Easy Fixes for Samsung Tablet Touch Screen Not Working

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Tablets are popular for the same reasons smartphones are popular. Having one in your bag is like carrying a portable computer. They're easier to carry than a laptop but feature a larger screen than a smartphone. Samsung is one of the leading tablet brands, thanks to its product's quality. But they are not perfect. For instance, you may experience problems with the touch screen not working on a Samsung tablet.

Thankfully, that issue is fixable. There are many solutions you can try. You can force restart the phone or use tools like Dr. Fone. Continue reading to learn more about the things you can do when your Samsung tablet screen is unresponsive. Bonus, you will learn how to prevent this issue from happening again in the future.

What Causes Samsung Tablet Screen Unresponsive?

Like computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets receive software updates. They are meant to enhance the performance of your tablets or improve security. However, sometimes, there are things Samsung has overlooked.

These small things can cause some bugs to show up. The bugs then cause glitches which cause your tablet to misbehave. Among its most common consequences is freezing the screen or making it unresponsive.

Damaged phone hardware can also cause a Samsung tablet's screen to freeze. Perhaps it is the LCD or even the battery or the charger that is causing the problem. Likewise, an unsuitable or malicious third-party application can make the touch screen fail to work. So please be careful with the applications that you download and install on your tablet. It is good practice to install apps only from reliable sources.

Insufficient memory space can also be an issue. Like computers, tablets have something called RAM. How many things you can do simultaneously depends on the device's RAM. If you have more tabs than the tablet's RAM can handle, it may cause the device to hang, making the touch screen not work. 

Luckily, this is not always a major issue. You don't have to rush to the nearest center to get it fixed. In fact, you can solve the problem yourself. Below are the possible solutions for making the Samsung tablet screen responsive again. If none of these worked for you, only then should you go to the nearest center.

7 Solutions for Fixing Unresponsive Samsung Tablet Screen

Here are 7 things you can do when your Samsung tablet is not responding to touch.

Solution 1: Force Restart Your Device

force restarting a samsung tablet

Restarting your Samsung tablet is always a great option when experiencing problems. But how do you do that if your screen is unresponsive? In older device models, you can remove the battery to force the tablet to shut down. You can't do that with modern models, which have non-removable batteries. Besides, it's such a hassle since you'll need special tools. Also, it may cause further issues.

Here's how you can force restart your Samsung tablet with a frozen screen very easily. Press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds. The system will automatically know that you are trying to restart the device. Hopefully, when the device has turned on again, the screen is no longer unresponsive.

Solution 2: Check the Tablet's Battery and Charger

samsung tablet and charger

Has your screen blacked out? Probably, it is because the tablet has no power. Connect it to a charger to fix this problem. You may not be able to use the device immediately after plugging it in. Leave it for about an hour back, then come back to check if the touch screen is working again.

Solution 3: Check for Software Updates

checking software updates for samsung tablet

Your tablet may be missing necessary updates to prevent the device from being unresponsive. We recommend installing these updates. Here's how you can do this:

  1. Open Settings > Software Update.
  2. Click Download and Install.

Note: Obviously, you can't do this while your screen is unresponsive. Try the other solutions first, or wait for the touch screen to be sensitive again. Then, do this.

Solution 4: Optimize Device Performance

optimizing samsung tablet with device care

Samsung devices have a Device care feature. It helps you optimize your device's performance. Why is that important? An unoptimized tablet may have wasted storage space or some undetected problems. These cause poor performance, which can make your screen insensitive. So optimize your device to scan for these and resolve the issues.

To do so:

  1. Open Settings > Device Care.
  2. Click Optimize Now.

Solution 5: Try Backup and Factory Reset

factory data reset option in settings

It could be that a software update or virus is causing the problem. Therefore, factory resetting your device could work. But please note that this deletes all your data. So back it up first. You can sync your data with a Gmail account or copy your files on an external storage device.

Once you have backed up your data, you can proceed with factory resetting your device.

  1. Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset.
  2. Enter your password to confirm that you want to factory data reset your tablet.

Solution 6: Fix Your Device Using Dr. Fone Repair

drfone system repair feature

Suppose none of the things listed above worked. You can use Dr. Fone to fix the problem. This software app has a System Repair feature that will identify and fix problems in your tablet. It supports over 1,000 Android models, regardless of whether it is unlocked or from specific carriers. Dr. Fone can bring your device back to normal.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

No, you don't need to install this on your tablet. Instead, you have to install it on your computer. That said, you can really use this program even if your Samsung tablet touchscreen is not working.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Launch Dr. Fone on your computer.
  2. Select System Repair.
  3. Connect your Samsung tablet.
  4. Download the correct Android firmware. Select Samsung, then choose the right name, model, country/region, and carrier.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to repair your Samsung tablet.

Solution 7: Contact Customer Service

samsung customer service contact information

Suppose you tried everything listed above, and none worked. You can contact Samsung's customer service. Tell them the problem with your device. They will assist you with fixing the issue.

How To Prevent Your Samsung Tablet's Screen from Being Unresponsive?

Being a responsible owner can prevent your Samsung tablet from having any problems. One of the things you should ensure is to always update your device on time. Additionally, regularly optimizing the device's performance helps keep the gadget in good condition.

Besides that, you should not install apps or download files from questionable sources. They may contain viruses or malware that can cause your device to misbehave. Worse, it can put you in danger.

Let's say you followed all that. Still, your Samsung tablet screen stopped responding to touch. Don't panic. You can use Dr. Fone to fix the problem. Also, you can use this program to manage your data to prevent problems from occurring.


An unresponsive Samsung tablet screen is not always a trip to the nearest center. You can fix the problem yourself. The solutions include force restarting or factory resetting the device. You can also update and optimize the tablet to ensure it will not happen again. Third-party apps like Dr. Fone can also help you fix this problem.

The best thing is that an unresponsive screen is only one of many problems Dr. Fone can fix. Black screen, boot loop, and other issues also become trivial problems, thanks to this utility program. So it's a great thing to have on your computer.

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