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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy J7 Problems and How to Fix Them Easily

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the most anticipated Android-based smartphones of the Galaxy J series. Even though the phone has been released for a long time, it still has a huge customer base. The smartphone mostly got positive reviews after its release. Nevertheless, a few users have complained about Samsung J7 problems. To help you resolve these issues related to your device, we have decided to come up with this comprehensive post. In this guide, we will teach you about some of the most common Samsung J7 problems and solutions.

  • 1. Samsung J7 screen flickering issue
  • 2. Samsung J7 internet issues
  • 3. Samsung J7 battery and charging issues
  • 4. Samsung J7 won’t turn on
  • 5. Samsung J7 overheating issue
  • 6. Samsung J7 camera issues
  • 7. Samsung J7 is not responding
  • 8. Samsung J7 black screen of death
  • 9. Samsung J7 touch screen not working
  • 10. Samsung J7 slow performance

From the Samsung J7 heating problem to the Samsung J7 screen problem, we have got plenty of feedback from our readers regarding various issues related to the smartphone. Read on and learn how to fix these problems without much trouble.

1. Samsung J7 screen flickering issue

This is a unique problem related to Samsung J7 which is mostly not found in other Android-based devices. If your phone’s screen is flickering, then chances are that there could be a serious hardware-related issue behind it. To start with, you need to make sure that your phone is not physically damaged.

If your phone’s screen has been physically damaged (or if the device has been damaged by water), then you might need to change its display to fix the Samsung J7 screen flickering issue. If there is a software-related issue, then you can fix it by simply restarting the phone.

Chances are that there would be a problem related to your phone’s cache memory as well. A limited cache storage can also cause the Samsung J7 screen flickering. If your phone is still malfunctioning after restarting, then clear its cache. Go to your phone’s Settings > Storage and tap on the option of Clear Cache. Agree with the pop-up message to clear the cache data on your device.

clear cache data

This will fix the Samsung J7 screen flickering problem and you would be able to use your device the ideal way.

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2. Samsung J7 Internet issues

One of the most common Samsung J7 problems is associated with its Wifi network. Even after joining a WiFi network, it doesn’t connect to the internet. If you are also facing the same issue, then this post of Samsung J7 problems and solutions will come in handy for you.

Firstly, make sure that you have provided the correct credentials for your network. You can also reset the Wifi network to fix this problem. Open the Wifi settings on your device, select the Wifi network, and tap on the “Forget” button. Turn off the Wifi and wait for a few minutes. Afterward, try to connect to the same network again by providing its correct credentials.

forget wifi

If the issue persists, then you need to reset the network settings on your device. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings > Backup & Reset option. From here, choose “Reset Network Settings” on your device. Most of the Wifi and network-related Samsung J7 problems can be fixed with this technique.

reset network settings

3. Samsung J7 battery and charging issues

Just like other Android devices, Samsung J7 also suffers from this common issue. It is observed that its battery doesn’t get charged the ideal way or is drained unexpectedly. This also causes the Samsung J7 heating problem as well. To start with, make sure that you are using an authentic charger and battery.

Most of the time, this issue is resolved by restarting the device. Nevertheless, if the problem still remains the same, then you have to recalibrate your battery. It can be done by following these steps:

  • 1. Discharge your phone and let it turn off naturally.
  • 2. Turn it on and wait for it to turn off again.
  • 3. Now, charge the phone by connecting it to the charging cable.
  • 4. Don’t start your phone and wait for it to charge till 100%.
  • 5. Unplug the device and turn it on. If the phone’s battery is not 100% charged, turn it off again and charge it.

The charging of 0 to 100% in one go will calibrate the battery and fix this issue. There are also plenty of third-party apps that one can use to calibrate the phone’s battery. It will resolve the battery-related issues and Samsung J7 heating problem for sure.

samsung j7 battery calibrated

4. Samsung J7 won’t turn on

This is again a common Samsung J7 issue that is distinctly associated with the device. There are times when the phone gets switched off automatically and is not started even after pressing the Power button. In this case, you have to forcefully restart your phone.

To do this, long press the Power and the Volume Down buttons at the same time for at least 5 seconds. Your phone will be vibrated and restarted in normal mode. This is a safe solution as it won’t cause any data loss on your device.

force restart samsung

If the solution won’t work, then you might need to walk the extra mile and reset your device by entering Samsung recovery mode.

Go to this article to find more solutions to fix Android phone won't turn on.

5. Samsung J7 overheating issue

Most of the Android smartphones suffer from the overheating issue and Samsung J7 is no such exception. From a bad Android update to a malfunctioning battery, there could be plenty of reasons for the Samsung J7 overheating issue. Always use an authentic battery and charger to avoid Samsung J7 heating problem.

