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How to Undelete Files on Android (Rooted or Unrooted)

Selena Lee

Aug 19, 2022 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

Sometimes simply hitting the wrong button on your device can result in data loss. Other times, you may find that a recent software update causes your device to go haywire resulting in the loss of crucial files. However it happens, losing some of your files can really alter your daily life in a number of ways.

If you have a backup of your device, getting the deleted files back can be as easy as restoring the latest backup. But what do you do when your most recent backup doesn’t include the deleted files? Here we are going to look at an effective solution to undelete files on Android device or tablets even if they are rooted. This solution allows you to get your files back even if they are not in your latest backup.

Part 1: Can Files on Android be Undeleted?

Of course the biggest question on your mind would be whether the files can even be undeleted in the first place. This is a fair question that needs to be addressed before we can present you with a solution to undelete your files. When you hit delete to erase a file from your device’s storage, the erased files are no longer in your “My Files” section. At least you cannot see them so it is absolutely understandable if you doubt that these files can be recovered.

The truth is that it takes a very long time for the device to completely erase the file from the storage system. Therefore, to save time the device will only erase the file marker and free up space so you can save more files. This means that your deleted file is still present on your device but you need a specialized program to restore it.

Therefore the answer is absolutely yes, with the right program and processes, it is easy to undelete files. It is however very important that you refrain from using your device as soon as you discover your files are missing. This will prevent the files from being overwritten. Once overwritten, they can’t be recovered.

Part 2: How to Undelete Files from Android phones and tablets

Now that you know for sure you can undelete your lost files, you are itching to get to it and restore the files. We mentioned that you need the right tool if you are going to ensure that the files can easily be recovered and that they will be recovered in their original state. This tool is Dr Fone - Android Data Recovery.

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How to use Wondershare Dr Fone for Android to Undelete Files

In the following step by step guide on how to undelete files from an Android device, you will notice how easy it is to use Dr Fone for Android. Keep in mind that it also works with rooted devices.

Step 1: Assuming that you have downloaded and installed Dr. Fone for Android on your PC, launch the program and then connect your device using USB cables.

undelete android

Step 2: to ensure that your device can be recognized you need to enable USB debugging. The next window will provide you with the instructions to do this for your device.

undelete android

Step 3: The next window requires you to choose the file type to scan for. If you lost videos, select videos and then click on “Next” to continue.

undelete android

Step 5: In the popup window that appears, choose the scanning mode. The standard scanning mode will scan for both deleted and available files. The advanced mode is a deeper scan and could take a while. Choose the one applicable to you and click on “Start” to continue.

undelete android

Step 6: The program will scan the device for your deleted files. Once the scan is complete, all the files will be displayed in the next window. Select the ones you want to undelete and then click on “Recover”

undelete android

That’s how easy it is to undelete files from your Android phone or tablet whether it is rooted or not.

Selena Lee

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