5 Latest Methods for Fixing an iPhone Stuck on Emergency SOS

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SOS mode is an intelligent and valuable element for iPhones, allowing you to send your exact area to your emergency contacts quickly. Yet, it can turn out to be very much an irritation. A few clients have detailed that their iPhones stuck in SOS mode. As a result, they can't receive in return or utilize some other applications.

emergency sos screen

iPhone stuck on SOS screen is quite inconvenient for users, particularly when they have some emergency. Accordingly, they would be wise to move right now to fix this issue in time. So, relax; this guide will frame the five best techniques to fix an iPhone stuck in SOS mode. Moreover, we will introduce the best repair tool for your iDevice.

Part 1: 4 Causes Get Your iPhone Stuck on Emergency SOS

Before we plunge into the arrangements, we should look at why your phone may be stuck in SOS mode. There can be two or three justifications for why your phone is stuck in SOS mode. It very well may be a client-made blunder or a software bug.

Such an issue may be incited by many reasons, for example, some unacceptable activity, jailbreak failure, OS crashes, etc. It is also possible to unintentionally turn on the Emergency SOS mode under the Settings application.

SOS Screen Activation Operation:

One of the most well-known reasons could be a defective activity. For example, a client could have pressed the SOS button combination to set off the SOS mode. And afterwards, it is stuck on that screen. iPhones utilize the power and volume button combo, like taking a screenshot. Assuming you have mistakenly pressed this combo, this mistake can occur.

sos operation

Jailbreak Failures:

Another conceivable explanation could be jailbreak failures. But unfortunately, Jailbreaking isn't that normal nowadays. Jailbreaking gave clients admittance to new features during the early years. Nonetheless, if a user tries jailbreaking the system, their phone could get stuck in SOS mode.

iOS Crash or Software Bug:

You have zero commands over an OS crash or software bug. For example, Apple's iOS is promoted as the most developed and clean OS. That is still consistent to this day. But the software can sometimes crash and cause startling ways of behaving.

Part 2: 5 Methods to Fix iPhone Stuck on Emergency SOS

1.Dr.Fone-System Repair

If you've attempted the ways above and your iPhone is still stuck on the SOS screen, you can try resetting your iPhone with Dr.Fone-System Repair. Dr.Fone-System Repair by Wondershare helps you enter and leave recovery mode with a single tick.

You can tackle the emergency SOS issue without losing any files. Aside from that, you have some control over your iPhone and fix various problems with it. Here's how to fix iPhone stuck on emergency SOS screen:

Step 1: Switch on the Dr.Fone program on your PC and go for the "System Repair" option.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

go for system repair

Step 2: Following this, you must determine the nature of the smartphone you are repairing, which is iOS in our case

Step 3: When you get to this new screen, "iOS Fix" is the correct option for iOS devices.

Step 4: Click "Repair Now" to lead straightaway.

click repair now

Step 5: "Standard Repair" is suitable to solve your problem, and you won't lose any data.

click standard repair

Step 6: You need to connect your iPhone to the Windows or Mac via a USB. Tap on the "Trust" > "Enter Recovery Mode" options to continue.

enter recovery mode

Step 7: Go with the guidelines according to your iPhone model to place it into Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, Dr.Fone naturally recognizes it.

put into recovery mode

Step 8: To install your firmware with right version, click Download. The iOS firmware will begin downloading.

download the preferred firmware

Step 9: When downloaded, the platform verifies the firmware before installing it in your iDevice to avoid any issues.

Step 10: When the blue apple image appears, please click "Repair Now" for the system repair process.

repair now

Step 11: Whenever you are done with it, the window shows the end of the process. Click "Done" to finish it.

done to complete

safe Downloadsafe & secure

2.Force Restart iPhone

When your iPhone is stuck on SOS screen, you may be unable to slide or use it. For this situation, force restarting the phone can be helpful. It removes minor irritating software bugs. The strategy for this will rely upon the model of the iPhone you have.

iPhone 6S or Older:

Press and hold the Home key alongside the Power key till you see the Apple logo.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

Hold the Side + Volume Down keys until the Apple logo shows up.

iPhone 8 and Above:

Tap the Volume Up key and release it. Then quickly press the Volume Down key and remove it. Then, at that point, press and hang on the Power button till you see the Apple logo.

force restart iphone

3.Restore iPhone with Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is Apple's only mode to assist you with managing software issues. If you update your phone in this mode, it could resolve any error you encounter. This is how:

  • Connect your phone to your PC and go to iTunes.
  • Utilize the steps of force restarting your phone and keep your phone connected to your PC. This will bring you into recovery mode. Yet, there are a few minor changes.

iPhone 6S or Prior Models: Press and hold the Home key and the Power key till you see the "Connect to iTunes" logo.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press the Power and Volume Down buttons until you see the "Connect to iTunes" logo.

iPhone 8 and Newer: Press the Volume Up button and release. Then, at that point, quickly press the Volume Down button and release. Then, at that point, press and hold the Power button till the "Connect to iTunes" logo is shown.

Now, you will see a spring-up on your PC. Click on Update, and it will make your phone ready. This method doesn't involve data erasure and helps fix an iPhone stuck in SOS mode.

click restore

4.Factory Reset iPhone via iCloud

You can likewise fix this issue by resetting your gadget using iCloud. If you need to reset your iPhone through this strategy, you should have Apple account details and the Find My feature enabled on your iPhone.

This procedure will delete your user data. If you have previously made a backup, then follow these steps to restore your device:

  • Go to iCloud.com and tap the "Find My iPhone" option.
  • Now, a spring-up window will show up. Click on "All Devices."
  • Track down your iPhone and select it.
  • There will be three choices where you need to click on "Erase iPhone" to bring it to default factory condition.

Now you can restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup, which is how to fix your iPhone stuck on an emergency SOS screen.

5.Contact Apple Support


If you would instead not install any software on your PC, you can contact Apple for web support or hold your gadget to its local store to request help. Apple's support group can address any inquiries connected with Apple items, hardware, software, and management.

Finally, if you need a speedy and helpful way, you can talk with Apple on the web. However, ensure the live visit is accessible in your country before that. If you're confident, here are the steps to get to Apple live visit support:

Step 1. Visit Apple's authentic site: https://www.apple.com.

Step 2. Click "Support"> "Contact Support"> "Chat with us" (or Let us know how we can help).

Step 3. Pick a service or administration.

Step 4. Select the particular issue you're having. Or, then again, you can look for others. If your problem isn't recorded here, you can choose the "not listed" choice. Then, at that point, you'll be asked to depict your inquiry on the following screen.

Step 5. Then, pick how you like to find support and sign in with your Apple account.

Step 6. Sit tight for Apple support to contact you.

Part 3: How to Turn Off Emergency SOS?

If you are almost sure that you don't have to utilize SOS Emergency mode, there is a way you can switch it off totally. For this, you have to hop into the settings application. From that point, it is pretty simple.

  • Go to Settings. Tap on Emergency SOS.
  • Turn off the "Call with Side Button" option with the toggle switch.

turn off emergency sos

The Bottom Line

This article gives various answers for fixing your iPhone stuck on emergency SOS screen. Recovery mode is compelling, however, complicated. Unfortunately, only some people know to continue with it. Therefore, Dr.Fone-System Repair is the most secure technique if you desire to fix your iPhone in a few snaps and in a short time.

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