iPhone Random Reboots after iOS 14/13.7 Update? 12 Fixes Here

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iOS 14/13.7 is blazing in the world for all the right reasons. For it is something to try out. While some users have cheerfully indulged into the adventures of iOS 14/13.7, yet some have been pushed back. They were dwindled as to why their iPhone keep shutting off and restarting irregularly. Needless to state, iOS 14 version has plagued with some issues. But, that doesn’t end the world, right? We’ve got you the encyclopedic view to pull out the issue of iOS 14/13.7 randomly restarting your iPhone.

Part 1: iOS 14/13.7 randomly restarts? Why?

With a new surging demand of iOS 14/13.7 which has recently been out, is a beta version. It’s more or less like a trial game for the developers to gather opinions. While, it is made available for the general public. And facing random restarting on your iPhone is no rare phenomena. Being in beta version, one cannot expect to have a perfect version of operating systems. It has some fair share of issues that includes your iPhone to keep shutting off and restarting, battery drainage, network connectivity problems and more.

Part 2: 12 solutions to fix randomly restarting iPhone after iOS 14/13.7 update

We know it completely fretting to have your iPhone irk you. To resolve the problem, we’ve collated 12 best solutions to chart off the iOS 14/13.7 randomly restarting fixes. Unveil them right below. 

Hard reset your iPhone

If your iPhone is constantly bugging you by randomly resetting on the latest iOS 14/13.7, then this matter can easily be resolved by performing hard reset. You can opt to hard reset the desired iPhone model in the following manner.

iPhone 11/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8:

Gently press the volume up button then release it and hold volume down button. In the same nerve, press the side button till you see the Apple logo displayed on the screen.

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Simply, press and hold the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button along with the ‘Volume down’ button. Release the hold till the Apple logo gets displayed over the screen.

Close the apps running in the background

If you are uneasy with your iPhone randomly resetting on iOS 14/13.7, then it can be due to the background applications running in your iPhone. It is crucial for you to make a way with these applications as they might be burdening your RAM and slowing down the process too. So, to ensure the apps are not posing to be a problem. You can clean away the background apps. For doing so, you need to follow the given methods in the said manner: 

For iPhones having Home buttons:

The old models that have home buttons, they can simply double tap on the home button. All the applications will appear, just swipe it up.

iPhones with Home button

For phone having no home button: 

In case of latest models, where the home buttons are absent,

  1. Swipe up from the center of your screen and hold for a second or two. There you will find all the applications working in the background.
  2. Again, swipe up on the app’s preview to shut the application.
iPhones with no Home button

Check and update iOS 14/13.7 apps

iPhone keeps shutting off and restarting? It can be due to the version of operating systems being troublesome to your device. If your iPhone keeps on restarting and stuck on Apple logo. These glitches can only paved away by updating your iOS respectively. Just follow the steps mentioned right below. Do ensure to operate it in the said order:

    1. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘General’. Then, tap on the ‘Software Update’ option.
    2. If already your device is running in the latest iOS version, a message will prompt up stating the version number of iOS and ‘Your software is up to date’ message.
    3. Or else, you can download the latest version installed and proceed with the installation process.
update apps

Remove the faulty/suspicious apps on iOS 14/13.7

While, we have updated our phone to the latest version. But, what we fail to comprehend is the older applications that might have a connection with the problem of iPhone keep restarting iOS 14/13.7.It is a good practice of removing down the faulty/suspicious apps. These might have carried out some faulty bugs or viruses that would be intervening in the normal functioning of your iPhone. To help understand such applications, follow the given range of steps right below.

    1. Start to visit ‘Settings’, surf for ‘Privacy’ and opt for ‘Analytics Data’ in Analytics. Scroll down the list to find out all the applications.
    2. If you happen to find any app there, just go back to your home screen and long press the faulty app icon that you want to remove until the app icon begins to wiggle.
    3. You will notice an ‘X’ symbol at the top left corner of your app icon. Just, press on ‘X’ symbol’ followed by clicking on ‘Delete’ if required.
Remove the faulty apps

Clear up the cache data from apps

We make use of applications but little do we realize the cache memory gets piled inside your phone. That is enough to soar the space in your phone.  This can be one of the prime reasons why your iPhone keeps shutting off and restarting irregularly.

    1. From your iPhone, go to the ‘Settings’ section.
    2. Now, go to ‘General’ and select ‘iPhone Storage’.
    3. Here, you will find all the applications, simply choose any application.
    4. Visit the app and see for ‘Offload app’ feature, press on it.
Clear up the  app cache

Clean up junk files in your iOS 14/13.7

The misbehavior of your iPhone is purely attributed to the junk files available on your iPhone. It is vital to clean up junk files and to make this tedious task more hassle-free, ensure to erase out your contacts, SMS, photos, WhatsApp in a selective manner. Ensuring complete deletion of files, Dr.Fone - Data Eraser iOS is best to make your phone go all speedy. Let’s get to know about the step by step process on how to make use of it.

