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"Find My" is an application that is available to iPhone users that lets them be able to share their current location to other users. This application's history dates all the way back in 2019 after the iOS 13 was released, they merged the two applications "Find My Friends" and "Find My iPhone". Seeing that these two applications were such a hit to iPhone users, they decided to put this into 1 application, "Find My iPhone, " which tracks everything for the users.

When iOS 15 was released, they put the uses and technicalities of both applications into one application with a new and revamped name, "Find My". Since then, it has been an application that has been embedded in the daily life of iPhone users. It has been a very useful application for users in case they lost their phone and need to track it down. It is an app that some users cannot live without.

Part 1: What Does "Location Not Available" Mean in Find My App?

When you are tracking another user or just checking your current location, a pop-up comes up saying "Location Not Available" on your screen. When this message pops up, there are only a few reasons why this message is there. First is that you, yourself, have stopped sharing your location to other devices in the "Find My" app. Of course, this could have been done accidentally or intentionally but you can fix this one by simply just allowing yourself to share your current location to the "Find My" application.

The other reason why this message pops up when you try to track other users is that they have also stopped sharing their location with other devices. So on the other person's side, it will always show up as "Location Not Available" unless they have been allowed to share their location.

Part 2: What Does "No Location Found" Mean in Find My App?

Another error message that you might get when using the "Find My" app is the "No Location Found". When you receive this message it means that the application cannot find the current location of that device. In other words, there is no visibility of that device at all, which is why no location can be found in the application. The ways to fix it are similar to when you receive the "Location Not Available" issue.

Part 3: "No Location Found" Vs. "Location Not Available": What's the Difference?

These messages seem very similar in meaning but they have their differences when you try to understand both and what causes them. For "No Location Found", this issue only appears if the owner of the device chooses to not share their live location with the other users. They can see the location of their friends but their friends are unavailable to see their current location.

Now for the "Location Not Available" message, this message pops up when the application itself is unable to track the device's current location. No human intervention is done for this issue but more of a technical issue on the devices. Some causes could be that there could be no internet connection to the phone or that the Location Service is disabled for the device.

Fixing both of these issues is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. You can follow the tips and tricks that we will share to do some troubleshooting on your side.

Part 4: How to Solve "No Location Found" or "Location Not Available" Error in Find My App?

There are numerous reasons as to why this message is appearing and we searched the internet on what you can do. Do not be scared as this can be fixed and we will share with all of you the tips and tricks to fix this issue and be able to track you or the other user's location.

Option #1: The mobile phone is not connected to the network

This is the basic and easiest way to check why your location or the other user's location is not being tracked. You can double-check to make sure that your phone or inform your friend to check if their phone is connected to either a WiFi or any cellular network,

Option #2: Date and Time are set incorrectly

You have to make sure that your phone is set to the correct time. If your phone is not set to the correct time, it will be confused and hinder your phone from being tracked. So make sure you have the correct time; if not, you may set it manually or automatically.

Option #3: The "Location Services" might be disabled

This is important to check if you are using the "Find My" application. You have to make sure that you have enabled the "Location Services" on your phone so they can track you. Also, ask your friend if they have then you can close the application and open it again once you have enabled it.

Option #4: Make sure your device is updated to the latest version of the software

There could be bugs that are affecting the "Location Services" so make sure that you have updated your device to avoid any hindrance with sharing your location or tracking someone else's in the application.

Option #5: Toggle off and on the "Airplane Mode" on your phone

Here is another quick and easy troubleshooting that you can do, just by simply toggling off and on the "Airplane Mode" in your phone. This will refresh your connectivity and can sometimes fix your issues by doing this simple troubleshooting.

Option #6: Restart your device

If you have exhausted all the tips that we have shared and see that it is still not fixed, you can do this as the last resort. Just simply restarting your phone, can fix this issue as it will refresh the connectivity from your phone to the network. And we all know that this simple restart for your phone can be a fix for a lot of issues.

Part 5: Bonus Tips: How to Fake Location in Find My App?

Now you know the causes and the solutions on how to fix the "No Location Found" and "Location Not Available" messages on your phone. But let us say, what if we want our current location to be kept secret and would like to send a fake location to our friends and family. You can either do this to play with your friends or make them believe that you are in another place.

You can do that in our app, "Dr. Fone - Virtual Location", which allows you to share a fake location with your friends. You can use this application as security or just to play a joke with your friends and family.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

1-Click Location Changer for both iOS and Android

  • Teleport from one location to another across the world from the comfort of your home.
  • With just a few selections on your computer, you can make members of your circle believe you’re anywhere you want.
  • Stimulate and imitate movement and set the speed and stops you take along the way.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Work with location-based apps, like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

You can use this application by following the steps below:

Step 1: Download the "Dr. Fone - Virtual Location" software on your laptop. Open and choose "Virtual Location".

start drfone

Step 2: You can then connect your phone to your computer and click on "Get Started".

start the virtual location feature

Step 3: You will then be redirected to your current location on the new page.

locate yourself

Step 4: If you want to change your location, you will need to turn on the "Teleport" mode by clicking on the first icon and typing the location that you want, then click on the "Go" icon.

teleport to desired location

Step 5: Click on "Move Here" and your current location will show up as the location that you typed on your mobile phone.

current location in program


We hope that the tips and tricks that we shared with you in this article will help to solve the messages that pop up in your "Find My" application. Different reasons such as technical issues or you probably forgot to enable sharing your location are possible reasons as to why you receive these messages.

But if you want to send a different location from where you currently are, you can also do that using our application, "Dr. Fone - Virtual Location" which sends a virtual location to your friends and family. Also, make sure that your phone is updated to the latest software to make sure that the "Find My" application will work seamlessly.

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