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Find My App Troubleshooting: 'No Location Found' vs. 'Location Not Available' & How to Fix Them


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

"What does it mean when someone's location on iPhone suddenly shows "Location Not Available"? Why does it say no location found on Find My iPhone?"

On Quora, there are many similar questions as above. Do you have the same question?

The Find My app on iPhone has become a powerful tool for locating lost or misplaced devices and tracking the location of family and friends. While using the app, encountering messages like "No Location Found" or "Location Not Available" could be quite challenging. Understanding the distinctions between these messages within the Find My app is crucial for effectively managing and understanding location information.

In this article, we will explore the differences between "No Location Found" and "Location Not Available" within the Find My app on iPhone and will potentially address solutions to these problems.

find my app issues

Part 1: What Does "Location Not Available" Mean in Find My App?

If you are an iPhone user and frequently use the Find My app to track the location of your devices or loved ones, you may have come across the frustrating message that says "Location Not Available." This error can leave you puzzled and wondering why you are unable to see the real-time location of the device you are tracking.

1.1 Understanding the "Location Not Available" Error

iPhone returning with the error "Location Not Available" involves issues caused by the device's GPS. "Location Not Available" in the Find My app typically means that the device you are trying to locate is either turned off, not connected to the internet, or has disabled location services.

When a device is turned off or not connected to the internet, it cannot send its location information to the Find My app, thus resulting in the "Location Not Available" message. Similarly, if the device has disabled location services, it will not be able to provide its location to the app. It's important to note that this message does not necessarily mean that the device is lost or stolen, but rather that it is unable to be tracked at that moment.

location not available error

1.2 Why Does My iPhone Say, "Location Not Available"?

The "Location Not Available" message can appear on the Find My app for various reasons. Here are some possible explanations:

  • 1. Location Services Disabled

One common reason for this error is that the device you are trying to locate has its location services turned off. Location services are essential for apps like Find My to accurately determine the device's location. To resolve this issue, the device owner needs to enable location services in their device settings.

  • 2. Poor or No Internet Connection

The Find My app relies on a stable internet connection to transmit location data. If the device you are tracking is in an area with weak or no internet connectivity, the app may not be able to retrieve the location information. Encourage the device owner to check their internet connection and try again later. In another case, it might be possible that your phone's Airplane Mode is turned on, with the Wi-Fi services and cellular data turned off for the iPhone.

  • 3. Incorrect Date and Time Settings

The “Date & Time Settings” of the iPhone are not set properly. You may have tried to manually set the date, time, and the appropriate zone that the iPhone has to follow. Technical anomalies across the settings will cause issues with the device's location settings.

  • 4. Privacy Settings

Apple prioritizes user privacy, and as a result, users have control over sharing their location information. If the person you are trying to locate has set their privacy settings to restrict location sharing, you will receive a “Location Not Available” message. In this case, the device owner needs to adjust their privacy settings to allow location sharing with the Find My app.

  • 5. Device Turned Off or Battery Depleted

If the device you are tracking is turned off or its battery has completely drained, the Find My app will not be able to provide the location information. This is a common occurrence when trying to locate a lost or stolen device. In such cases, you may need to wait until the device is turned on or charged to retrieve its location.

  • 6. Problems with Application or Device

Occasionally, technical glitches or temporary server issues can cause the “Location Not Available” error, which will require a restart of the device. System issues can also cause glitches in functions like the location settings of the iPhone, which need to be restarted. If the error persists for an extended period, it may be worth contacting Apple support for further assistance.

In conclusion, the "Location Not Available" error in the Find My app can be caused by a variety of factors, including disabled location services, poor internet connection, privacy settings, device status, or technical glitches. By understanding these possible reasons, you can troubleshoot the issue more effectively and ensure a seamless tracking experience.

Part 2: What Does "No Location Found" Mean in Find My App?

The Find My app is a useful tool that allows you to locate your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices. It uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to pinpoint the exact location of your device. However, there are instances where the app fails to provide a location, leaving users confused and concerned.

2.1 Understanding the "No Location Found" Error

The "No Location Found" error message on your Find My app indicates that your iPhone is unable to determine its current location. Conveniently speaking, this error displays the unavailability of a location for an iPhone, which is why it shows such an error. This can be frustrating, especially if you're trying to locate a lost or stolen device. However, there are several reasons why this error may occur, and understanding them will help you troubleshoot the issue effectively.

no location found error

2.2 Why Does My iPhone Say, "No Location Found"?

There are a few common reasons why your iPhone may display the "No Location Found" error message. In this section, we will explore these reasons and provide solutions to help you resolve the issue.

