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Tinder vs. Bumble vs. Hinge, Who Can Win This Fight


Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

If you're newly single and searching for a partner with similar interests, your chances of meeting a person like that are much higher with the dating apps than any other means. This is because dating apps have made it easier for people to connect with their potential partners in just a few clicks or swipes of the thumb.

There has been an ongoing war between three apps, Tinder vs. Bumble vs. Hinge. All three of these applications offer some exciting features to their customers for the most convenient dating experience. Tinder is a hub for online dating; it's been associated with dating as much as Starbucks is associated with coffee. The other two apps, Bumble or Hinge, also claim their name in the dating game with exciting features. This article will share top dating apps to help you decide which one is for you.

Part 1: Tinder vs. Bumble vs. Hinge

The hassle of finding a perfect date who shares similar interests as you can be an overwhelming process. But with dating apps, you can easily connect with your potential lover or date from the comfort of your home, so there's no need to dress up and go out to parties or bars to find a suitable date anymore.

1. Hinge

As its tagline says, “the app that is designed to be deleted.” Hinge always prioritizes quality over quantity which makes it stand out from its potential competitors.

hinge dating app

Key Points

  • Hinge offers features like liking a profile photo or commenting to start a conversation more efficiently. If you comment or like someone's photo, you will automatically connect with that person, which saves you from the pressure of starting a conversation randomly.
  • Hinge is designed to be more effective than just being addicted to other dating apps. Its main aim is to provide you with a platform where you can find a real relationship.
  • Hinge provides you with ultimate filters such as gender, age, religion, and political views, so you find a perfect partner for yourself instantly. However, remember that only a few basic features are accessible in free mode.
  • Is Hinge or Bumble better? Hinge protects and stores your messages and conversations with its never expired feature to have a smooth experience without worrying about losing data.


  • It has a feature called “Date From Home,” which can turn your usual message chat into a video or phone call so you can have a more transparent conversation.
  • Hinge works as your love guru by asking you questions about your recent activities and conversations so it can provide you with the best experience.
  • It provides you with various ideas for keeping the conversation going with its “Video Prompt” feature during video calls.


  • You're only allowed to like up to 10 profiles a day in the free version, so it can be pretty frustrating if you don't come across something you're looking for.


  • 1 Month - $19.99
  • 3 Months - $39.99
  • 6 Months - $59.99

2. Bumble

Bumble is another popular dating app with its unique feature where only women can initiate the conversation, making it stand out from its potential competitors. Hinge vs. Bumble vs. Tinder has been around for a while, and all these dating apps offer valuable features to their users.

bumble dating tool

Key Points

  • Is Bumble or Hinge better when it comes to a free version? In the free version, Bumble allows you up to 100 likes per day, while Hinge only allows ten preferences.
  • It offers you a feature where you can describe the nature of a meetup, such as if you're looking for a virtual date or a real-life one.
  • Your matches expire every 24 hours, making it more effective in quick responses.
  • It allows you to filter out all the unverified profiles meaning you will be only shown the verified profiles.


  • Bumble lets women take control of initiating the conversation, protecting them from fake profiles.
  • You can display your top artist on Spotify and Instagram on your profile to express your interest and preferences.
  • Filters with distance, star sign, education, height, and weight are available for your better experience.


  • Bumble has been accused of overcharging. Various complaints against the app about the overcharging accusations and a lack of privacy for its users.


  • 1 Week - $19.99
  • 1 Month - $39.99
  • 3 Months - $76.99
  • Lifetime - $299.99

3. Tinder

Hinge, Bumble, or Tinder, which one comes to your mind when you think of dating apps? For us, Tinder is the first name that comes to our mind because of its popularity in the dating world. Tinder has ruled the online dating world for as long as we can remember.

hinge dating app

Key Points

  • Tinder offers you free content on dating tips and other guidance for your convenience.
  • The app requires a photo scan verification to ensure that the profile is authentic.
  • Unlike other dating apps, Tinder doesn't attack you with many questions for the sake of privacy. Instead, it only asks you essential questions to make your experience better.
  • If someone swipes left on your profile, Tinder won't notify you of that. Instead, you will only be told if someone has shown interest in your profile, keeping your confidence up.


