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Due to their mobility, simplicity, and broad networking choices, tablets increasingly replace laptops as the preferred computing device. If you don't have access to a phone system, your tablet may return your phone and function as a unified communication device for making and receiving calls and sending texts.

As touchscreen technology continues to improve, issues such as Samsung and other manufacturers' touchscreens failing to function are becoming more common. You can easily navigate your smartphone with the help of a touch screen. Nonetheless, this problem will impede your cellular activity and worsen the situation when you cannot do any action.

Customers have sometimes voiced concerns regarding the performance of their Samsung products. Samsung s20 top half of the screen is not working. Samsung mobile devices are notorious for this problem. Because of

What causes Samsung partly Screen unresponsive?

When the touchscreen on your Samsung Galaxy stops responding, it might be because of various issues. If there is noticeable damage to the screen, it would explain why nothing happens. It's also possible that water or some other liquid got into the phone and rendered the touch screen inoperable. Samsung smartphones' touch screens might go inactive for several reasons.

  • Soft-bricked phone: Samsung smartphones with a broken touch screen are experiencing a soft brick (recoverable by firmware update), often brought on by a faulty or undercharged battery. Possible reasons include corruption in system files, outdated firmware, or unsuccessful updates.
  • Insufficient storage: There may be a crash if there wasn't enough space for everything. But, when the Samsung gadget is low on storage, it may cease responding altogether, making the screen unresponsive.
  • Equipment worn out : Samsung touch screens may fail for reasons unrelated to the device itself, such as damage to the display, changes in temperature, or the presence of a magnetic field.
  • Software update errors: Android is a flexible operating system. Some of our technological advances may hurt us. Either the phone won't turn on, or it becomes stuck in an endless boot cycle where the logo will only appear sometimes. For example, after installing a software update, some users of Samsung smartphones and tablets have stated that their displays are unresponsive.

The common solutions to solve a Samsung partly Screen unresponsive

Samsung phones should not show any software or hardware issues after being bought. But it doesn’t mean it is not prone to viruses or any arising problems. It is mentioned that through time, and when the equipment is worn out, some issues may pop up, like having an unresponsive screen partly or as a whole.

If half of your phone, for example, your Samsung S20 screen, needs to be more responsive, here are some solutions you may try or apply without bringing your phone to the repair shop.

Solution 1: Give your phone a restart

restart samsung phone

Restarting it is a popular option if you're having trouble getting your Samsung device's screen to respond. So let me show you how.

Your device may be rebooted forcefully by pressing and holding powerand volume down keys simultaneously for over 7 seconds.

Solution 2: Check your charging port and battery

samsung charging accessories

Follow the instructions on this page to resolve the following issues on your phone. Examine the power source, charging port, and housing for issues.

Step 1: Verify that your cord and charger are functional.

Step 2: Attempt them with a different device.

Step 3: Check that the wire is firmly attached to the charger and your phone.

Step 4: Check that your phone's port is free of obstructions such as dust or lint.

Step 5: Ensure that your outlet is functional.

Step 6: Connect the charger to an electrical socket.

Step 7: Step 7: Check that no accessories, such as covers or battery packs, cover the phone's sensors or press buttons.

Solution 3: Contact customer service

samsung online support

If turning the device off and on again or checking the charging port and the battery doesn't fix the problem, you should consult a professional. When a product is having issues, the manufacturer may provide further troubleshooting advice or suggest having you ship it in for service. Before contacting customer support, looking into the warranty is recommended since this might influence your possibilities of getting a replacement or repair.

In line with the typical solutions mentioned earlier, some Samsung models, like Samsung S20, Samsung A50, etc., have specific and detailed answers to solve the unresponsiveness of the screen.

Solution 4: Reboot your phone to safe mode

Image File Name: power-on-your-galaxy-phone-on-safe-mode

Alt Text: safe mode feature

Here are the steps to reboot your Samsung smartphone into safe mode.

Step 1: You can power down your smartphone by pressing and holding the Power button until the Power Off menu displays. The switch to turn off the Power must be tapped.

Step 2: To turn on, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

Step 3: When the Samsung logo appears, release the Power button. Make sure to keep pressing the Volume Down button.

Step 4: After everything is set up correctly, the words "Safe Mode" will appear in the screen's bottom left corner. If "Safe Mode" still doesn't show up, try those instructions again.

restart in safe mode

Step 5: Once in Safe Mode, you can remove the third-party app causing issues on your phone.

Solution 5: Optimize your device performance

Image File Name: clear-app-data-cache-galaxy-device

Alt Text: optimize samsung phone

Clearing the cache, deleting unused applications, and turning off functions that aren't in use improve the device's overall speed. This technique can fix the problem, and memory can be freed up.

You can clear your cached data using the default settings.

  • Select Settings> Storage > Cached Data.
  • To clear the cache, select Clear Cache.

Solution 6 Using Dr.Fone Repair

dr fone system repair feature

Dr.Fone Repair is a third-party software that can fix various Android phone issues, including screen unresponsiveness. This solution is recommended because it can protect your data and files. Dr. Fone Repair uses advanced algorithms to diagnose and fix phone issues, so you don't have to worry about losing data.

Step 1. Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your Samsung smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 3. Open Dr.Fone and select the "System Repair" option.

Step 4. Choose "Android Repair" from the list of available options.

Step 5. Click "Start" to begin the repair process.

Step 6. Fill in the required information on the device information screen, such as your device model and name.

Step 7. Click "Next" to proceed.

Step 8. Follow the on-screen instructions to repair your Samsung device touchscreen.

How to avoid Samsung being partly Screen unresponsive?

You most likely touch the screen of your phone hundreds of times per day. It's no wonder that touchscreens are one of the most frequent malfunctioning parts of smartphones given their fragile glass construction.

The inability to use the touch screen on your Samsung phone may not necessarily be the consequence of a hardware malfunction. There are several things you may do to avoid malfunctions on your Samsung phone.

Check the software updates on time

Updating your Samsung device's firmware and security updates will help avoid difficulties like a touch screen that doesn't respond. Always watch for updates; when you find one, put it in as quickly as possible.

Check the hardware from time to time

The need for ideal mobile devices has grown with our increasing reliance on them. Thus, it is critical to do extensive hardware and software testing on the devices to minimize the risk of failure.

Use Dr.Fone to repair or manage your data

Dr. Fone can assist if your Samsung device’s touch screen is acting up or you're having any other problems. If you utilize Dr.Fone regularly, you can maintain your phone's pristine shape and prevent issues that might render the touch screen inoperable.

safe Downloadsafe & secure


It's terrible when your Samsung phone's screen stops responding, but thankfully there's a solution. We've given you six options for investigating and resolving the issue, from the most basic to the most comprehensive. The touch screen on your phone may be fixed in several ways, including a hard reset and using specialist software like Dr. Fone.

Remember that the best way to avoid an issue in the first place is to take preventative measures. Avoiding malicious software and keeping your phone's firmware up to date may go a long way toward eliminating software-related problems that cause the screen to become unresponsive. If you take preventative measures, you may save yourself the hassle of dealing with a Samsung phone's sluggish touch screen. Be gentle with your phone to keep it in working order for as long as possible.

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