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How to Recover from a Dead Android Phone [100% Solved]

Alice MJ

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

There is a hopeless moment when your phone is suddenly dead. As you come to terms with the possibility of losing all your valuable data forever, it may seem like an impossible task to retrieve them.

Please, don’t lose hope just yet. Even in such dire situations, there's a chance to recover your valuable data. This article explores simple and accessible methods to retrieve data from a dead phone that will give you some optimism during this distressing situation.

Now, let’s get started!

Part 1: What Causes Dead Android Phones

A significant majority of Android users have no idea about why their Android phone is dead or becomes unresponsive. When your Android phone suddenly dead, it's essential to know the reasons behind this issue and the severity of the problem it poses.

The reasons for a dead phone can vary. From a temporary glitch to a more severe hardware failure, determining the problem will help you find the best solution. After that, you’ll be able to recover data from a dead Android phone’s internal memory.

  • Battery issues

A depleted or faulty battery can prevent the phone from turning on. In some instances, a simple recharge or replacement of the battery can resolve the problem.

  • Software glitches

If the phone's software encounters a critical error, it may lead to a sudden shutdown or unresponsiveness. This could occur due to a failed software update, incompatible apps, or corrupted system files.

  • Hardware malfunctions

Physical damage to internal components, such as the motherboard, screen, or power button, can render the phone inoperable.

  • Water damage

Exposure to water or other liquids can cause irreversible damage to the phone's internal circuitry, resulting in a dead phone.

  • Overheating

Prolonged exposure to excessive heat can damage sensitive components and lead to a non-functional phone.

  • Viruses and malware

Severe infections by viruses or malware can disrupt the phone's normal operation and render it non-functional.

The severity of the problem depends on the root cause of the phone's death. In some cases, it might be a temporary issue that can be easily resolved. You can have more straightforward data access and recovery.

On the other hand, more severe hardware failures could present significant challenges. It may require professional assistance to retrieve data from a dead phone successfully.

Part 2: Different Ways to Recover Data from Dead Android Phones

After identifying the problem, now it’s time to recover data from a dead Android phone’s internal memory. There are several methods and techniques to attempt data recovery. Let's explore them:

Method 1: Using Dr.Fone Data Recovery Tool

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a renowned and reliable software solution designed to address various phone-related issues, including data recovery. This powerful tool offers a wide array of features that make it a go-to choice for retrieving lost or inaccessible data from Android devices.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Comprehensive data preview
  • Support for various file types
  • Direct phone scanning
  • Compatibility with numerous phone models

In addition, the Dr.Fone Data Recovery tool offers a specialized phone solution specifically tailored for retrieving data from broken or dead phones.

Follow the steps on how to recover data from a dead phone with Dr.Fone:

  • Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone data recovery tool for Android.

First, open Dr.Fone software on your computer and connect your Android phone. After launching the program, navigate to "Toolbox" > “Data Recovery."

Launch Dr. Fone's data recovery tool

  • Step 2: Choose the Android device type

On the next screen, select the option for the Android device since you'll be recovering data from an Android. After selecting, proceed by clicking on "Recover from broken phone."

Select Recover from Broken Phone

  • Step 3: Select your Android issue

In this step, Dr.Fone allows you to choose the specific problem you are experiencing with your Android phone. For a dead phone, you can select “black/broken screen.” Then, proceed to click the "Next" button.

Select the Android issue

  • Step 4: Provide device information and proceed

You will now be taken to a new screen where you are required to select the correct Device Name and Device Model that matches your phone. To proceed, ensure you check the "I agree with the warning" option at the bottom-right of the screen and click "Next."

Select the device name for data recovery and proceed

  • Step 5: Confirm data recovery for the faulty device

Then, Dr.Fone will prompt you to confirm the data recovery process. Simply type the specified word on the screen and then click "Confirm."

Confirm the data recovery process

  • Step 6: Enable download mode on your Android

On the following screen, carefully follow the instructions to put your device in Download Mode. Once the Download Mode is activated, click "Next" to continue the data recovery process.

Enable download mode for your Android device

Once successful, you can preview the recovered data or sort them into various categories. Select the specific category or data type you wish to recover and choose between restoring it to the device or saving it to your computer.

Preview the recovered data

Voila! Now you can have your data back safely.

Method 2: Using Google Drive

Google Drive serves as a cloud storage and file synchronization. It allows Google Drive users to store and access files from any device using an internet connection. Mainly, Android devices are integrated with Google Drive's auto backup feature. So if you have enabled this feature, you can restore your data any time you like.

How to recover Android data using Google Drive:

  • Step 1: Access the Google Drive

Access Google Drive through a browser on your computer.

  • Step 2: Locate and recover data

In Google Drive, navigate to “Files” > “My Drive” to find all your backed-up data.

Navigate to Google Drive files for data recovery

  • Step 3: Choose the relevant backup

Review the list of backups and identify the one that contains the data you wish to recover. You can double-click the files to view the contents, then select the one you want to recover.

  • Step 4: Save your data back to your device

If you wish to save it to your local storage, tap the three dots after selecting them and click Download. Now, you have your data back before restoring it back to your Android phone.

Select and download the files to recover

Author’s Verdict

For those seeking how to recover data from a dead phone, Dr.Fone Data Recovery Tool can be your ultimate solution. Its extensive features, compatibility with various phone models, and specialized capabilities for recovering data from dead or broken phones make it stand out.

While Google Drive offers the advantage of automatic backup, it is crucial to proactively enable this feature beforehand to proceed with the data recovery. Therefore, users looking for convenience and comprehensive data recovery would find Dr.Fone the ideal solution to restore their valuable data safely.

Tips for Preventing Data Loss in the Future

Prevention is better than cure. Protecting your valuable data from loss is essential in today's digital age. Therefore, implementing preventive measures is crucial to ensure its safety and accessibility.

We also have some effective tips in store to help you prevent data loss in the future:

  • Regular backups and syncing

Make it a routine to back up your data regularly! So even if your device malfunctions or gets lost, your data remains accessible and secure.

  • Use reliable backup software

Invest in reputable backup software that offers reliable and robust data backup and restore capabilities.

  • Use external storage

Consider using external storage devices like external hard drives to create backups of your critical data. These physical backups can act as a secondary layer of protection, especially for large files or sensitive information that you want to keep offline.

  • Keep software and firmware updated

Software updates often include important security patches and bug fixes that can prevent data loss due to vulnerabilities or system malfunctions.

  • Be cautious with downloads and links

Nowadays, scammers have become more proficient in their tactics. It is essential to avoid downloading files from untrusted sources or clicking on any suspicious links. Malware and viruses often lurk behind such actions, posing significant risks to your valuable information.

safe Downloadsafe & secure


The distressing situation of a dead Android phone doesn’t necessarily result in permanent data loss. By exploring different data recovery methods and preventive measures, you can still safeguard your valuable information and memories.

To recover data from a dead phone, we have explored two effective methods were explored. The Dr.Fone Data Recovery Tool proves to be a reliable and comprehensive solution. On the other hand, Google Drive provides an automatic backup option if enabled beforehand.

You can also follow our tips to protect your valuable data and maintain its accessibility for years to come.

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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