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The Top 5 Video Recovery Apps for Android without Rooting Your Device

Daisy Raines

Feb 29, 2024 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

When dealing with Android video recovery software and looking for the best video recovery apps for Android, you will come across something fairly common, and that thing is - rooting your Android device. You might be wondering what is rooting? Should I root my device or not? Are there any video recovery apps for Android without root?

Part 1: What Is Rooting?

Any discussion around Android OS is quite incomplete without the word ‘root’ and a process called rooting. For the uninitiated, they might wonder what is this rooting and what is the fuss about? Simply put, rooting provides unhindered access to the entire Android operating system.

The normal state of your Android operating system is that certain areas of the OS are secured and nobody has access to them. This is done to protect user privacy and make sure that the operating system is not damaged or bricked in any way by user error or by malicious apps downloaded inadvertently from unknown, untrusted sources.

Rooting provides unrestricted access to all parts of the operating system. This lets you make changes to the OS in ways it is not possible without this access. This is why some manufacturers claim outright that your warranty will be void if you root your device because anything can be done to the OS, including putting a heavily modified version of the OS that is not the official OS on the device.

Rooting unlocks the full potential of your device, not restricted by what the manufacturer allows you to do with it through software restrictions.

Part 2: Should We Root Our Android Device?

This begs the perennial question in the Android smartphone user's mind, should we or should we not root our Android device?

The answer depends on how experienced and comfortable you are with your software skills, and, sometimes, the answer depends on outright need, such as when some data such as a precious video gets deleted, and we are looking for the best video recovery apps for Android.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android device.

Pros of Rooting Android Devices

There is a reason rooting is prevalent in the Android universe. It allows special privileges and serious advantages.

  • Rooting unlocks the full potential of your device hardware.
  • Rooting allows apps to access all parts of the OS without restrictions.
  • Rooting allows you to uninstall the bloat that most Android phones come with, the preinstalled apps that you might not want to use
  • Rooting allows you to install custom operating system software commonly called ROM which is actually short for Read-only Memory, and almost always allows you to install Android versions that your manufacturer does not provide you because it takes time and money for them to develop.

Cons of Rooting Android Devices

As with everything, there are always two sides to a coin, and there are disadvantages to rooting that you should be aware of and understand before you think of rooting your Android device.

  • Rooting voids the warranty.
  • Rooting may completely kill your device, commonly called bricking.
  • Rooting unlocks the phone completely. This means it is now also more open than ever to viruses and security issues.

Now, there are Android video recovery apps that claim to root your device automatically for effective video recovery. Nearly all the best-deleted video recovery apps for Android will root your device. Are there any video recovery apps for Android without root?

Part 3: Top Video Recovery Apps For Android Without Root

Yes, there are! Video recovery apps for Android without root do exist, and they can be equally great at recovering deleted or lost videos from Android without root.

You can watch the video below to recover your videos

safe Downloadsafe & secure

No. 5: Video Recovery

Video Recovery is an easy-to-use photo and video recovery app for Android without root that you can use for free. The app helps recover your deleted photos and videos from both SD card and internal storage.

video recovery app for android without root


  • Works without root
  • Recovers most photos and video file formats

Pros and Cons

  • Can perform a deep scan with root permission to recover most file formats
  • No advanced features
  • Free to use

No. 4: Disk Video Recovery Pro

Disk Video Recovery Pro Android video recovery software is easy to use and comes with an intuitive design to get you started quickly.

disk video recovery pro for android


  • Supports SD card video recovery and internal storage video recovery
  • Does not require you to root your device
  • Supports most file formats

Pros and Cons

  • Lacks advanced features for power users
  • Simple to use and free to use

No. 3: Dumpster Android Video Recovery

Dumpster is one of the most downloaded video recovery apps for Android without root, and rightly so. The feature set is robust for most users and the app is free to use while offering a premium account for more features and options.

dumpster recycle bin and data recovery android


  • Advanced algorithms for effective scanning and recovery
  • Offers backup as well as recovery
  • Can back up to the cloud
  • Offers extensive customization

Pros and Cons

  • No rooting required
  • Can back up to the cloud
  • Can back up apps and data as well
  • Customizable

No. 2: EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver claims to be the easiest video recovery software for Android and has been downloaded over 5 million times on the Google Play Store. The app comes with features to satisfy both novices and pros.

easeus mobisaver photo and video recovery android


  • Fast scanning
  • Preview feature to see before recovery
  • Filters to refine the scan process
  • Instant recovery
  • No root necessary

Pros and Cons

  • No rooting required
  • Can recover contacts as well
  • Features messages and call logs backup
  • Now comes with SD card recovery and internal storage recovery

No. 1: Dr.Fone - Data & Photo Recovery

Sure, seeing as you are reading this on the Wondershare website, we might be partial to our own product, Dr.Fone - Data & Photo Recovery, but that does not stop us from giving you an objective overview of its powers and limitations! You will find Dr.Fone to be one of the most feature-rich data recovery solutions for Android on the planet.

drfone data recovery for android without root


  • Supports audio recovery
  • Supports video recovery
  • Supports photo recovery
  • Supports file recovery
  • Supports end-to-end data encryption to protect your privacy and data
  • Regular updates to the app and database

Pros and Cons

  • Over 6000 devices supported
  • Supports most file formats
  • Does not require root
  • Features encryption for data protection

While you can run Dr.Fone - Data & Photo Recovery on your Android device itself for convenience, the desktop version allows you greater flexibility and does much more. For example, what happens if your Android device is damaged somehow, say, a broken screen where you cannot use the device? How to recover data from Android, then? You use the desktop version of Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android). Furthermore, the desktop tool allows you to recover more than the Android app, such as:

  • messages, contacts, and notes
  • WhatsApp's data recovery
  • Google Drive backup recovery
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We all need a data recovery solution at some point of time, seeing as we deal with such a large amount of data on a daily basis, and all it takes is one misplaced tap or click to delete a photo or a video or a file from the device. What's worse is that as we live in a synced world, chances are what we delete on our device will get deleted from the cloud as well. It pays to have a data recovery app for Android handy, both on the phone and on the computer, for any eventuality. However, we understand your concerns about rooting your device for video recovery, and have, therefore, provided 5 of the best video recovery apps for Android without root.

Daisy Raines

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