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Exporting iPhone Calendar to Google: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Backup & Restore Data • Proven solutions

These days the balancing between work, personal commitments, and social engagements is the thorniest of acts. In our hectic, modern lives, it is urgently important to have an efficient calendar to keep everything organized. Although the built-in Calendar application on your iPhone is good, you might need to look at those events using different devices and kinds of operating systems.

It is here that exporting the iphone calendar to Google is of great help. The popular web-based calendar by Google syncs alongside all your devices and lets you manage and schedule your events from anywhere. No matter if you are on your computer, tablet, or Android device, your calendar is never more than a few taps away.

In this tutorial, we'll be showing you several simple ways through which you can take your Apple Calendar events and transfer them over to Google Calendar. Say bye to the days when you have to do everything manually. The appointment must be re-entered, not the case plus you get to double the old times are gone. Follow these simple steps to integrate all your calendars and events on different ecosystems.

Part 1: Sync iPhone Calendar with Google via Account Settings

One of the easiest methods of exporting Apple Calendar to Google is right through the devices' settings. By allowing your Gmail account to have calendar access, you can sync the events on different platforms keeping the dates consistent.

Here's how:

Step 1: Look up the "Settings" app on your iPhone and click "Calendar".

calendar option on iphone settings

Step 2: Hit "Accounts" and choose your existing Gmail attribute or get "Add Account" to have a new one.

Step 3: Turn it on "Calendars", after accessing your Gmail account settings.

calendar option on iphone settings

That's it! Proceeding into the future, any new events you add to your iPhone Calendar will be synchronized in your Google Calendar across all appliances. With Calendars, you can even alter or add hyperlinks from Google Calendar, and they'll move back to your iPhone.

Part 2: Use the Google Calendar App

If you prefer a dedicated app experience, Google has you covered there too. The Google Calendar app for iOS provides a seamless way to view and manage your events across platforms.

First, download the Google Calendar app from the App Store. After installing it, simply:

Step 1: Log into the app using your Google account credentials.

Step 2: Tap the menu icon and go to "Settings".

google calendar app settings

Step 3: Under " Manage Accounts," select your iCloud account and toggle on "Calendars".

google calendar accounts settings

Now your iPhone's Calendar events will continuously sync to the Google Calendar app, ensuring you have access to your full schedule no matter which device you're using. The app also provides handy features like calendar sharing, event notifications, and more.

Part 3: Export via Public Link on Android

Don't have access to a computer or prefer doing things from your Android device? No problem! While a bit more involved, you can still export iPhone calendar events by copying a public link.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: On your Android web browser, visit iCloud.com and log into your Apple ID.

icloud homepage on iphone

Step 2: Open the Calendar app and tap the "broadcast" icon next to the calendar you want to share.

Step 3: Copy the provided "Public Calendar" link.

public calendar link copy image

Step 4: Open a new tab, paste the link, but replace "webcal://" with "http://". This will trigger a download of an ICS file containing your events.

website ICS file directions

Step 5: Open this file, select "Add All" and choose your Google account.

export process of iphone calendar to google

While not an automatic sync, this method allows you to manually transfer your iPhone Calendar over to Google whenever needed from your Android device.

No matter which option you choose, syncing your calendars provides seamless access to your schedule across all your tech. Never miss a beat - export your iPhone calendar events to Google Calendar today!

Part 4: Export iPhone Calendar Using Computer

If you have access to a computer, you can perform a full one-time export of your iPhone calendar events to Google Calendar. This method involves creating an ICS file from your Apple Calendar and then importing it into Google.

For Mac Users:

Step 1: Open the Calendar app on your Mac and go to File > Export > Export.

Step 2: Choose a name and location for the ICS calendar file, then click "Export".

file naming screen on mac

Step 3: Go to Google Calendar on the web and click the gear icon > Settings.

settings options on google calendar on mac

Step 4: Select "Import & Export" from the side menu.

Step 5: Click "Select file from your computer" and upload the ICS file you exported.

ICS file location on mac

Step 6: Choose which Google Calendar to import the events into.

import option for google calendar

For Windows Users:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC and open iTunes.

Step 2: Select your device, then go to the Info tab.

Step 3: Under "Calendar", check to see if Sync Calendars is enabled. If not, enable it.

Step 4: Once synced, go to Google Calendar and import the ICS file as outlined above.

This desktop method does a full batch transfer of your Apple calendar events over to Google in one go. Just be aware it won't create an ongoing sync - any new iPhone events after the import won't automatically appear in Google Calendar.

Part 5: Bonus Tip: Use Dr.Fone To Export Calendar To Google

While the methods above are great options, some users may want a more automated sync solution between their iPhone and Google calendars. In that case, Wondershare Dr.Fone can streamline the process.

This app integrates directly with your iPhone's calendar app as well as Google Calendar. It monitors for any new events and syncs them bi-directionally across platforms. That way, your calendars always match up perfectly no matter where you're viewing or editing them from. Just follow the steps given below:

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS)

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Step 1: Choose File Types

  • Select the specific file types you want to export from your backup, like photos, contacts, etc.
  • Then click "Export to PC".

dr.fone homepage for export and backup

Step 2: Pick a Save Location

  • A window will open asking where on your computer you want to save the exported backup file.
  • Browse and pick a folder.

browse for folder notification on dr.fone

Step 3: Wait for Export

  • Just wait while the backup file exports and saves to the location you picked.
  • You'll see a progress bar.
  • Click "Cancel" if you want to stop it.

exporting process on screen

That's it! With these simple steps, you can easily back up your iOS device to Dr.Fone, restore backups to devices, or export backups to save on your computer.

Of course, this paid tool comes with a subscription cost. But for those who heavily rely on both calendar systems, the automated sync can be well worth the investment to ensure you never miss an event.

No matter which approach you take, bridging the divide between your Apple and Google calendar ecosystems is a huge productivity booster. Your schedule stays consolidated and accessible everywhere you need it. With just a few simple steps, you'll free yourself from being trapped in a single platform - the best of both calendar worlds!


Backing up and transferring data between devices has never been easier thanks to powerful tools like Wondershare Dr.Fone. Whether you're an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch user, this handy software provides a seamless way to export Apple calendar to Google calendar and create comprehensive backups of all your important data - photos, messages, contacts, calendars, and even app data.

One of the biggest advantages of using Dr.Fone is the flexibility it offers. You can choose to manually initiate backups anytime with just a couple of clicks. Or you can set it to automatically run backups on a schedule, ensuring your data is always safely copied without you having to lift a finger.

The ability to export backups directly to your computer is another huge plus. This creates a local copy that you can archive for safekeeping or transfer between machines as needed. No more worrying about losing data when upgrading devices or running out of cloud storage space.

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