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How to Fix the Android Recovery Mode Not Working Problem

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


The recovery mode on an Android phone can be used to solve various issues. If your device is frozen or has been configured the wrong way, then you can easily resolve this problem by entering its recovery mode. It is also used to wipe the cache partition or reset the phone. Though, there are times when the Android recovery mode no command error occurs and halts the entire process. This restricts a user to take the assistance of the recovery mode. If you are facing a similar issue, then don’t worry. In this post, we will teach you how to solve Android recovery mode not working issue.


Part 1: Why there is no command in Android recovery mode?

If you are facing the recovery mode Android not working problem, then chances are that you might be getting the no command error. After rebooting your phone, you might see the Android icon with an exclamation symbol (with “no command” written under it).

no command

This usually happens when users try to hard reset their phone. There can be plenty of other reasons as well for getting Android recovery mode no command error. It mostly happens when the Superuser access has been terminated or denied during an update or reset process. Additionally, the denial of Superuser access during the installation of Google Play Store can also produce this error.

Thankfully, there are a handful of ways to overcome the Android recovery mode not working error. We have provided two different solutions for it in the coming section.

Part 2: Two Solutions to fix "no command" problem

Ideally, by pressing the correct key combination, one can easily enter the recovery mode. Nevertheless, there are times when users face the recovery mode Android not working screen as well. In order to solve this issue, you can pick either of the following alternatives.  

Solution 1: Fix "no command" problem by key combinations

This is one of the easiest solutions to fix the Android recovery mode no command error. Before you proceed, make sure that you have taken out the memory card as well as the SIM card from your smartphone. Also, disconnect your device from a charger, USB cable, or any other connection and ensure that its battery is at least 80% charged. By applying the correct key combinations, you can easily resolve Android recovery mode not working issue. All you got to do is follow these steps.

1. After when you get the “no command” screen on your device, try not to panic. All you got to do is figure out the correct key combination in order to resolve this issue. Most of the times, by simply pressing the Home, Power, Volume Up, and Volume down key simultaneously, you can get the recovery menu. Just press the key combination at the same time and hold it for a few seconds until you get the menu display on the screen.

2. In case if the above-mentioned key combination won’t work, then you simply need to come up with different combinations on your own. This can change from one device to another. Most of the common key combinations are Power + Home + Volume up button, Power + Volume up button, Power + Volume down button, Volume up + Volume down button, Power + Home + Volume down button, and so on. You can come up with your own combinations as well if nothing else works until you get the recovery menu back. While trying different key combinations, make sure to give a gap of a few seconds between each try to give your device some time to process the command.

3. After getting the recovery menu, you can simply use the volume up and down button to navigate and the home/power button to make a selection. If your aim is to factory reset your device, then simply select the wipe data/factory reset option. If you get a pop-up regarding the deletion of all user data, then just agree to it.

wipe data/factory reset

4. Wait for a while as your phone will perform the required operation. In the end, you can just select the “reboot system now” option to restart your device and use it as per your needs.

reboot system now

Solution 2: Fix "no command" problem by flashing ROM

If you are not able to resolve the recovery mode Android not working problem by applying the correct key combinations, then you got to step it up a little. By flashing a custom ROM, you can also resolve this issue. Unlike a stock ROM version, a custom ROM can help you experience new features related to your device and let you customize it entirely. It can also be used to solve the Android recovery mode no command error.

To do so, you need to unlock your bootloader and need a ROM to flash. CynogenMod is a popular version that can be downloaded from its website. Also, you would need the Google App's zip file, which can be downloaded from here. While downloading, make sure that you get a compatible version to your device’s model. Install the TWRP recovery environment on your phone and enable the developer options in order to perform all the needed steps.

1. To start with, connect your phone to your system using a USB cable and transfer the recently downloaded files to your device’s internal memory or SD card.


2. Now, boot your device into the TWRP mode by pressing the correct key combinations. This can be different for every device. Most of the times, by pressing the Power and Volume down button at the same time, you can enter your phone into its TWRP recovery mode. Tap on the “Wipe” button in order to reset your device. Try to take a backup of your data beforehand to avoid any loss of information.


3. You will get the following screen. All you got to do is just swipe your device in order to commence the reset process.

swipe to factory reset

4. After resetting your device, go back to the main page and tap on the “Install” button to flash ROM.


5. Your device will display the following window. Out of all the provided options, just select the recently transferred zip file.

select zip

6. Simply swipe your device once again in order to commence the installation process.

swipe to confirm flash

7. Wait for a while as the installation would be finished. When it is done, go back to the home screen and repeat the same process to install the Google apps zip file.

install the Google apps zip

8. When the entire process is successfully completed, tap on the “wipe data” button. Lastly, just reboot the device by tapping the “Reboot System” button and move past the Android recovery mode not working issue.

reboot system

We are sure that after following these suggestions, you would easily be able to resolve the recovery mode Android not working issue. In the end, you won’t get the Android recovery mode no command screen. Nevertheless, if you face any setbacks in between, let us know your concern in the comments below.

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