iPhone 15 Grainy and Out-of-Focus Photos: 9 Ways To Fix Them

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Do you want to get sharp photos every time, not with grainy, blurred, or out-of-focus photos on your iPhone 15?

As an iPhone 15 user, you know the frustration of taking a perfect shot only to discover it's blurry. While this powerful device has a cutting-edge camera system, it's not immune to the occasional out-of-focus photos iPhone 15 problem. It is a common issue caused by several factors, from software glitches to hardware problems.

But don't worry, there are solutions! This article will explore the common causes of these issues and provide simple solutions to help you take clear and focused photos with your iPhone 15.

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Part 1. Common Causes of Grainy, Blurry, and Out-of-Focus Photos on iPhone 15

Ever captured a moment only to find your cherished shot marred by grainy textures, blurred, or frustratingly out-of-focus subjects? If you're an iPhone 15 user, you're not alone. Understanding the culprits behind these photographic pitfalls is essential to unlock the full potential of your device. So, why do photos go out of focus?

Dirt or Dust on the Camera Lens

One of the most common reasons for blurry photos or out-of-focus photos iPhone 15 problems is dirt or dust on the camera lens. If the lens is dirty or dusty, it will block the light from reaching the sensor, which can cause the photo to be blurry.

Incorrect Camera Settings

Even the most advanced devices require user input. Incorrect settings can lead to subpar, blurry photos and iPhone 15 camera issues. Ensure you're using the right shooting mode and pay attention to focus settings to avoid unnecessary blurriness.

A Moving Subject

Sometimes, the blame doesn't lie with your iPhone. Capturing a sprinting pet or a fast-paced sporting event can challenge even the best smartphone cameras. Quick movements can result in blurred photos of iPhone 15 shots, no matter how advanced the device.

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Low Light Conditions

The iPhone 15 is a master of many tasks, but it may struggle in dimly lit environments. Limited light can also lead to "grainy photos iPhone 15" camera issues and difficulty focusing.

Hardware Defect With the Camera

While the iPhone 15 is a technological marvel, it's not immune to hardware defects. If you consistently experience out-of-focus photos on iPhone 15, keep reading to identify and rectify any underlying camera issues.

Part 2: 9 Quick Fixes for Out of Focus Photos on iPhone 15

If you are taking photos with your iPhone 15 and they are coming out blurry, grainy, or out of focus, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. Here are 9 quick fixes for grainy photos, blurry photos, and out-of-focus photos on iPhone 15:

Clean the Camera Lens

It may seem like a simple solution, but it's often the easiest way to fix blurry or out-of-focus photos iPhone 15 results. Your device travels everywhere with you, and dust, dirt, or fingerprints inevitably accumulate on the lens. A dirty or smudged camera lens can scatter light and cause blurry images.

To gently clean the camera lens, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the lens in a circular motion. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as this can damage the lens.

white microfiber cloth

Tap To Focus

The iPhone 15 empowers you to take control of your shot's focal point. Just tap on the area of the image you want to be in focus, and your iPhone's camera will adjust accordingly.

This feature is useful when your subject is not at the center of the frame or if you want to emphasize a specific element in the composition. It will help to ensure that the subject is in focus even if other objects in the background are present.

iphone camera focus and exposure

Adjust the Exposure

Exposure plays a pivotal role in photography, and mastering it can significantly improve the clarity of your shots. On your iPhone 15, you can easily adjust the exposure by tapping the focus area and sliding the light icon up or down.

Turn Off the AE/AF Lock

AE/AF Lock locks the iPhone 15 camera's exposure and focus settings. It can be valuable in certain situations, such as when you're taking a photo of a subject that is backlit. However, if you're having trouble focusing on a subject, try turning off the AE/AF Lock.

