How to Fix iPhone Dropping Calls Issue

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There might be a variety of causes for iPhone call troubles, ranging from an unstable iOS upgrade to hardware damage. If your iPhone isn't receiving phone calls, you've come to the perfect spot. When your iPhone is dropping calls perhaps the problem may be caused by a variety of factors. I've put together this detailed guide to assist in solving if your iPhone keeps cutting out during phone calls. Continue reading to discover how to repair an iPhone dropping calls immediately.

Why do my calls keep dropping on my iPhone?

Apple consumers have complained a lot about iPhones missing calls on various forums and blogs. It's particularly aggravating when you're on the phone with someone crucial for work. Anyway, no matter what circumstances you're in this is an unprofessional incident that is not only embarrassing but also irritating and you obviously would need to cure your iPhone dropping calls issue once and for all.

Even as the iPhone is regarded for having a wealth of technological capabilities, it is not without flaws.

If your iPhone keeps dropping calls, it's possible that anything is wrong with it. To begin with, your iPhone dropping calls might be caused by hardware damage or iOS issues. Furthermore, in certain circumstances, inadequate signal strength is a contributing factor. Of course, a faulty SIM card or other incorrect settings might cause the issue. Below are ways to fix these calls malfunctions on your iPhone.

Solution 1:  Restart you iPhone

This is the first thing you should do when your iPhone 13/12 is dropping calls. If you're fortunate, you may be able to resolve iPhone12 call issues by just rebooting the device. Press and hold the Power (wake/sleep) key on the side until the Power slider appears. To switch off your smartphone, just slide it with your finger. Wait a few moments and then hit the Power key to turn it back on. Check to see whether your iPhone is getting calls or not.

Solution 2: Check For A Carrier Settings Update

The majority of the top carriers continue to provide new updates. In an ideal world, your iPhone should update these settings automatically. If not, go to your phone's Cellular settings and make the necessary changes manually. You might also examine if any carrier settings have been updated. If there are any and you haven't installed them yet, your incoming calls may be disrupted. Navigate to Settings, General, and About. Wait a few seconds before checking for a pop-up stating that an update is available. If there is one, go ahead and put it in place. After that, restart your smartphone to see whether the iPhone keeps dropping calls, this usually resolves that issue.

update carrier settings

Solution 3: Update your iOS System

If you're using an older or unstable version of iOS on your iPhone xr, you may have call dropping malfunctions. Many consumers have recently reported issues with their iPhone calls after updating to the iOS 11 beta. Nonetheless, you may resolve the issue of your iPhone xr dropping calls by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone. The process of updating these softwares usually take a considerable amount of time so make sure that your iPhone has enough battery or plug it in as you update. To receive the latest update, tap the "Download and Install" option and you’re good to go.

Solution 4: Eject and Re-insert Your iPhone SIM Card

It's possible that the issue isn't with your iOS handset, but with your SIM card. If your SIM card has been corrupted in any way, it's a good bet that's what's causing the calls to be lost. Your calls may be disrupted if the card is deformed, chipped, or otherwise damaged, or if it has not been properly placed into the iPhone. You may simply re-insert the SIM card to repair the iPhone dropping calls issue. A SIM eject tool is included with every iPhone, to eject the SIM card, you may use it or you can also use a paper clip in its place. Remove the SIM card, wipe it together with the SIM card slot using a dry cloth or cotton, and then reinsert it. Restart your device and see whether the iPhone dropping calls problem is still present.

Solution 5: Reset Network Settings

The most probable cause of your iPhone missing calls on a regular basis is a weak signal. It's possible that you're in a region with limited coverage. It's also possible that the service provider is experiencing some temporary difficulties. Changing the network settings is one of the most effective solutions to resolve iPhone not receiving (or making) calls. Despite the fact that this will delete any stored network settings (such as Wi-Fi passcodes or network configurations), it will almost certainly resolve the iPhone cutting out during calls. Simply go to Settings > General > Reset on your iPhone and choose "Reset Network Settings." To continue, confirm your decision by entering your device's passcode. The network settings will be reset, and your phone will restart.

Reset network settings

Solution 6: Turn Airplane Mode On And Off

If you switch on Airplane mode on your iPhone, you won't be able to receive any calls. As a result, the iPhone call dropping problem might be caused by the device's Airplane mode. The solution is straightforward. Toggle the Airplane mode setting to see whether your iPhone will stop losing calls.

Step 1: Go to your iPhone's 'Settings.'

Step 2: Just below your name, you'll see the 'Airplane Mode' choice.

Step 3: Next to it is a slider that you may use to toggle the service.

If the switch is green, the Airplane mode has been activated. It was the cause of your iPhone's rapid decline in call quality. To turn it off, just touch it.

Solution 7: Dial *#31# On Your iPhone

This is arguably one of those hidden iPhone codes that few people know about. To get started, unlock your phone and dial *#31#. If everything works properly, you'll see something similar to this. It implies that any restrictions placed on your calling line have been lifted. Once you perform this short and simple trick on your iOS, it will definitely solve the iPhone dropping calls problem instantly.

Dial *#31# On Your iPhone

Solution 8: Fix iOS System problem with Dr.Fone - System Repair

When your iPhone keeps dropping calls or if there are other malfunctions on it, Dr.Fone-System Repair is the solution of choice.  Dr.Fone - Software Recovery has made it simpler than ever for consumers to recover their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the blank screen, Factory Reset, Apple logo, dark screen, and other iOS problems. While resolving the iOS system faults, no data will be lost.

Note: Your iOS device will be updated to the newest iOS version when you use this feature. And if your iOS device has been jailbroken, it will be updated to a non-jailbroken version. Your iOS device will be re-locked if you previously unlocked it.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - System Repair

Fix iPhone Problems without Data Loss.

Available on: Windows Mac
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    1. Select "System Repair" from the main window of Dr.Fone.
      Dr.fone application dashboard
    2. Then, using the lightning cord that came with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, connect it to your computer. You have two choices when Dr.Fone recognizes your iOS device: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.
      Dr.fone modes of operation
    3. The programme recognizes your iPhones model type and shows the various iOS system versions. To proceed, choose a version and click "Start."
      Dr.fone select iPhone model
    4. The iOS update will be installed after that. Because the software update you need to download is huge, the process will take some time. Ensure that your network remains stable during the procedure. If the firmware does not download successfully, you may alternatively use your browser to download the firmware and then use "Select" to restore the updated firmware.
      Dr.fone downloading firmware
    5. Following the download, the programme begins to validate the iOS firmware.
      Dr.fone firmware verification
    6. When the iOS software is confirmed, you'll see this screen. To begin fixing your iOS and getting your smartphone to perform properly again, click "Fix Now."
      Dr.fone firmware fix
    7. Your iOS device will be properly fixed in a matter of minutes. Just take your iPhone and allow it to start up. All difficulties with the iOS system have been resolved.
      Dr.fone problem solved


If none of the aforementioned methods worked, you might try using professional iOS repair software like dr.fone iOS System Recovery. It's a tried-and-true solution for a variety of iOS troubles, including iPhone keeps dropping calls. The most important aspect is that this strong tool will not cause any data loss while entirely resolving your issue with almost 100% success rate.

Now that you have known how to repair an iPhone dropping calls, you may quickly assist others in fixing the same issue or other complicated issues since dr.fone tool comes handy equipped in solving all technical related glitches on iPhones. If you find this tutorial useful, please share it with your friends and family on social media. Take advantage of dr.fone - Repair and resolve all main iOS difficulties, including iPhone 13/12 dropping call troubles. It's a necessary tool that should undoubtedly be helpful on a number of occasions.

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