Relax! Here Are Five Ways To Fix Your Samsung s10 Black Screen After Dropping 

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Relax! Here Are Five Ways To Fix Your Samsung s10 Black Screen After Dropping 

There's no denying that smartphones have improved society in several ways, from allowing millions of individuals who lack access to banks to making financial transactions. To help rescue personnel in a disaster zone identify where aid is needed. Smartphone owners may track their steps taken throughout the day and the quality of sleep they get with the help of specialized applications. There is a continuous influx of new uses for the technology.

While humans are capable of doing many tasks at once, there are instances when unfinished work slips through our fingers (like a phone). If you drop your smartphone and it lands on a hard surface, the inside components may be severely damaged. The logic board includes several connections and other features attached to it, so even if the screen is undamaged, the rest of the device might be ruined.

If you're using an Android phone and might encounter a dropped phone screen black, don't worry, this article will help you to get through it.

What causes a phone screen blackout?

You've come to the right site if you're looking for a fix for the dropped phone screen black. There might be some causes for this issue on your Samsung smartphone. An outdated Android system that doesn't support the phone's current capabilities is a common cause. Little memory or a sluggish processor are two more causes. In the following sections, we'll investigate what led to this malfunction and how to correct it.

There is a firmware crash or failed firmware update

Certain high-end smartphones, such as the Samsung s10, sometimes freeze with a black screen, and the cause is usually a firmware crash. You may take this seriously, but it isn't. Getting a technician is optional to solve this issue. Simple procedures must be performed to fix the problem.

Screen is black due to water damage

Water damage to your phone may cause a variety of problems. The screen is the first target. More often than not, nothing appears on the screen. That might be disastrous if the touchscreen was broken. Taking clear images after submerging your phone in water will be impossible. The sound will be distorted or silent.

Dropping your phone might be the reason

If you drop your smartphone and it lands on a hard surface, it might severely harm the inside components resulting in a black screen. You may have avoided a cracked screen, but you may have messed up the logic board with several components and connections soldered to it. One of these parts may get dislodged if your device takes a hard hit, and depending on the nature of the accident, you may have various problems.

5 useful tips for saving dropped phone screen blackout

This section provides the possible ways to fix your Samsung s10 dropped phone screen blackout.

Try a hard reset

samsung phone hard reset

Step 1: Press and hold the Volume up and Bixby buttons simultaneously.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power button until the smartphone vibrates and the Samsung logo displays, and then release the Volume up and Bixby keys.

Step 3: Select Wipe data/factory reset on the Android Recovery screen.

Step 4: Select Yes.

Step 5: Select Reboot system now.

Check the battery and charging port

checking samsung port and charger

Step 1: Plug the charger into the power socket and connect the Samsung phone. If you notice a green light, the battery is charging.

Step 2: The test will be repeated after a couple of hours. If you observe a red light, the battery has been entirely depleted.

If you see the color red:

Step 1: Hold the Power button for twenty seconds to ensure that the Samsung phone has been turned off.

Step 2: Charge without touching for at least three to four hours.

Step 3: Turn on the Fire tablet generally while it is still plugged into the socket.

If you see green:

Step 1: Press and hold the Power button for around forty seconds. The Samsung device should then power off and restart.

Step 2: If the battery is depleted, it should be recharged.

Check the LCD cable

examining samsung lcd screen

If you continue to see a black screen, the connection from the logic board to the LCD screen may have been detached. This may occur if you drop your phone many times by mistake. To restore the functioning of your screen, the cable must be reconnected.

You should see a specialist if you want to fix a damaged iPhone or Android like this. You may find DIY instructions online, but you might do irreversible harm to your gadget if you don't know what you're doing. Hence, if you feel that the LCD cable on your phone is detached, look for a shop in your place that repairs phones.

Reset to factory settings

samsung phone reset factory settings

There may be an issue with your operating system if your phone's display goes black at random. In such cases, a factory reset is often advantageous. During a factory reset, your device's data and settings are erased, restoring it to its original condition.

Step 1: Create a smartphone backup on Google Drive or your computer.

Step 2: Launch Settings on your phone.

Step 3: Select system > advanced > reset options.

Step 4: Select erase all data (factory reset).

Step 5: Choose Reset phone.

Step 6: Hit Erase everything.

Contact customer service

samsung phone customer service

Hardware difficulties might be at fault if your smartphone remains black after several tries. Also, contacting the Samsung support center is an alternative. They can aid you with the incapacity of your Samsung phone to turn on. If you are experiencing hardware problems, you should contact Samsung's after-sales support department for assistance from a qualified specialist. Yet, you may be obliged to schedule an expensive appointment. Even worse, it is inconvenient for those far from the repair center.


Here are some common questions and concerns about Android phone’s black screen issue. Whether you're using any Android brand or Samsung specifically, these FAQs should provide helpful information and insights on how to get rid of android black screen.

How does an android black screen appear?

An Android black screen can appear for various reasons, such as incompatible apps, software issues, or hardware problems. To fix the case, you can try restarting your device by holding down the power button for several seconds and selecting "Restart" from the menu that appears.

How do I know whether my display is dislodged or broken?

Most of the time, screen damage will be readily apparent. On the front of your iPhone, spider web patterns of broken glass will be visible. Occasionally, the glass screen will be intact, and you may notice the damage once you attempt to use the device. Whether or not the damage is apparent, it is advisable to do a fast diagnostic to establish its degree.

How to protect your phone from screen blackout problems?

You can repair common Android problems using Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android), including a black screen, a boot loop, a bricked Android, and more. Dr.Fone has done an excellent job of simplifying the procedure to the point that beginners may successfully repair Android. On March 20, DF13 will be released, and with it may come new interface features and modified procedures for using the software. Dr.Fone new function can examine and evaluate your phone’s condition. You can download the software by clicking this link by visiting Dr.Fone official website and clicking the Downloadbutton.

dr.fone features and modified procedures

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The screen on my Android phone suddenly went dark; why was that? The reasons for that are many. You may do several common things if your Android phone has a dark screen. If not, solve the issue without compromising your data by downloading Dr.Fone Repair.

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