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[Solved] Prevent Cross-Site Tracking on Phones and Browser


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Have you ever wondered why you get the advertisements of the websites you visited a few minutes ago on your social media sites? Here comes to Cross-Site Tracking, also termed CST, and it is a process where third-party cookies and sites track your browser history. 

cross site tracking

The CST process is like invading your privacy by collecting your browser history and personal information. So, to prevent these services, there are several ways by which you can cross-site tracking on your system as well as phone browsers. Keep reading to learn how to stop cross-site tracking on both phone and browser.

Part 1: Why Do We Need to Stop Cross-site Tracking?

Cross-site Tracking is all about collecting your browsing data and other information for advertising purposes. Though the process can prove convenient for many as it provides additional information about the products and services you have searched for and offers tailor-made content, it is intrusive and about breaching your privacy. 

Cross-site tracking collects information about your browsing history. The third-party cookies also monitor the content type you have visited and your personal information, which is risky.

Besides invading privacy, the CST also poses several other issues. Based on your browsing history, additional content you have not asked for is loaded on your visited sites, slows down the page loading process, and puts an extra burden on your battery. Moreover, too much-unwanted content can interfere with the basic information you are looking for. 

So, it is always better to prevent cross-site tracking for all the above and more reasons. 

Further reading: A detailed guide on faking location in Mozilla Firefox. Don't worry about your location privacy anymore!

Part 2: Can Private Browsing be traced?

Yes, private browsing can be traced. When you work in private browsing mode, the web browser does not save the browsing history, which means that anyone who uses your system will not check your online activities. But websites and cookies can track your browsing history as well as other information. 

Part 3: How to Disable Cross-website Tracking on Safari for iOS Devices?

Safari is the most commonly used platform by iOS users. So, to prevent CST for Safari on your iOS devices and Mac systems, below is a complete guide.

Deactivate Safari cross-website tracking for iPhone & iPad

Safari cross-site tracking can be prevented using the below steps on your iPhone and iPad.

prevent cross-site tracking on iPhone
  • Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Step 2. Find the Safari option by scrolling down the menu.
  • Step 3. Move the slider to turn on “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” under the PRIVACY & SECURITY option.

Deactivate Safari cross-website tracking for Mac

Use the steps below to turn off cross-site tracking on Safari on your Mac systems.

stop cross-site tracking on mac
  • Step 1. On your Mac system, open the Safari app.
  • Step 2. Move to Safari > Preferences > Privacy
  • Step 3. Enable the “Prevent cross tracking” option by clicking on the box next to it.

Part 4: How to Disable Cross-site Tracking on Google Chrome

Chrome is used widely on Windows systems and Android devices, and to prevent the CST from your browser, a detailed guide is given below.

Enable “Do Not Track” on Google Chrome for Android

    • Step 1. On your Android device, open the Chrome app.
    • Step 2. At the right side of the address bar, click on the More option and choose Settings. 
    • Step 3. Choose the Privacy option from the Advanced tab.
    • Step 4. Click on the “Do Not Track” option to turn on the feature.
stop cross-site tracking on android

Enable “Do Not Track” on Google Chrome for Computer

    • Step 1. Launch Chrome on your system, and from the menu at the upper-right corner, click on the Settings option.
    • Step 2. From the “Privacy and Security” tab, choose the “Cookies and other site data” option. 
    • Step 3. Tap and enable the slider next to “Send a “Do not track” request with your browsing traffic.” 
prevent -cross-site-tracking on chrome computer

Part 5: Recommended Solution: Fake a Location to Stop Cross-Site Location Tracking Using Dr. Fone

What if you let the sites and cookies track your phone location without worrying about your privacy? Yes, it can be done by spoofing your location. So, if you set a fake location while browsing the internet, you will not have to worry about cross-site tracking, as anyways, the sites and cookies will get misled browsing information that cannot harm you in any manner.

Setting a fake location on your iOS devices, a professional tool is needed, for we recommend Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location as the best tool. Using this Android and iOS-based software, you can set any fake GPS location on your device. The tool is simple to use and does not require any mastery of technical know-how. 

Key features

  • Simple tool to teleport to any GPS location in a single click.
  • Allows simulating GPS movement along the route.
  • All popular models of Android and iOS devices are compatible.
  • Compatible with all location-based apps on your phone.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac systems.

Here is a video tutorial for you to take an overview of how to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to fake location on your Android and iOS devices.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Safe downloadsafe & secure

Steps to set fake location on your Android and iOS devices using DrFone-Virtual Location

Step 1. Download, install and launch the software on your Windows or Mac systems. On the main software interface, choose the Virtual Location option

home page

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or Android device to your system using a USB cable and then tap on the Get Started option on your software interface.

download virtual location and get started

Step 3. A new window on the software interface will open, showing your connected phone's real and actual location. If the detected location is incorrect, click on the “Center On” icon to display the right device location. 

virtual location map interface

Step 4. Next, you need to activate the “teleport mode” and click o the 3rd icon at the upper-right corner. 

Step 5. Next, you have to enter now the fake location to which you wish to teleport to at the upper-left corner. Click on Go.

search a location on virtual location and go

Step 6. Finally, tap on the Move Here button and the new fake location for your connected Android or iOS device at the pop-up box. 

move here on virtual location

Check the new location of your phone from the app. 

changing location completed

Wrap it up!

Preventing Cross-site tracking can be done on different browsers and devices using the guides listed in the above parts of the article. Settings a fake location for your device using Dr. Fone-Virtual Location is another interesting way to prevent tracking your browsing history by spoofing the sites and cookies. Setting a fake place will not only avoid monitoring your browsing history but will also work with all location-based apps on your phone.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Safe downloadsafe & secure

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