  • Unlike other fancy dating apps, Tinder provides you with a simple outlay that is easy to access.
  • Even though it's marketed as a “Hook-Up Hub.” Still, you can find many eligible serious partners for yourself.
  • Tinder gives you up to 100 likes and one “Super Like” in the free version, providing even more possibilities to connect with a perfect match.


  • Even though Tinder has been popularly known for its popularity in the dating world, it sure does lack when it comes to privacy and the safety of its users. Anyone can trick or fool someone with a fake identity.


Membership Under 30 Years Old
Plan Duration Price
Platinum 1 Month $19.99
Platinum 6 Months $59.99
Platinum 12 Months $79.99
Gold 1 Month $14.99
Gold 6 Months $44.99
Gold 12 Months $59.99
Plus 1 Month $4.99
Plus 6 Months $14.99
Plus 12 Months $19.99
Membership Over 30 Years Old
Plan Duration Price
Platinum 1 Month $29.99
Platinum 6 Months $89.99
Platinum 12 Months $119.99
Gold 1 Month $24.99
Gold 6 Months $74.99
Gold 12 Months $99.99
Plus 1 Month $7.99
Plus 6 Months $23.99
Plus 12 Months $31.99

Part 2: [Bonus tips] Fake Location on Dating App to Meet More Friends

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Faking location used to be tricky a few years back, but it's become a piece of cake now. Software like Dr.Fone - Virtual Location can teleport you worldwide in just a few clicks to fake your location on dating apps and many other location-based apps for far better exposure. It also offers a stable GPS connection for smooth surfing and spoof location for location-based games and applications.

Tricking Friends and Family

You can use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to trick your friends and family into thinking that you're taking a vacation or have moved to another country by spoofing your location in a random part of the world.

Fake Location to Use Banned Sites

There are always some apps or websites which are banned from your region. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location can let you operate those apps and sites by spoofing your location.

To Protect your Privacy

Dating apps require you to share your location for a better experience which many people don't prefer to share online for privacy reasons. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location facilitates those people by spoofing their area so they can meet people outside of their region.

Part 3: FAQs You Maybe Concern With

1. Can you see who viewed your profile on Hinge?

No, Hinge doesn't show you who has viewed your profile. It only notifies you when someone has shown interest in your profile or has commented or liked your profile photo. Hinge aims to protect you and your time by informing you only about the important stuff.

2. Can someone track you from the Bumble?

No, Bumble doesn't allow anyone to track your location unless you've shared it yourself. Bumble prioritizes your privacy by implementing extreme restrictions to have a risk-free experience.

3. What does yellow dots mean on Bumble?

The yellow dot indicates that it's a mutual swipe up. You both have shown interest in each other's profiles and are looking forward to connecting to see if the match is suitable and can lead up to something.

4. What are the dangers of Tinder?

Tinder has become a loophole for its users. Many have claimed and have shared their stories of how they've been sexually harassed on Tinder. Unfortunately, you never know who you're conversing with due to a lack of verification.

5. How long do Tinder matches stay?

Unlike Bumble, Tinder matches don't expire and stay as long as you desire, making it easier to schedule everything according to your preferences without any rush. Tinder keeps your messages and other info saved as well.


Be it Hinge, Bumble, or Tinder. Dating apps can work like a charm if used smartly; add all the relevant information about you to make your profile attractive. Various apps offer various features to make your experience smooth. Some people are only looking for a fling or a hookup, while others are looking for a serious relationship.

With the help of dating apps like Hinge or Bumble, people can connect with people who're only looking for long relationships. We've mentioned the pros and cons of the top three mega dating apps. Now it's up to you to decide which dating app suits your needs the most.

Safe downloadsafe & secure

Selena Lee

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