  • 1. Location Services Disabled

One possible reason for the "No Location Found" error is that your Location Services are disabled. To check if this is the case, go to your iPhone's Settings, tap on Privacy, and select Location Services. Ensure that the toggle switch is turned on for both the Find My app and any other apps that require location access.

  • 2. Location Not Being Shared

If you cannot find the location of your friend across the Find My App, there is a possibility that they've stopped sharing the location at any time. When this happens, you won't be able to check out their live location coordinates, as the other user has voluntarily abstained from the option of showing their location to someone else.

  • 3. Device Ran Out of Battery

iPhones are smartphone devices that can run out of battery. While the iPhone needs to be activated to communicate properly, having the iPhone run out of battery leaves with this error when their location is searched. The Find My app would duly fail to access the device when it runs out of battery.

  • 4. iCloud Removed from Device

Your iCloud account plays a crucial role in the Find My app's functionality. iPhone provides the "Share My Location" option for Find My users who have connected their iCloud account with their device.

If somehow they remove the iCloud account from their phone, all connections with the iPhone are deleted. This also includes the Find My service, which eliminates the location services from the device. You would now be unable to observe any location coordinates of the device. Sign out of your iCloud account, restart your device, and sign back in to refresh the connection. Additionally, ensure that you have enabled Find My iPhone in your iCloud settings.

  • 5. Poor GPS Signal or No Internet Connection

Another reason for the error message could be a weak GPS signal or lack of internet connectivity. Your iPhone relies on GPS and internet connection to accurately determine its location. If you're in an area with poor GPS signal or have no internet connection, your device may struggle to find its location. Try moving to an open space or connecting to a stable internet network to see if the issue resolves.

  • 6. Outdated iOS Version

Sometimes, an outdated iOS version can cause issues with location services. Ensure that your iPhone is running on the latest iOS version by going to Settings, selecting General, and tapping on Software Update. If an update is available, download and install it to potentially fix any bugs or glitches affecting the Find My app's location tracking.

  • 7. Find My Not Working Properly

Glitches in the Find My service can also cause the problem of the "No Location Found" error with the iPhone. You won't get any location results if the primary source has issues that cannot be quickly resolved. At times, this directs back to the server, which might take some time to correct.

Encountering the "No Location Found" error on your iPhone's Find My app can be frustrating, but with the information provided in this part, you now have a better understanding of why it occurs and how to troubleshoot it.

Part 3: "No Location Found" vs. "Location Not Available" in Find My App

The "No Location Found" and "Location Not Available" errors have a very thin line of difference among them. While both errors involve the inaccessibility of the location services, some causes also display similarities among them. However, there still is a difference in the errors, which is marked by the following table. With the presented distinctions, you can specify the difference between "No Location Found" and "Location Not Available."

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What is the Difference Between Location Unavailable and No Location Found?

No Location Found Location Not Available / Location Unavailable
Occurs when iPhone is turned off or is offline The Find My App is turned on but is failing to update the user's current location.
The device will be blank in color. The device will have a color and will not be generic.
Location Services across the iPhone might not be turned on. The "Location Services" and "Share My Location" features on iPhone are active and running.
It does not update the location of the person in seconds. The location is updated within seconds once the service is resumed.
In summary, "Location not available" typically refers to the temporary unavailability of location data from a device, while "No location found" indicates the inability to locate a specific device or individual at the given time.

Part 4: How to Fix "No Location Found" or "Location Not Available" in Find My App?

We shall now start with an overview of the fixes that can be utilized to resolve the location errors in the Find My App. While the provided solutions are pretty comprehensive, different solutions can be appropriate for both problems. Thus, keep a check on the fixes and select the best option that suits your nature.

