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5 Hassle-Free Solutions to Fake Location on Find My Friends


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Find My Friends is an app developed for Android and iOS devices. You can say it as a location-sharing application. This app can be used to share the location of each other among the friends. When your contacts install the app on their device, the application makes everyone eligible to share their location with you and you can too share the location with your friends.

It is helpful if you are having a hang out plan with your friends. And if you friend is on the way, he or she can share their location. Or it is a great way to catch if someone is lying about their location.

Part 1: About Find My Friends app

When location sharing is enabled in the device, the map will show the current locations. The Find My Friends app also has an inbuilt chat option where you can contact your friend and interact about with them. It also automatically informs you when your friend reaches at the target location, leave a location etc. You can customize and configure the alerts as per your choice.

Find My Friends app

How it is different in iOS 13

You can find yourself confused if you are using iOS 13 and looking for Find My Friends app. You may not be able to find it on your device running on iOS 13. To your information, Apple has decided to combine the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app into one. And they have named it as “Find My”. This new named app has everything what Find My Friends and Find My iPhone has. When you’ll open it, you will find the “People” tab on the bottom. Using this, you can get your friends as you used to get before.

Find My Friends on iOS 13

Part 2: What Are the Against Voices of the Find My Friends App?

Look at some of the things we feel not beneficial about Find My Friends.

  • No doubt you can have great advantage of an app that can tell you location of your friends, fiancée or spouse. However, the app is not free. You need to pay a small amount of 99 cents to use this.
  • Another thing that might bother you is that there are a lot of people who will be knowing where you exactly are. And this could be a little annoying.
  • Also, it is possible to get unnecessary requests from the unknown people. This can also be bothersome.
  • Apart from this, the app if in wrong hands like an abuser can be used for wrong purposes and harmful for their partners.
  • Not to forget, hackers are everywhere and the app is prone to get accessed by any of them.

In such cases, the need of hiding or faking Find My Friends location rises. This is because we are sharing some ways to fake location on Find My Friends on your iOS and Android.

Part 3: 4 Solutions to Fake Find My Friends Location on iOS

We know how important it is to trick your device deceiving with the location. You might be curious now to learn the methods that can meet the objective of yours. Let us begin with the section that introduces you four ways to fake Find My Friends location.

3.1 Use virtual location tool to fake Find My Friends location on iOS

One of the useful ways to learn faking location on Find My Friends is using a professional tool like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) . This tool helps you to teleport your iOS device’s GPS anywhere. Also, with this, you can get your speed of movement customized easily. It is one of the trusted tools you can use. Here are the steps to be followed to fake location on Find My Friends.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

3,915,739 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Follow the Installation Process

From the main page of dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS), download it. After this, install the tool on your system and then launch it. Now, click on “Virtual Location” option.

install the tool

Step 2: Set up Phone’s Connection

Now, take your iPhone and keep it connected with the system. After this is done, click on the “Get Started” button to move ahead.

connect iphone to pc

Step 3: Look for Location

After following the second step, all you need is to look for your actual location. To make this happen, click on the “Center On” icon given at lower right of screen.

look for your actual location

Step 4: Enable Teleport Mode

In this step, you should activate the teleport mode. This will be done by clicking the third icon in the upper right of the screen. You can now input the place you want to teleport.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Fake Find My Friends Location

Now, the program will get your location and click on “Move Here” that comes in the next dialog box. The location will be changed now. You can see that in your iPhone and its location-based app.

Fake location on Find My Friends
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3.2 Use a burner iPhone to fake location in Find My Friends

Using a burner can also be a good option to take help of when your goal is to fake GPS on Find My Friends. It is nothing but a secondary device where the Find My Friends app can be downloaded and used it to swindle the people you want. This will allow you to keep more privacy as no one will be able to peep into your matter or location.

  1. All you need is to log out of Find My Friends app on your main phone.
  2. Install the app on your burner phone and log in it with the same account as your iPhone.
  3. That is it! You can now plainly leave your burner phone on the location you want. In other words, you can create your own story. Simply put the device where you want the others to think about your visit.

