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How to Recover Deleted Playlists on Apple Music with Top Methods?

Daisy Raines

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Playlists are vital to making music better because they let us combine collections of our favorite songs and create the right mood for any event. However, many users lose their carefully crafted playlists because of problems like mistaken deletions, bugs in the software, or problems with synchronization.

This article will show you how to recover a deleted playlist on Apple Music or iTunes. We'll look at a few different ways to recover deleted playlists on Apple Music so you can listen to your favorite songs again. We'll also talk about the best tools and methods to make the recovery process go as smoothly as possible. We can help you whether you want to restore your iTunes playlists or back up your whole device and only restore the music.

Part 1. Step-by-step Guide to Recover Playlist on Apple Music

1.1 Check if Show Apple Music is on

Occasionally, an iOS upgrade may automatically toggle the Show Apple Music setting. This could make your device's Apple Music stop updating and disappear from your library. The good news is that recovering Apple music playlists is simple and only requires a few steps to do.

Step 1: Switch on the device, go to the Settings Interface from the main menu, slide down, and choose Music.

Step 2: Under the "Music" menu, look for the "Show Apple Music" toggle. Turn this on if it is off, and turn it off and back on again if it is on. After doing this, your music should start playing again to fix the issue.

apple music toggle

Alternatively, you can discover the same option by following these steps:

1. Open iTunes on your computer.

2. Click on the iTunes menu at the top of the screen (on a Mac) or the Edit menu (on Windows).

3. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

4. Select the General tab from within the Preferences box.

1.2 Signing out and back into Apple Music

Signing out and back into Apple Music can compel a resynchronization and frequently fix problems with account settings and data if iCloud sync doesn't bring back your playlists. If you need to recover a deleted playlist on Apple Music, these steps can help.

For Windows and Mac:

itunes account sign out

Step 1: On your Windows PC or Mac, start iTunes or the Music app.

Step 2: Click on "Account" in the upper menu bar.

Step 3: Choose "Sign Out" via the list of options.

mac music account sign out

Step 4: To proceed, please click on "Account" in the menu bar at the top.

Step 5: Enter your password and Apple ID in the "Sign In" field.

Step 6: In Apple Music, wait for the selection to get new songs.

Step 7: If your playlists have come back, look in the "Playlists" part.

For iOS:

ios settings media and purchases sign out

Step 1: go to Settings

Step 2: In the Settings app, select your name at the top.

Step 3: Tap on "Media & Purchases" when you get to the bottom of the list.

Step 4: To sign out, just select "Sign Out" and input your Apple ID password. You may also use Touch ID or Face ID to verify.

Step 5: After logging out, go back to "Settings."

Step 6: Use your Apple ID and password to log in again.

Step 7: Check the Music app to see if your playlists are back.

Part 2. How to Use iTunes or Apple Music to Update the iCloud Music Library

If your Music playlist doesn't show up, it's also possible that your iTunes account has been synced across all your devices. Your songs and groups might not show up if you use iTunes or Apple Music on your Mac and Windows computer and set it to automatically sync your music files.

It's easy to get this setting back and keep your music library up to date with iTunes or Apple Music.

Step 1: Go to the file menu after launching the Apple Music app. Then, select Library. Finally, choose Update iCloud Library.

Update cloud library

Step 2: Tap on Window and then on Activity to see how the update is going.

check activity

You can check the progress of each file being shared on this page.

activity of each file

Part 3. How to Recover iTunes Playlists

When iTunes playlists disappear, it could be because of an update, a move in the music library, or an accidental deletion. Don't worry if this happens; it's easy to find and recover iTunes playlists.

Using an old iTunes music library XML file

One easy way to recover iTunes playlists is to replace a broken iTunes music library with an old one.

Step 1: Take a break from iTunes first.

Step 2: Examine the music folder on iTunes.This folder can be found in "music" on a Mac. Apple users can find it in "My Documents," "My Music," and "iTunes." Windows users can find it in "Username" and "My Music."

Step 3: Afterward, download and save the "iTunes Music Library.xml" version to your desktop or another convenient location.

Step 4: Move the "iTunes Library" item to the pc.

find iTunes library file

Step 5: Then open iTunes again.

Step 6: Select "Import Playlists" from the "File" menu after going to "Library."

import playlists

Step 7: Pick the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file that you saved to your PC.

Step 8: iTunes will make new mixes for you, and any iOS devices that are synced with iTunes will do the same.

Part 4. Recovering iTunes Playlists from iTunes Backup

If you regularly back up your computer's data, recovering iTunes playlists you temporarily lost shouldn't be too hard. Here are some directions that will help you learn more about how to find the location of an iTunes backup on a Windows or Mac computer.

Step 1: Start up iTunes on your PC.

Step 2: Locate and select "Import playlists" under "Library" > "File."

Step 3: find the playlist file on the PC and move it to your iTunes.

iTunes playlists backup

Part 5. Bonus Tip-How to Transfer Media Data From iOS/Android Device to iTunes

Transferring media files from Android brings back the device's music and playlists. You can move music files from Android to iTunes with Wondershare Dr.Fone. This method can be very useful if you need to recover iTunes playlists and rebuild your iTunes library. It breaks down the whole complicated process into a few steps, which are shown below:

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS)

Transfer Media Data From iOS/Android Device to iTunes

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Step 1: Before you start Dr.Fone on your computer, make sure your Android device is linked to it. There are two ways to connect: a USB cord or a wireless one. Once you've chosen the Android device from the left panel, keep clicking on the iTunes Library choice.

proceed with itunes library

Step 2.window will appear, and you need to choose "Rebuild iTunes Library" to move files from Android to iTunes.

tap on rebuild itunes library

Step 3: You'll see a new screen, and you need to press "Start" to start the process.

click on start button

Step 4: It shows all the data that can be sent through this method on the next screen. Check the boxes next to the types of things you want to send, like music, and then press the "Transfer" button again.

choose the transfer option

Step 5: new prompt box shows up and shows how far along the media data transfer is. This is a very important step to make sure that your Apple Music recover playlist efforts work and that you can recover deleted playlists on Apple Music.

transferring data to itunes

Step 6: When the process is done, the prompt will show a clear message. Click OK to end the transfer.

itunes library rebuild process completed


Recovering Apple music playlists or iTunes restore playlists can enhance your music listening. Losing playlists is an important concern that can happen because of bugs in the software, deletions made by accident, or problems with synchronization. This article addresses several ways to recover a playlist that you deleted on iTunes or Apple Music. We've gone over all the solutions and the steps you need to take to get back your favorite music collections, from checking your settings to updating the iCloud Music Library and using XML files. Wondershare Dr.Fone is also a strongly recommended option for people who need to quickly restore Apple music playlists on their iPhone or recover deleted playlists from Apple music. This tool will help you listen to your best music without any breaks.

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