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How to Restore WhatsApp Messages on Android Phones: 2 Smart Solutions

James Davis

Aug 19, 2022 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

WhatsApp certainly needs no introduction as the social messaging app is actively used by over a billion people worldwide. While the app has so many advantages, there are times when users end up losing their data. The good news is that you can still restore WhatsApp messages by following some smart solutions. In this post, I will let you know how to restore WhatsApp messages with and without a backup.

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Part 1: Can you Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

The short answer is Yes – we can restore deleted WhatsApp messages if we want. Ideally, there are two approaches that you can follow to learn how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages.

If you have a WhatsApp Backup

In case you have a prior backup of your WhatsApp messages saved, then you won’t encounter any issue. All you need to do is restore your WhatsApp backup to your device. Just be sure that your WhatsApp account is linked to the same phone number and Google account.

If you don’t have a WhatsApp Backup

Thankfully, you can still restore deleted WhatsApp messages without an existing backup. In this case, you should use a data recovery tool for Android that can restore WhatsApp messages. Just try to take immediate action and stop using your device. This is because if you keep using your phone, then your WhatsApp data might get overwritten by something else.

Part 2: How to Restore WhatsApp Message from an Existing Backup?

Let’s say you already have a backup of your WhatsApp messages saved on Google Drive. In this case, you can simply restore deleted WhatsApp messages from an existing backup.

By default, Android users get an option to save their WhatsApp messages on their Google account. Though, to restore WhatsApp messages from it, the following prerequisites should be met:

  • There should be an existing backup stored on Google Drive.
  • Your WhatsApp should be linked to the same Google account where the backup is saved.
  • While setting up your WhatsApp account, you need to enter and verify the same phone number.

To learn how to restore WhatsApp messages on a new phone, you just have to install the app (or reinstall it if you are already using it). Now, while setting up the account, enter the same phone number as before. WhatsApp will now automatically detect the presence of an existing backup. Just click on the “Restore” button and maintain a stable internet connection to get your data back.

Restore WhatsApp Backup

Important Note:

It is highly recommended to maintain a timely backup of your WhatsApp data on the Drive. To do this, just launch WhatsApp on your Android phone, visit its Settings > Chats and go to the Chat Backup feature. You can now click on the “Backup” button to take an immediate backup or even set up an appropriate schedule from here.

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Part 3: How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages Without a Backup?

As I have listed above, you can learn how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages even without a backup. For this, you can take the assistance of Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android) Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android). Developed by Wondershare, it is one of the first data recovery tools for Android and is known for its high success rate.

  • The application supports the recovery of WhatsApp messages in all scenarios and is fully compatible with all the leading Android devices.
  • Using Dr.Fone – Data Recovery, you can get back your WhatsApp messages, favorites, photos, videos, voice notes, and all the app-related data.
  • The interface will even let you preview your photos, videos, and other data types before restoring them to any location of your choice.
  • Fone – Data Recovery (Android) is 100% safe and it won’t even root your device or would need root access.
  • Since it is a user-friendly DIY tool, there is no need to go through any technical hassle to restore WhatsApp messages.


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Dr.Fone - Android Data Recovery(WhatsApp Recovery on Android)

  • Recover Android data by scanning your Android phone & tablet directly.
  • Preview and selectively recover what you want from your Android phone & tablet.
  • Supports various file types, including Messages & Contacts & Photos & Videos & Audio & Document & WhatsApp.
  • Supports 6000+ Android Device Models & Various Android OS.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

To learn how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup via Dr.Fone – Data Recovery (Android), the following steps can be taken:

Step 1: Connect your Android Phone and Launch the Application

To start with, you can just launch the Dr.Fone toolkit and open the “Data Recovery” module from its home.

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Now, connect your Android phone from where you lost your WhatsApp data to the system. Once it is connected, go to the sidebar of the tool, and choose the “Restore from WhatsApp” feature.

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Step 2: Start the WhatsApp Data Recovery Process

Once you start the recovery process, the application will scan your Android device for your deleted WhatsApp messages. Try not to disconnect your device during the process and feel free to check the progress from an on-screen indicator.

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Step 3: Install the Specific App

After completing the process, the application will ask you to install the specific WhatsApp app. Grant it the relevant permissions so that you can preview your data on the native interface.

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Step 4: Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages

In the end, you can check the extracted data listed under different categories like messages, photos, videos, and so on. The application will even let you preview your files and select what you wish to restore.

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If you want, you can go to the top-right corner to view just the deleted messages or the entire data. Lastly, you can select the WhatsApp data of your choice and click on the “Restore” button to save it.

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As you can see, learning how to restore WhatsApp messages is pretty easy, irrespective of an existing backup or not. Though, if you want to restore deleted WhatsApp messages and get positive results, then keep a recovery tool like Dr.Fone – Data Recovery handy. Whenever you suffer from an unwanted loss of WhatsApp data, use Dr.Fone immediately and avoid the overwriting of your messages. The best part is that you can even preview your files and choose to recover selective messages to any location.

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