To turn off the AE/AF Lock, tap and hold the subject on the screen until you see the AE/AF lock icon appear. Then, tap the AE/AF lock icon to unlock the settings.

iphone ae/af lock

Use a Tripod or Other Stabilization Device

If you're taking photos in low light conditions or using a slow shutter speed, keeping the iPhone 15 camera steady is crucial. This is because any movement of the device can result in "blurry photos iPhone 15" camera shots. You can use a tripod or other stabilization device to keep your phone steady.

iphone 15 pro on a tripod

Enable Macro Control

Macro control in iPhone 15 is a new feature that allows you to take sharp, detailed, close-up photos. It automatically switches to the Ultra Wide camera when you are close to a subject. If macro control is not enabled, you must manually switch to the Ultra Wide camera.

To enable Macro Control, open the Settings app and tap Camera. Then, toggle the switch on to enable Macro Control.

Turn Off Prioritize Faster Shooting

The Prioritize Faster Shooting feature on iOS 17 might not always work in your favor. It aims to speed up the shutter release but can sometimes compromise focus accuracy.

Disabling it in your camera settings can give you more control over focus and ensure that each shot is crisp and sharp. Experiment with this setting to see how it impacts your photography, and tailor it to your shooting preferences for optimal results.

To do so, go to Settings > Camera, then turn off Prioritize Faster Shooting.

iphone camera settings interface

Turn Off Lens Correction

By default, the iPhone 15 uses Lens Correction for more natural-looking photos. However, Lens Correction can sometimes cause blurry photos, especially at close range. To disable Lens Correction, open the Settings app and go to Camera. Then, toggle off the switch next to Lens Correction.

Use a Third-Party App Mobile Solution

When you've tried all built-in options, sometimes the underlying cause of out-of-focus photos iPhone 15 issues may be related to system issues or deeper hardware problems. It's wise to consider using a reliable mobile solution like Wondershare Dr.Fone to check if it's a software-related issue.

It can diagnose and fix most iOS system issues without data loss, and this app is also easy to use. Follow this step-by-step guide to use Dr.Fone and remove any lingering glitches affecting your iPhone performance.

  • Step 1: Download Dr.Fone desktop app, then launch it once installed. Next, select System Repair from the Toolbox home page.
  • dr.fone toolbox homepage interface

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  • Step 2: Connect your iPhone device to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, select iPhone as the device type.
  • select device type interface

  • Step 3: The window that opens shows you the options for repairing your iOS device. Select iOS Repair to fix your iPhone system issues.
  • dr.fone system repair functions interface

  • Step 4: Select Standard Repair as the repair mode if you want to keep your iOS data.
  • dr.fone restore device system repair mode

  • Step 5: Next, you must put your iOS device into Recovery Mode. To do this, follow the on-screen instructions or click Guide for help.
  • enter device to recovery mode

  • Step 6: Once your device is in Recovery Mode, Dr.Fone will automatically detect the compatible iOS firmware. To download and install the firmware, click Download next to the firmware version you want.
  • dr.fone available firmware version for iphone

  • Step 7: You can update your device once the platform has downloaded and verified the iOS firmware.
  • downloading firmware package interface

  • Step 8: Click Repair Now once the firmware is ready to repair your iOS device.
  • firmware ready for repairing ios

  • Step 9: Please keep your iPhone connected to the computer while the repair progresses.
  • dr.fone repairing iphone interface

  • Step 10: Click Done on the next screen to exit the process and use your device.
  • ios system repair complete interface

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    Say goodbye to grainy, blurry, and out-of-focus iPhone 15 photos! Now you know the common causes and solutions to out-of-focus photos, so you can ensure your shots are sharp, vivid, and unforgettable.

    If you're still having trouble with your iPhone 15 camera, Wondershare Dr.Fone can help diagnose and fix any underlying issues. And if the out-of-focus photos iPhone 15 problems turn out to be a hardware problem, Apple's dedicated support team is always happy to help. They can guide you through potential device replacement.

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    4,624,541 people have downloaded it

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