Additionally, an unstable Android version can also cause this issue. To fix the Samsung J7 overheating problem, you can also update your phone to a stable Android version. To do this, go to your phone’s Settings > About Phone > System Updates and get the latest stable Android version on your phone.

android system update

If even after upgrading your phone, you still face Samsung J7 overheating problem, then you might have to factory reset your device.

6. Samsung J7 camera issues

Sometimes, Galaxy J7 users get a pop-up message stating that Camera has stopped working. The camera might also hang the phone unexpectedly. There could be plenty of Samsung J7 problems related to its camera. To fix this, you need to clear your camera’s cache. Go to your phone’s Application Manager > Camera and choose to clear its cache.

clear camera cache

Afterward, restart your device and check if its camera is functioning or not. If the problem still persists, then you might have to factory restart your phone. Go to its Settings > Backup & Reset and tap on the “Factory data reset” option. Agree with the warning message and hard reset your device.

reset phone

This will restart your phone and wipe its data. Though, it is recommended to back up your Samsung device before resetting it.

7. Samsung J7 is not responding

Even though Android smartphones have come a long way, they can simply stop responding out of the blue. These Samsung J7 problems and solutions are quite crucial, as they are faced by lots of users. If your phone is not responding, then you can try to forcefully restart it by following the above-mentioned technique.

If it still doesn’t work, then you need to put it into Recovery mode and wipe its data. To do this, follow these instructions.

1. Long press the Home, Power, and Volume Up button to put your phone in recovery mode.

boot j7 in recovery mode

2. Use the Volume up and down button to navigate and Home button to make a selection. Choose the option of “wipe data/factory reset” from the provided options.

wipe data factory reset

3. On the next screen, choose to delete all user data from your device.

wipe all dat

4. Once it is done, restart your device by selecting the “reboot system now” option.

system now

This technique is sure to resolve Samsung J7 problems of different kinds.

Problem 8: Samsung J7 Black Screen of Death

Users have encountered the dreaded "Black Screen of Death" on the Samsung Galaxy J7. It means the device's screen remains black and unresponsive. This prevents you from accessing its features. The possible causes include a software bug, hardware malfunction, update issue, etc.

There are multiple solutions to this problem, with the simplest being charging your phone. Plug your device into a charger and give it a few minutes. Occasionally, a depleted battery can result in a black screen.

If that doesn't work, boot into safe mode to determine if a third-party app is causing the black screen issue. If the screen works in Safe Mode, it's likely an app causing the problem. To enter safe mode, simply press and hold the "Power" key.

Once the device vibrates, release the "Power" key and immediately press and hold the "Volume Down" key. Keep holding it until the device completes the restart process to reboot into safe mode.

enable the safe mode

Problem 9: Samsung J7 Touch Screen Not Working

The touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy J7 isn't responsive. It can hinder your ability to use the device effectively. That makes it difficult to interact with apps and perform tasks. The touch screen may become unresponsive due to temporary software problems. A cracked or damaged screen, as well as water exposure, can affect touchscreen functionality.

Touch sensitivity can be impacted by dirt, oil, or debris present on the screen. Gently clean the screen with a microfiber cloth. If you're using a screen protector or a case, try removing them temporarily. It will ensure they aren't affecting touchscreen responsiveness.

Ensure your phone's software is up to date. Software updates often include bug fixes that can improve touchscreen performance. Inspect the screen for cracks, physical damage, or water exposure. If you find any damage, it might be the cause of the touchscreen problem.

If the touchscreen issues persist, it's advisable to contact Samsung's customer support. You can also visit a service center for professional assistance. They can diagnose and address hardware-related problems.

update samsung j7 firmware

Problem 10: Samsung J7 Slow Performance

Experiencing slow performance on your Samsung Galaxy J7 can make using the device frustrating and inefficient. Apps may take longer to open, and the overall user experience can be sluggish. Low storage space can lead to slow performance as the device struggles to manage data and apps.

Numerous apps running in the background can consume system resources and slow down the device. You will have to remove redundant files, pictures, and applications to release storage capacity. This can improve overall device performance.

Furthermore, manually close apps that are running in the background to free up system resources. Ensure your phone's software is up to date. Software updates often include performance optimizations.

A simple restart can also help clear temporary glitches and improve device performance. Go to Settings and navigate to "Application Manager." Here find the targeted app, press "Storage," and choose "Clear cache." This can help free up space and improve app performance.

press the clear cache button

Now that you know about some of the common Samsung J7 problems and solutions, you can certainly make the most of your device. From Samsung J7 overheating to Samsung J7 screen flickering, we have discussed various kinds of Samsung J7 problems in this guide. If you are facing an issue that isn’t listed here, feel free to let us know about it on our social media, like Facebook.

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