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Recover Deleted Files from Android Without a Computer

Alice MJ

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

A problem such as recovering deleted files when it comes to the Android operating system can overtake any tablet or smartphone user. Many believe that such problems are easily solved only when problems happen with the PC, because special software has long been invented for this, but if an Android phone is on the agenda, then everything is gone. This judgment is not true. Since the existence of the android operating system, specialists have developed a lot of methods and programs that help return user data deleted by accident. A very important factor at the time of information recovery is the complete exclusion of any data recording until the moment the recovery actions are completed. This is due to the fact that newly written data can occupy those cells where the deleted information was located. For the entire operation's success, it is recommended to disable the GSM module altogether so that an accidental message does not spoil the recovery process.

Part 1 How to Recover Recently Deleted Files

The last 30 days prior to the deletion of a video or picture from your phone are the ones that will be lost, so you will need to first remove all files from the ‘recently deleted’ folder before you can recover them. Do you have any instructions on how to recover deleted videos from android phone without a computer?

By using the Android Data Recovery tool (Dr.Fone Data Recovery for Android), you can retrieve recently deleted videos and pictures from Android phones as well without a computer. It performs different functions for retrieving information from Android devices that are removed or missing: lost to the devices will return the names and numbers of deleted friends, text messages, and messages as well as information about the videos and images.

Due to this, you would want to use a tablet that also uses Android OS in order to do the video recovery if you have an Android phone.

Are you wondering how you can recover data after factory reset on android without computer? Well, reboot your smartphone or tablet into recovery mode. To do this, either use a combination of buttons (you can find it in the header of the forum topic dedicated to the device) and recovery mode.

Part 2 How to Recover from Third Party Services (such as Google drive, Google photo)

It is difficult to describe all the agony that we put ourselves in for accidentally deleting important data. Carelessness has never been the key to success, but don't get discouraged over one or more files. Today, you can use many tools to recover deleted files on android without a computer - and here's how you can do it if you accidentally deleted something on your Android device.

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, most likely you are using Google Photos, which already has a built-in recovery option. Go to the "Recycle Bin" menu, select and mark the images you want to recover, and then click on the arrow to recover in the upper right corner.

Unfortunately, this feature is only effective if the cloud backup option is enabled in the settings. Only images that have been deleted within the last 60 days can be recovered.

Have you accidentally deleted an image from Google Drive? It's not scary, you can try to restore them according to a scheme similar to Google Photos: go to the application menu, select the necessary data from the Recycle Bin list and click on the restore icon. Google claims that the files are stored for a "limited time", but did not specify a specific limit (at least a few months). As with Google Photos, you can access the deleted files page through a browser.

Part 3 How to Recover from Android Data Recovery App -- Dr.Fone Data Recovery (Android)

If your pictures have been wiped from your mobile, use the Dr.Fone Data Recovery App to retrieve them. Using the app on your phone is not needed for cloud access, enables you to regain your videos, pictures, texts, and calls again, on the cloud without connecting to a computer. The software is supported on Android devices that have Android version 2.3 and later versions of the OS.

It is developed by Wondershare, and is the original data recovery app for Android devices. Being rooted and having the missing images marked files on the SD card means it's one of the most stable and safe ways to restore lost photos on Android. You should know how to retrieve lost files from a Dr.Fone Data Recovery if you do not even have a computer with you if you are using these instructions.

  1. The first step in using the application is to install it on your device. From the Google Play Store you can download it. To reset your images in case you've lost them on your phone, just open the app on your phone itself.


Dr.Fone Data Recovery software


  1. Those files have been recycled and there is an unlimited file storage available, which retains them for the last 30 days. If you want to recoverdeleted files from android phone internal memory without pc even if it has been set to earlier durations, pick "Data" from Images & Video or Messages and begin extending the recovery process from there. if you're concerned about losing deleted images and videos, choose “Photos and videos.”


Dr.Fone Data Recovery software

  1. The GUI will prompt you to pick the sort of files you want to scan. Are you sure you absolutely sure you want to include all the current text box options? If not, you can choose all the styles and then tap "Expand" to include them.


Dr.Fone Data Recovery software


  1. This will kick-off the retrieval process as the program will aim to restore any recently lost images you have saved.


Dr.Fone Data Recovery software

  1. When the restoration is over, you will be able to browse the files. To make sure, you can upload your files to Google Drive and Dropbox as well, you can go ahead and use both the Google Drive and Dropbox.


Dr.Fone Data Recovery software

Part 4 Dr.Fone Recovery Software (for windows & mac).

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android)

World's 1st data retrieval software for broken Android devices.

  • It can also be used to recover data from broken devices or devices that are damaged in any other way such as those stuck in a reboot loop.
  • Highest retrieval rate in the industry.
  • Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, and more.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices.
Available on: Windows
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Dr.Fone Data Recovery is a software that has been a pioneer in the industry and is used by smartphone users to recover deleted files. The software has been designed by Wondershare which is a reputable data technology company operating in the industry for over 8 years. Dr.Fone Data Recovery software supports handy android devices and can be used to recover almost all file types. Download the app in the Wondershare official website.

Part 5 Recommended Precaution

After reviewing the information on what actions are taken in order to restore files after accidental deletion, it is advisable to prepare in advance for such troubles. It is worth installing one of the programs on a smartphone, as well as having a couple in reserve on a memory card, because it may happen that the user will not have access to either a PC or the Internet. By the way, all smartphones have a memory card slot, which is very convenient. And, also, do not forget about the good old synchronization with cloud storage or the banal periodical copying of data to a PC.

Prevention is better than cure, so use the backup option and you can always recover call recordings, photos, or videos deleted from either your oppo phone or SD card or any other android device back even without a computer. This advice will not help much after the fact, when the data is irretrievably lost, but you will not ignore such a safety net next time. Android can back up data on its own if you have specified it in Settings.

Dr.Fone Phone backup Software

Introducing Dr.Fone phone backup software that  allows you to return all recovered information back to your device! You can get the software by visiting either of these two links: for iPhone and for android.

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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