices, which is a big issue.

It is one of the main reasons individuals need to sample HEIC files to JPG. In this article, you'll find the best strategies for HEIC image download. Moreover, we will introduce you to the best HEIC conversion tool, i.e., Dr.Fone-Phone Manager.

Part 1: 2 Websites to Download HEIC Image Sample

The following two websites are best recommended for you if you are looking to download HEIC images:


FileSamples is a HEIC image download site that you can rely upon. It has an easy-to-utilize service and gives speedy file downloads. Instead of checking out the web for a particular file format, you can find what you want in one spot.

They offer 814 example files with different characteristics in 180 unique formats. Moreover, they are entirely free of cost and will constantly be. So, open their website, get the file you want, and continue working.

Here is the site for HEIC files:



2.Sample File Hub

On Sample File Hub's official site, you will track down a list of sample HEIC files to download. You will also find insights about the file, like its size, so you can best conclude which one will meet your requirements. On top of that, it is also free. Overall, it is a great website to have in hand when you want to download HEIC images.

Here is the site for HEIC files:



Part 2: How to Download HEIC Images in JPG Format?

When you utilize the download button in Google Photos to download an image, it generally downloads in the first format (for example, HEIC for your situation). However, the "Save image as" option can download the image in JPG format regardless of whether it's put away in HEIC format. This is how you can download it in JPG format:

  • Click on the HEIC image in Google Photos to see it.
  • Right-click on it and select the "Save image as" choice from the menu.

save image as

  • Select the save area on your PC, and the image will be kept in JPG format.

save as jpeg

Although it's an extremely basic technique for downloading HEIC images in JPG format, it has its cons. For example, the "Save images as" choice downloads images with a similar resolution. Accordingly, you can't download the pictures in their best resolution. The above process is insufficient if you want to download the image in complete resolution. Follow the steps:

  • Click on the HEIC image to review it in Google Photos.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key (Command key for Macintosh) and (-) key to zoom out in your program. Hold it for 2-3 seconds.
  • A while later, right-click on the picture and select "Save image as" > JPG format.

Part 3: 5 Useful HEIC Converters

1.Dr.Fone-Phone Manager

Other than clicking the "save image as" button time and again to convert HEIC images to JPG, Dr.Fone-Phone Manager permits you to convert HEIC photos to JPG.

With Dr.Fone, you can convert HEIC photos in only a single tick without compromising the nature of your photos. his tool accompanies many new features and will surely make your smartphone experience a great deal better. You can utilize it to move your files between your iPhone and PC.

It works with all the leading data/file types, for example, JPG, MP4, music, contacts, messages, etc. Moreover, using this tool, you can assume full command over your phone. However, one of the most mind-blowing things about it is that it can let you download HEIC images in JPG. This way, you can convert HEIC to JPG on Windows.

Step 1. Firstly, launch the Dr.Fone - Phone Manager on your macOS or Windows PC. Then, select the "Phone Manager" feature for the image conversion.

drfone phone manager

Step 2. Connect your device to your system through a connecting cable, allowing it to identify naturally.

Step 3. The application will offer a phone preview with certain extra features in a few seconds. Enter the "Photos" tab.

click photos tab

Step 4. At this page, Dr.Fone provides an interface for all the photos on your iPhone.

Step 5. You can select how many photos you want here.

Step 6. Then you're able to export these photos to the macOS or Windows.

export to system

Step 7. Phone Manager offers also the choice for you to download your images in which place.

Then, with practically no loss, they would be converted to JPG format automatically. Along these lines, you can move your photos from your phone to your PC without stressing over any issues.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

2.HEIC Online Converter

Online HEIC to JPG converters are likewise dependable for converting HEIC photos in Google Drive. Furthermore, the HEIC Online Converter is the one that does the work. Moreover, you don't have to install anything. Instead, you can drag the HEIC photos and download the converted JPG photos easily.

heic online converter

Steps of Use

  • Just open the online website of the online HEIC converter
  • Put your mouse on the Add Files button and click it.
  • Then select the files you need to convert and start converting them.

Key Features

  • Upholds the conversion of multiple photos at a time
  • You can drag pictures easily
  • Lightweight and simple to utilize
  • No loss of data or quality
  • Freely accessible

3.CopyTrans HEIC

CopyTrans HEIC Converter is a free device that permits you to convert HEIC files to JPG or PNG. The Converter is straightforward to utilize and can be used by anybody. You should move the HEIC files into the Converter, and they will be converted into JPG or PNG format.

The Converter likewise upholds bunch transformation so you can convert various HEIC files without delay. The Converter is speedy and can convert many HEIC files in only a few moments. The converted files can be saved to any area on your PC.


Steps of Use

  • After downloading CTH, right-click on a HEIC format
  • Click the “Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans” option from the menu.
  • You will get a JPG format of your HEIC one.

Key Features

  • It is simple to utilize
  • Can uphold batch convert
  • Quick process
  • It can be saved to any place

4.iMazing HEIC Converter

iMazing Converter is a 100 percent free tool for effectively converting photos and videos in the new HEIC format. The iMazing HEIC Converter is a tool device that permits you to convert your images from HEIC to JPEG or PNG.

The transformation is very straightforward and requires a couple of moments. The nature of the converted images is excellent and doesn't involve any losses. The main disadvantage of the iMazing HEIC Converter is that it isn't free but worth the cost.

imazing converter

Steps of Use

  • Download and launch iMazing Converter on your Mac or PC.
  • Then drop the intended HEIC files to iMazing's window.
  • Finally, specify your settings and tap the Convert button.
  • Now you can choose a target folder to save the files.

Key Features

  • Convert HEIF/HEIC files to JPEG or PNG
  • Convert HEVC (H.265) files to MPEG-4 (H.264)
  • Flexible quality of JPEG or MPEG-4 result
  • Save EXIF information while converting to JPEG
  • Simple conversion process
  • Accessible on macOS as well!

5.iMobie HEIC Converter

iMobie HEIC Converter is a convenient device that can assist you with converting your HEIC files to JPG or PNG format. The Converter is straightforward to utilize and can be worked with a couple of clicks. It likewise upholds batch transformation so you can continue without waiting. The Converter is speedy and can complete the change in no time.

The Converter has a straightforward GUI and is quite simple to utilize. First, add the HEIC files to convert and choose the result format (JPG or PNG). At that point, the Converter will complete the process in practically no time.

imobie heic

Steps of Use

  • Choose your preferences from the Homepage
  • Set Export HEIC to JPG Format.
  • Use iMobie HEIC Converter to Convert your HEIC Files on PC.
  • You can then download the converted photos to your computer.

Key Features

  • Simple to utilize
  • Quick conversion process
  • Supports batch transformation

Part 4: Where Can I Download The 5 Converters?

  1. You can download the Dr.Fone Phone Manager from its official site, i.e., https://drfone.wondershare.com/iphone-transfer.html.
  2. However, you don't need to download the HEIC online converter since it is accessible online for desktops at https://drfone.wondershare.com/online-heic-converter.html.
  3. On the other hand, the CopyTrans Converter is available at https://www.copytrans.net/copytransheic/,
  4. While you can download the iMazing Converter from https://imazing.com/converter.
  5. You also don't need to download the iMobie Converter since the online version for the desktop is available at https://heic.imobie.com/heic-to-jpg/.

The Bottom Line

HEIC files could be more impressive if supported by different systems. They became famous solely after Apple began utilizing them. So, if you are using an Apple phone, HEIC will be there. However, there is yet to be an official method to download HEIC images in Windows. Thus, we suggest you use Dr.Fone-Phone Manager in such cases.

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