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How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Silent Mode? 6 Ways!

Jan 25, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Your iPhone may get stuck in silent mode at times. Your iPhone will not produce any tones for your calls or other alerts if this occurs. This might cause you to miss essential phone calls and texts. If you're as annoyed as the rest of the users by this issue, you should try to figure out how to resolve it.

Fortunately, there are a few options you may try on your iPhone to resolve the problem potentially. Simply read this tutorial to learn why your iPhone is stuck in quiet mode, as well as one expert method and various recommendations for getting your iPhone unmuted.

Why is my iPhone stuck mute?

You'll most likely want to figure out why your iPhone is in quiet mode to begin with. Many factors might cause your smartphone to remain in silent mode. Here are a few of the probable explanations.

First reason: the iPhone Slider Issue.

The ringer slider on your iPhone may be jammed, which is one of the probable reasons why it is locked in quiet mode. This is why your iPhone is still in quiet mode and refuses to come out of it if this slider was set to quiet mode and became trapped there.

When it comes to repairing the actual components of an iPhone, you need be cautious and skilled. This is not as simple to repair as your phone's software difficulties, and you'll need some additional help to get the slider corrected.

When your iPhone has been physically damaged, this is often the cause of it being trapped in quiet mode. As a result, the slider has been locked in one direction and is unable to move.

Reason 2: iPhone Software Issue

Your iPhone may be affected by a software problem at times. When a core file in your phone's software is corrupted or broken, this occurs. It causes your phone to malfunction, and you may see various problems on it. One of these issues might be the inability to pull your iPhone out of silent mode.

Even though it is very rare for your iPhone's software to be destroyed or corrupted, since iOS is a closed-source system that is tough to hack into, the system may be harmed under specific situations.

These software-related problems may be tough to address and may need several efforts and patience.

Reason 3: Interference from third-party apps

If your iPhone is stuck in mute after installing an app, it's possible that the app is the source of the problem. There are a lot of applications that are known to create problems on phones, and the one you just downloaded could be one of them.

While Apple assures that you only download high-quality applications from the iOS App Store, some nefarious applications find their way into the store and cause your device to malfunction when you install them.

These app-related difficulties are quite simple to resolve if you know which program is causing the problem.

Reason 4: iOS Version is Obsolete

You've probably heard this before, but it's worth repeating: keep your iPhone's iOS version up to current at all times. There are several reasons why you should do so. A bug may cause the problem you're having on your phone in your current iOS version.

New iOS upgrades often fix existing flaws, allowing you to enjoy a better, bug-free experience. If your iPhone runs an older version of the iOS operating system, it's past time to upgrade it to the most recent version.

Solution 1: Turn On and Off Silent Mode

Now that you know why your iPhone is stuck in mute mode, you'll want to know how to resolve the problem. The simplest simple repair for your smartphone is to try sliding the quiet mode toggle.

This switch, which is located on the left side of your iPhone, enables you to convert between ordinary and quiet modes. To utilize it, all you have to do is walk in the direction you want it to go and it will stay put.

Step 1: On your iPhone, locate the switch on the left side.

Step 2: Slide the switch to the left until you don't see any orange and your iPhone is in general mode.

Step 3: Toggle on quiet mode by moving the switch again.

restart silent mode

If the silent button remains stuck or there is no response for your operation, there is a potential hardware malfunction. You can take the iPhone to Apple support center to check.

Solution 2: Close All Apps and Restart the iPhone

Restarting your iOS device is a simple and effective way to resolve a variety of difficulties. Whether your iPhone is stuck in silent mode, try rebooting it to check if the issue has been resolved.

Keep pushing the “Side” button or Side button and Volume Up(or Down) button on your iOS device. Drag the red slider to the right to switch off your iPhone when it displays on the screen to shut down your iPhone. To restart your iPhone, wait a few seconds, press, and hold the "Power" button. After that, the iPhone's no sound problem may be resolved.

restart iphone

Solution 3: Update iOS

If your iPhone remains frozen in silent mode after restarting, you may upgrade iOS to resolve the issue. You should be aware that, in addition to bringing a slew of new features, the new iOS will also repair a slew of flaws with the original iOS. In the event of data loss, it is recommended that you back up all important data first. You can get all the information you need on how to back up iPhone data right here.

To see whether there is an available iOS update, open the "Settings" app and go to "General" > "Software Update." If your iOS needs to be updated, do so. To update iOS, make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. In the meanwhile, you should charge your iPhone while it is being updated.

update iOS

Solution 4: Use assistive touch

AssistiveTouch is a feature on your iPhone that allows you to utilize the functionalities of your buttons using on-screen alternatives. You may utilize the volume control settings to pull your iPhone out of quiet mode if you activate this functionality.

This is how use it.

Step 1: Enable AssistiveTouch in Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch.


Step 1: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch

use assistive touch

Step 2: Select Device, then Unmute from the white dot on your screen.

Silent mode on your iPhone will be turned off.

use assistive touch

Solution 5: Check your sound settings

Your iPhone may not be ringing because some system ring settings have been changed. All Apple devices offer the option to block or ignore specific phone numbers that you don't want to call. This might be specific telemarketers, coworkers, or pals that you wish to avoid at all costs. When you choose to pick up the phone and give it a ring, you will not hear an incoming call sound if these contacts are banned. This is what you should do if you can't hear the phone ringing when a person calls you.

check sound settings

Solution 6: Check iOS system 

If all of the above methods did not work you can update the phone to the newest operating system or utilize third-party tools to fix it. Wondershare is an entity that allows you to share one of the greatest tools to solve OS-related issues on iPhone – Dr.Fone System Repair (iOS). Without losing your data, you may restore numerous functionalities, fix specific features of the phone, and refresh the app functionality. This strategy has shown positive results when the iPhone 15, iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 does not ring.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair

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Step 1: First, download and install Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) on your Win or Mac. After launching, choose the ‘System Repair' option.

Dr.fone application dashboard

Step 2: Go to "iPhone" >"iOS Repair". Connect the phone that's giving you trouble and go to the 'Standard Repair' interface.

Dr.fone modes of operation

Step 3: After recognizing your phone, Dr.Fone will show you the basic model information for your phone. Once you confirm, choose the firmware to ‘Download'.

Dr.fone select iPhone model

When your phone is discovered, the system repair will begin immediately, and your phone will be corrected in all of the critical places where it has problems.

Step 4. Click "Repair Now", the phone will be repaired automatically when the firmware upgrade is completed.

Dr.fone firmware fix

Step 5: After the process is completed, a "complete message" is shown.

Dr.fone problem solved
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If your iPhone is stuck on silent, don't worry. It might be due to software issues or some problem with your settings. Try simple steps like restarting your phone, or updating your iOS.

If these don't work, you might need a more robust solution. That's where Dr.Fone-System Repair (iOS) comes into play. This software can help fix your system and get your iPhone off silent mode. Don't let this issue keep you from important calls or alerts.

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