In spite of the fact that this way is helpful, there could be some shortcomings associated with it. Firstly, your friend might try to connect with your through Find My Friends app’s chat feature. And since you have kept your burner device somewhere else and you don’t have it right now, you can miss the chat. This may make your friends a little doubtful.

Secondly, it could be perplexed and draining at the same time to keep checking that the entire settings are accurately set up.

3.3 Use FMFNotifier to help you on Find My Friends

If still you wonder how to fake your location on Find My Friends, FMFNotifier can help you. Before you use this, let us inform you that this application can run on a jailbroken iPhone. So, if you have a device that is old and you don’t mind jailbreaking it, you are good to go with this app to fake Find My Friends location. Moreover, you will need Cydia to get this app. Cydia can be said as the App Store alternative. It is a platform for installation of software or apps on jailbroken iOS devices. The apps that are not authorized by Apple can be found on Cydia’s package manager.

If you have done jailbreaking, you can have FMFNotifier. Jailbreaking will be worthy as FMFNotifier contains many great features.

    • One of the amazing things about this app to fake Find My Friends location is it sends you the notification each time when someone want to track your location. Whenever your friend attempts to ping your location, it will notify you as “Someone has requested your location through Find My Friends app”. And this is the moment where you can fake your location on Find My Friends. You can right away set a fake location when you know someone requires your location.
FMFNotifier notification
  • Secondly, you can do configurations from the Settings app easily. Like, you can customize the text of the notification. Besides, the app allows you to set and save several false locations preset.

Guide on How to Use FMFNotifier

Step 1: Firstly, open Cydia and go to Sources.

Step 2: Look for FMFNotifier package which can be available on BigBoss repo.

Step 3: Lastly, install the package. Now, you can go to “Settings” on your device. Go to FMFNotifier and configure the settings as you want to fake location on Find My Friends.

configure the settings

3.4 Use AntiTracker to protect your location privacy

When privacy is everything for you, you cannot tolerate anyone peeping into your life, especially your location. Find My Friends lets people doing that. You can take help of AntiTracker which is another jailbreak tweak. With this, you will be helped by faking location on Find My Friends. Like the above app, this will also notify you when someone is going to know your location through Find My Friends.

You will get the notification no matter your screen is locked or not. A notification that is “You’re being tracked” along with the Find My Friends icon will appear when someone tries to track you.

find tracks using the antitracker

Guide on How to Use AntiTracker

Step 1: It is available free on Cydia’s Bigboss repo to download. S, go to CYdia and look for AntiTracker.

Step 2: Download the package and the app icon will be added on your Home screen of iPhone. You can now configure the tweak from Settings. The settings allow you to:

  • Turn on and off tweak whenever you want
  • Hide the location
  • Select the sound that will play when the notification comes
  • Select the message to be appeared in notification
  • Have a look on the location request logs i.e. each time when the location is pinged
antitracker settings

Part 4: How to Fake Find My Friends location on Android

If you want to fake Find My Friends location on Android, you can easily configure Android devices to do it. For this, you can take help of an Android spoofer app. There are plenty of them available in Play Store. We will be using “Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free”. This is how to fake location on Find My Friends on Android.

Step 1: To use this, you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device until your Android is running on 6 and higher versions.

Step 2: Go to Play Store and search for the app. Install it after downloading.

When you install it rightly, this is how to do a little twisting to set it up with Find My Friends.

Step 1: To spoof people about the location, enable the developer settings in the first place. Simply head to “Settings” for this and go to “About Phone”.

Step 2: In the “Software Info”, you will see a build number. Tap on it nearly 6-7 times. The Developers options will be enabled now. This step is important because it will alter the security settings in your phone. As a result, tricking about the location will become easier.

Step 3: When developer options are enabled, launch the app. You will see an “ENABLE” option at the bottom. Tap on it to turn on mock locations feature.

mock locations feature

Step 4: Under the Developer options page, click on “Select mock location app”. Now, select “FakeGPS Free” from the list.

Select mock location app

Step 5: Return to Fake GPS Free and long press the two spots on map to set the route. Take help of the play button given at the bottom. This will enable the location spoofing. You will see, “Fake location engaged…”. This will show your fake location on Find My Friends app.

fake gps on android
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