Step 1: Launch the program and get started

First of all, download and install the Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) on your device. Draw connection of your iPhone with the iPad or PC via a genuine lightning cable. From main interface, opt for ‘Data Eraser’ option to en route to cleaning up the junk files.   

Clean up junk files using a tool

Step 2 Erase out the Junk folders!

Right after you choose for ‘Data Eraser’, the upcoming window will enlist 4 options. All you need to do is, press the ‘Erase junk Files’ feature.

erase junk

Step 3 Scanning of the file kick-starts

Now, the program will automatically scan out all the webs of junk files that has been there in your iPhone. The files hidden in your iOS system will get displayed over.

scan for junk

Step 4 Select Clean and experience device free from junk

Simply, tick-mark all the unnecessary files that you no longer need. At last, tap on "Clean">‘OK’. This way, all your selected iOS junk files will be brushed out. 

confirm junk clearing

Restore iPhone with iTunes (data loss)

Does your iPhone keeps restarting after updating to iOS 14/13.7? We know it is just too annoying and hard to handle. The hard way of resolving this issue is to resolving this issue is by restoring your iPhone with iTunes. Well, it may sound easy to get along with. But, in reality it will result in complete data loss as your device will be restored back to factory version. So before you proceed on with this method, it is crucial for you to backup iPhone. You can perform free from Dr.Fone.

    1. Simply, load iTunes on your PC and draw connection of your iPhone/ iPad by using a genuine USB cable.
    2. From your iTunes, just tap on your iPhone and then look out for ‘Summary’ tab placed on the left side panel.
    3. Under the ‘Summary’ tab, just click on the ‘Restore iPhone’ button followed by confirming actions by clicking on ‘Restore backup’ when asked.
restore with itunes

Restore iPhone by retaining existing data

Restoring iPhone in iTunes is fairly a hard nut to crack. Too much of efforts and data is lost. But if you wish to effectively resolving iOS 14/13.7 randomly restarting, Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) is the best you could ask for. With this easy-to-go software, you can easily fix down a variety of iOS system issues like the Apple logo, boot loop without any data loss! Here’s the step by step tutorial for your convenience.

Step 1: Load Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) on system

You need to commence the operation by loading the program on your system. Pick up ‘System Repair’ option from main window. Using a genuine cable, draw connection of your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your PC. Once, the program detects your iOS device, opt for the ‘Standard Mode’ option.

restore ios by retaining data

Step 2: Program ascertains device

The program will detect model type of your iDevice and displays available iOS system version. Simply, opt for a version and tap on ‘Start’ to proceed further.

detect model info

Step 3: Download iOS Firmware

The program will automatically download the desired iOS firmware. Patiently, wait for it to get downloaded as it will completely closed doors for iPhone that keeps on shutting off and restarting intermittently.

download firmware
restart iphone

Step 4: Fix program

Once the iOS firmware fully downloads. Just, ensure to ‘Fix Now’ for repairing your iOS. This will prompt your device to function normally.

fix ios system

Step 5: Your device will repair

Past some couple of moments, your iOS device will accomplish the repairing process. Now, get hold of your device and wait for it to process. You’ll notice all the iOS issues are shooed away.

ios issues fixed

Charge the battery to full

IPhone keeps restarting on iOS 14/13.7 signals to low or timid battery levels. These spare your devices with no mercy and push one’s phone into problem. If you wish to get out of this problem, the best way to do is by charging the battery to full. This may sound a simple thing to do, but users completely miss out on charging their due phones respectively.

Reset All Settings on iOS 14/13.7

It can be the settings that might be proving to be harmful in nature. The settings enabled in your device might have been restricting the phone to function properly, the result of which is iPhone randomly resetting on iOS 14/13.7. Make sure whatever settings you’ve saved in your device will completed be removed. Here are the ways with which you can opt for.

    1. On your iPhone, just go to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘General’ and opt for ‘Reset’ option.
    2. Then, head on to ‘Reset All Settings’ and within a blink of an eye, the settings will be restored.
reset factory settings

Remove and insert your SIM Card

The nature of some problems are completely inexpressible in nature. For these iPhone problems connect your wireless carrier. Your iPhone might lead to iPhone boot loop. The simple way of resolving this problem is by brushing off the SIM Card from your iPhone and see if the issue has taken a back seat or not. If it still continues, just remove your SIMS card and try to reinstall. If removing SIM helps in rebooting, put it.

Turn off unnecessary power hungry features of iOS 14/13.7

With the latest iOS 14/13.7, several features have been unveiled. You might fancy those features but they got nothing on you. Although, these are aligned to give you enhanced looks and wears but completely dig a hole on your battery. It is thus recommended to simply switch off all kinds of unnecessary or least needed features. For disabling any respective feature, you can go to your Settings and figure out its settings.

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