Fix 1: Checking the Apple's System Status Page

The first thing you can do to check the location problems across the iPhone is to look into the status of Find My across Apple servers through Apple's System Status page. Before you lead to perform any other action across your iPhone, it is highly possible that the problem lies across the Apple Servers. If the service is not operational, you will find a red or yellow dot across it. Find My can be down, which is why all location errors occur across your iPhone. For that, you have to wait for a while before the service starts running again.

check find my system status

Fix 2: Change the Network Connections to Refreshing Network Settings

It is not vital to go for complicated procedures from the very start to resolve the problems of "No Location Found iPhone". You can seek the resolution of this problem across the network settings of your iPhone. First, if you've connected your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network, you can shift to the cellular data network or another Wi-Fi network. Try turning off and on the services to resolve the problems across them. Changing the network settings would be effective in fixing location errors if they occur due to network inefficiencies.

change the internet connect

Tips: Fortunately, there is a reliable solution to fix this issue and get your Find My App back on track. Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) is a powerful tool specifically designed to troubleshoot and repair various iOS system issues, including problems with the Find My App. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly resolve the "location not available" or "no location found" error and regain full functionality of the app. Let's explore how Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) can help you overcome this frustrating problem.

Fix 3: Turn Off the Airplane Mode across Your iPhone

'Does "No Location Found" mean their phone died' is the question one might have if they face location errors while looking for their exact location. This might not be the case, as it is possible that one might have left their Airplane Mode on. Thus, the only best way to avoid this is to turn off the Airplane mode across the iPhone. To execute this flawlessly, you need to look ahead to these simple steps:

Step 1: Access the "Settings" of your iPhone to open the list of options available. Lead through them to find "Airplane Mode" in the list.

launch the iphone settings

Step 2: You have to turn off the toggle adjacent to the "Airplane Mode" option for turning it off.

enable the airplane mode

Fix 4: Set the Appropriate Date and Time of the Phone

The date and time settings are essential in defining the iPhone's location. Having the correct date and time settings is vital in avoiding issues like "Location Not Available" on your iPhone. To prevent this from happening, you have to set the date and time of your iPhone, which can be done as follows:

Step 1: Open the "Settings" of your iPhone and look for "General" settings in the list of options.

access the general option

Step 2: As you lead next, find the "Date & Time" settings in the options to access your iPhone's date and time settings.

choose the date and time option

Step 3: You must turn off the toggle adjacent to the "Set Automatically" option. Next, proceed to the "Time Zone" option and find the name of your city to specify the time correctly.

set the date and time manually

Fix 5: Try Restarting Your iPhone

If the location errors are not resolving under any defined solution, you might have to restart your iPhone. This fixes all the prevailing glitches within the device, and it would be best to restart your device. However, the steps for restarting the iPhone differ depending on your model. Let's look into the instructions to understand the prevailing differences:

For iPhone with Home Button

Step 1: To turn off an iPhone with the Home button, you have to hold the "Power" button on the side.

Step 2: This opens a new screen where you have to turn off the iPhone with the slider. As it turns off, use the Power button to start the iPhone again.

restart iphone with the home button

For iPhone without Home Button

Step 1: iPhones without the Home button can be turned off using any "Volume" button and the "Power" button. You have to hold both buttons simultaneously until the slider screen appears.

turn off iphone with the home button

Step 2: Once you turn off the iPhone, you need to wait a few seconds and start the iPhone by holding the Power button for a few seconds.

Fix 6: Enable Location Services From iPhone Settings

'Does "No Location Found" mean they stopped sharing' might be the question you would seek when you constantly are facing issues with finding a location across the Find My app. This is quite possible as the Location Services across the iPhone might be turned off for no particular reason. To resolve this problem, you have to follow the resolution to this problem with the following steps:

Step 1: Launch the "Settings" application on the iPhone and proceed into the "Privacy & Security" settings available in the list.

choose privacy and security option

Step 2: As you lead into the next screen, find "Location Services" among the options. On accessing the "Location Services" settings, ensure that the toggle adjacent to the "Location Services" option is turned on.

enable the location services option

Fix 7: Turning On Precise Location on iPhone

As location issues across the iPhone involve the location settings, you can also look into the "Precise Location" option for resolving the prevailing problems of the iPhone. To execute this properly and avoid all pertinent issues that are preventing you from getting a proper location across Find My, you must follow the steps to turn on Precise Location on your iPhone:

Step 1: You must open the "Settings" of your iPhone and search for the "Privacy & Security" option within the menu. Next, redirect to the "Location Services" section and turn it on with the available toggle.

select the privacy and security option

Step 2: Following this, you need to scroll down in the same section and look for "Find My" in the options. As you proceed next, you must confirm that the blue tick is across the "Ask Time or When I Share" or "While Using the App" option. Next, ensure that the toggle of "Precise Location" is turned on.

set the find my location settings

Fix 8: Quickly Fix Find My App Location Not Available or No Location Found Error

Considering there is no particular solution that resolves the problems of location settings across your iPhone, you need to have a contingency plan prepared for it. Rather than taking some extreme measures, you can have the option of fixing this issue with the help of Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS). This tool is designed to provide users with an all-in-one repair facility that fixes all iPhone problems without hindrance.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS)

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) provides the facility of keeping the device's data intact while resolving all the issues that are stopping it from functioning efficiently. You can consider using this tool to solve location issues and errors across Find My.

