[Solved] Warning: Camera Failed on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy devices are one of the best Android devices available in the market and their users are always satisfied with their features. However, it is a recent observation that many Samsung users complain about Samsung camera failed error while using the camera App on the device. It is a strange error and pops up suddenly with only one option to tap on, i.e., “OK”

The error message reads as follows: “Warning: Camera Failed”.

Once you click on “OK” the app shuts down abruptly and your Samsung camera is failed. We understand this is not a very pleasing situation, thus, here are ways to tackle the camera failed Samsung issue. Let us now move ahead and find out why exactly you experience Warning: Camera Failed error and how to fix it.

Part 1: Why Samsung phone has Warning: Camera Failed error?

We are all aware that no device runs smoothly, without any glitches. We also know that there is a cause behind every problem. Listed below are a few reasons behind camera failed error, especially on Samsung devices:

camera failed

  1. If you have recently updated your OS version, there are chances that certain bugs are preventing the camera App from functioning normally. Also, if the update is interrupted and not downloaded completely, certain apps may suffer.
  2. There are chances of your internal storage being cluttered with unwanted Apps and files leaving no space for the camera App to save its data and work smoothly.
  3. If you haven't cleared camera Cache and Data, the chances of the App to get clogged up increase tremendously which disrupt its working.
  4. Warning: Camera Failed error can also be a direct outcome of a change in the system settings or the device’s internal settings.
  5. Finally, if you tamper a lot with the camera settings and do not update the App whenever it is available, Samsung Camera App will not be efficient.

There might be much more reasons for the camera failed error, but these are the most obvious ones. Now let us now move on to troubleshooting the problem.

Part 2: How to fix Camera Failed error by clearing camera data?

Has anyone ever informed you that it is absolutely necessary to keep clearing camera data every once in a while? Yes, since it deletes all unnecessary data stored in respect of the App and no, it does not mean that all your photos and videos will get deleted. Just follow the steps given below to clear camera data:

1. First, visit “Settings’” on your Samsung Galaxy device and select “Apps” or Application Manager”.

application manager

2. Now a list of all Apps will appear before you. Keep scrolling down until your find “Camera”.

camera app

Tap on “Camera” to open the “Camera Info” screen and once you are there, hit “Clear Data” option as shown below.

clear data

That's all, now return to the Home Screen and access the camera again. Hopefully, it will work now.

Part 3: How to fix Camera Failed error by removing third-party Apps?

Another tip to fix Samsung camera failed error is by deleting a few unwanted third-party Apps (recently installed) to free some space in the device’s internal storage. It is essential to create and keep storage space for the camera App to function smoothly and allow it to store its data as well. Also, if this issue only happens recently, it might be some newly installed Apps causing some glitches with the camera.

Simply, follow the instructions given below to remove Apps from Samsung Galaxy Devices:

1. Click on the "Settings" icon on the Home Screen and from the options before you, select “Apps”/ “Application Manager”.

2. You will see that a list of downloaded and built-in Apps will open up before you as follows.

installed apps

3. Now, once you select the App you want to uninstall, the App Info screen will appear. Tap on “Uninstall” option and then tap on “Uninstall” again on the pop-up message.

uninstall app

The App will be removed immediately and its icon will disappear from the Home Screen and you will notice an increase in the storage capacity of your device.

Part 4: How to fix Camera Failed error by wiping Cache Partition?

This method might seem tedious and time-consuming and you may also lose your data and essential settings. However, wiping the Cache Partition only cleans your device system internally and gets rid off any unwanted and trouble making elements causing Warning: Camera Failed error. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to clean Cache Partition smoothly:

1. Firstly, switch off the device by pressing the power button and tapping on “Power Off” as shown in the screenshot below. Then wait for the lit screen to turn off completely before proceeding further.

power off device

2. Now, press and hold the power on/off, home and volume up button simultaneously. Your device will now vibrate. This a signal to let go of the power button (only).

boot in recovery mode

3. Once the Recovery Screen appears, leave all buttons and use the volume down key till you reach “Wipe Cache Partition”.

wipe cache partition

4. Now, to select the option to use the power on/off button and wait for the process to get over. Once this done, tap on “Reboot system now” and see that your device restarts normally.

reboot system now

You may try to use the camera app once the process completes.

Part 5: How to fix Camera Failed error by Reset Settings?

Resetting the camera settings solves the problem 9 out of 10 times and thus is worth a try.

1. To reset, first, launch the Camera App by tapping on its icon.

tap on camera

2. Then go to Camera “Settings” by tapping on the circular gear like icon.

camera settings

3. Now look for “Reset Settings” options and click on it.

reset settings

Once done, go back to the Home Screen and start the camera App again to use it.

Part 6: How to fix Camera Failed error by Factory Reset?

Lastly, if the above-mentioned techniques do not help you in fixing the camera failed error, you can consider performing a Factory Reset. Note: This method will delete all your saved data so it is advised to backup before you start the process.

Here are the steps to factory reset your device to fix “Warning: Camera Failed” Error:

1. Start by visiting “Settings” on your Samsung Galaxy device on which the camera has failed.

phone settings

2. Now from the list of options before you, select “Backup and reset” and move ahead.

backup and reset

3. Now you must first select “Factory data reset” and then tap on “Reset Device” as shown in the screenshot below.

factory data reset reset device

4. Finally, you have to click on “Erase Everything” and wait for the device to reboot itself.

erase everything

Note: You will have to set up your Samsung Galaxy device from scratch once it is reset, however, that is a small price to pay to fix your Camera App.

Warning: Camera Failed error is not a rare phenomenon and many users experience it on daily basis. So, there is no need to panic, All you need to do is carefully follow the instructions given above and repair your Camera App yourself. You do not need to seek any technical assistance for the same as the camera failed issue is not difficult to deal with. So go ahead and try these tricks to enjoy using the Camera App on your Samsung Galaxy devices.

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