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How to Update Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Galaxy S7 to Android 8 Oreo

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

The Android 8 Oreo update is out and running with its feature-rich enhancements. This update which came out a few months ago has been approved for official release in Samsung devices such as the S7 Edge, for both the Snapdragon and Exynos variants. Samsung will soon roll out the Oreo update for S7 starting April, while it may take a few more months for the update to reach all the regional and carrier variants.

The new update brings with it a whole load of new features including the PiP mode, notification channels, notification snoozing, and background app optimization to name few. However, the Snapdragon version and the Exynos version being released, there isn't much difference to point out other than the time of its release.

You can get your Oreo update on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy S7 with our detailed guide given below.

Why Android Oreo update for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Galaxy S7

The Oreo update comes with the promise of enhanced speed and restricted battery drainage by background apps. However, if you are gearing up for an Oreo update on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or S7, then consider the pros and cons of updating to Android 8.0.

Reasons for Android Oreo update on Galaxy Note 7 / Galaxy S7

Top features that make most users eager to update their Galaxy Note 7 / S7 to Android Oreo are listed as follows:

  • 2X faster: The Oreo update boasts of a boot time that takes only half the time, compared to Android 7.0.
  • Picture in Picture mode: aka the PiP mode, this enables apps like YouTube, Hangouts, Google Maps, and the like to minimize while a small window of these apps will appear on the corner of the screen, while you multitask.
  • Notification Feature: The update includes apps with notifications having a small dot, which you can long-press to see the message.
  • Auto Fill: Another quirky feature of the update is the Auto-Fill feature which fills up your login pages, saving you a lot of time.

Reasons to stop Android Oreo update on Galaxy Note 7 / Galaxy S7

However, some users may stop in front of Android Oreo update due to the following:

  • The 8.0 version is still in its beta stage and hence contains many bugs. A forced update may cause many issues.
  • You won't get this version in every smartphone (phones of different carriers, chips, countries, etc. may have different situations), so make the necessary checks before you gear up.

How to prepare for a safe Android Oreo update

Before the Android Oreo update, make sure you take some precautionary steps. Make sure you prepare well ahead. Doing an update is a risky business. You even stand the chance of losing data. So make sure you check these boxes before you begin the update.

  • Backup all your data.
  • Keep the phone fully charged and in charge as it may take a while to update.
  • Take some screenshots to restore the way your phone looked, if you prefer.

Create a backup of Galaxy S7 / Note 7 before Android Oreo update

Make sure you use good software to backup your data from your phone to your PC. The Dr.Fone - Phone Backup app lets you backup and restore all your data, view them from the PC, and even lets you selectively backup.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (Android)

Reliably Backup Your Galaxy Note 7 / S7 Before Android Oreo Update

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  • Preview your Galaxy Note 7 / S7 backup files, and restore the backup to any Android devices.
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Here is a detailed guide to help you with the backup before the Android Oreo update on Galaxy S7 / Note 7.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer

Download the Dr.Fone app and open the Phone Backup function. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. Double-check whether you have enabled USB debugging from the settings.

S7 and note 7 android oreo update: backup data first

Click on the Backup option to begin the backup procedure.

S7 and note 7 android oreo update: data backup starts

Step 2. Select files and file types which you need to backup

Dr.Fone lets you selectively backup your data. You can manually choose which files and file types need to be backed up.

S7 and note 7 android oreo update: selectively backup data

Keep your device connected as the backup process happens. Do not make any changes to the data within the device while the process is going on.

S7 and note 7 android oreo update: backup progressing

The backup procedure will be over in a matter of minutes. You can choose to view the files that you have backed up. Dr.Fone has the unique feature of letting you access and view the backed up files.

S7 and note 7 android oreo update: view the backup files

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S7 / Note 7 to Android 8 Oreo

Although the certified Oreo update may still take time to reach your Samsung Galaxy S7 / Note 7 device, there are other ways in which you can update your device to the all-new Android Oreo. While it is the safest to do the wireless update approved by your manufacturer, there exist other methods for the tech-savvy to get the update a bit sooner.

To do an update you can do it by flashing with an SD card, by running ADB commands or updating with Odin.

In this part, we discuss how we can update by flashing with an SD card. Make sure you follow every instruction to the dot to avoid any problems you stand the risk of encountering on the way.

Note: This method of Android Oreo update requires that the Nougat and Oreo firmware you downloaded exactly match phone models.

Android Oreo Update by Flashing with an SD card

Step 1: Download Nougat Firmware

To update your device to Oreo, make sure you first have the Android Nougat version on your phone. To get the Nougat firmware, download the Zip file of the updated version built into your SD card. The file will have the name "update.zip". Make sure you have this file in your SD card inserted into your device before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Power Off. Boot into Recovery mode.

Switch off your phone. Now hold down the Home Key and volume up button simultaneously. While pressing these two, hold down the Power key too. Release the three buttons when you see the screen flashes and a logo shows up.

Step 3: Install the Nougat build

Press the volume down key to navigate to "Apply Update from SD card" option. Press the power button to select. The flashing process will begin and your phone will reboot automatically.

Step 4: Download the Android Oreo Firmware for Oreo update

To update the Nougat build to Oreo, download the Android Oreo build Zip file into your SD card inserted into your device.

Step 5: Power Off. Boot into Recovery Mode on the Phone Running Nougat

Repeat Step 2 and enter the recovery mode.

Step 6: Install the Oreo Firmware

Use the volume down key to navigate to the "Apply Update from SD card" option. Use the power button to select the option. Navigate using the volume down button to "update.zip" file and select the option using the power button. This will begin the flashing process.

Your Samsung device will reboot in Android 8 Oreo. This might take a few minutes.

Problems you may encounter for Android 8 Oreo update

Since the Official Android 8 Oreo update has not yet been released for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7, all methods of updating come with a risk factor.

From choosing reliable sources for the update files to carrying out the update process with precision, your quest for Oreo update may encounter problems. The delayed release of the various carrier variants might also pose a problem, depending on which carrier you use. While updating using flashing SD card or running ADB commands, one should be completely aware of the various procedures involved and be ready with contingencies to avoid damaging your phone.

Make sure you are prepared for a safe update, with a proper backup of all your data before you update.

You may need:

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