Step 1: Download Launch "System Repair" Tool on your computer > Choose "iPhone" and "iOS Repair".

select the ios repair tool

Step 2: Select Standard Mode and proceed to put the device in Recovery Mode to start downloading iOS firmware.

start downloading ios firmware

Step 3: Click "Repair Now" to start the recovery process and let the iOS firmware install on the iPhone. Once done, tap "Done" to conclude fixing the iPhone.

start the repair process

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Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions about Find My App on iPhone

Are you having trouble understanding how the Find My App works on your iPhone? Do you have questions about certain error messages or how to share your location with others? In this part, we will answer some frequently asked questions about the Find My App on iPhone to help you navigate through its features and functions. Whether you're experiencing issues with "Location Not Available" or want to know how to prevent your phone from being tracked, we've got you covered. Read on to find the answers to your burning questions about the Find My App.

1. Does "Location Not Available" Mean They Turned It Off?

Yes, if you are facing the problem of "Location Not Available" while using the Find My service, it might be related to the device being turned off. However, this is not the only case, as other issues might lead to such an error, such as networking errors and software glitches.

2. Does "No Location Found" Mean They Stopped Sharing?

Yes, if you are facing the problem of "No Location Found" while searching for a location, it might mean that the user has stopped sharing it. However, there can be other anomalies, such as the unnecessary closure of some functions or other software problems that lead to such location errors.

3. How to Freeze Location on Find My iPhone?

If you wish to freeze the location on Find My app, you will have to open the "Privacy & Security" settings on your iPhone and close down the Location Services to freeze the location.

4. How to Prevent Your Phone from Being Tracked?

To prevent getting tracked, you can use the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS/Android) tool to spoof your iPhone location anywhere in the world. This is how you can prevent other users from tracking your location.

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5. How to Share Your Location with Someone in Find My App?

To share your location with someone in Find My app, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open the Find My app on your device. This app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Step 2. Tap on the “People” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3. Tap on the "Share My Location" button.
  • Step 4. Select the contact you want to share your location with from your contacts list. If the person you want to share your location with is not in your contacts, you can manually enter their phone number or email address.
  • Step 5. Choose the duration for which you want to share your location. You can choose to share your location indefinitely or for a specific period of time.
  • Step 6. Tap on "Send" to share your location with the selected contact.

The person you shared your location with will receive a notification and will be able to see your location in the Find My app. They can also choose to share their location with you, allowing both of you to easily track each other's whereabouts.

It's important to note that you have control over who can see your location and for how long. You can stop sharing your location at any time by going back to the "People" tab and tapping on "Stop Sharing My Location" for the specific contact.

6. How Do You Know When Someone Stops Sharing Their Location on iPhone?

To know when someone stops sharing their location on iPhone, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • Step 2. Tap on the "People" tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3. Look for the person whose location you want to track. If their location is being shared with you, their name should appear in the list.
  • Step 4. If the person has stopped sharing their location, their name will no longer appear in the list or their location will be shown as "Location Not Available."

Alternatively, you can also try sending them a message or giving them a call to confirm if they have stopped sharing their location intentionally or if there might be any technical issues. It's important to respect their privacy and not make any assumptions without proper communication.

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Introducing "Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS/Android)", an app that allows you to share a fake location with your friends and family. Whether you want to keep your location private or play a harmless prank, this app provides a solution to spoof your location on the Find My app without anyone knowing.

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You can use this application by following the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Wondershare Dr.Fone and choose "Virtual Location". As you open it, click "Get Started" on the window to proceed.

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We have provided you with a detailed overview of what does no location found mean and what does location not available mean. As you face the error of "No Location Found" or "Location Not Available" across your iPhone, there are different cases and scenarios you might look into. This is what the article provides in the complete guide. If you are still facing location errors, you can consider using Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) to repair the problems with your iPhone.

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