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Fake GPS Location by Hola? Use the Best Alternative!
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  • Work with location-based apps like Pokémon GO, Snapchat, Ins, etc.
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Wondering the Best Alternative to Hola? Here Is the Answer


Jun 20, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Used by 250 million users worldwide, the Hola Fake GPS tool is one of the most popular free location changers. A "community-powered VPN," Hola fake GPS allows one to access websites and online content restricted based on geographical location.

HolaVPN fake GPS, like any other VPN service, routes your internet traffic through a server via different areas. This allows you to mask your location and access content otherwise restricted in your region or country.

But is it a reliable location changer? Or are there better alternatives to Hola Fake GPS tool? In this Hola Fake GPS review guide, we will learn everything about the application and evaluate whether it is the right choice to spoof your location. Additionally, we will look into an alternative and discover how to use the alternative tool to mask your site and access restricted content.

hole vpn cover

Part 1. Fake GPS location - Hola Overview

Hola Fake GPS is a feature offered by the popular Hola VPN service that allows you to mask your actual location to a location of your choice. Since it does not have high bandwidth like the reputed VPN services, Hola Fake GPS is unsuitable for streaming Netflix or YouTube from another location.

However, you can use it to play location-based games like Pokémon Go from another location, access geo-restricted websites, and hide your real location. Hola Fake GPS intercepts your internet request by transmitting your request via a server in a different location, so the website will not know your real location.

And while masking your real location is the biggest benefit of using Hola Fake GPS, there are potential risks associated with the tool too. For instance, Chrome found that Hola Fake GPS can be qualified as malware, given it collects users' data and has a history of security breaches.

Here's what you have to know about the Hola Fake GPS tool before choosing to use it:

1. What is Fake GPS location - Hola used for?

Fake GPS location: Hola is used to spoof your location and access restricted content. In short, if there is a geo-restricted website that you cannot visit, Hola Fake GPS can help you access it. Plus, you can play location-based games like Pokémon Go to navigate the roads of other corners of the world and catch Pokémon from the comfort of your home.

2. Key Features of Fake GPS location - Hola

Some of the critical features of Fake GPS location - Hola are:

  • Location Spoofing: Hola Fake GPS allows you to change your device's GPS location to a location of your choice. The different locations can be a new city, country, or any corner of the world.
  • Simple UI: Hola has a user-friendly interface, making it simple for even the least tech-literates to change their device's location with just a few taps.
  • Numerous Map Types: You can choose from various map types, from satellites to street map views, while playing games like Pokémon Go.
  • Works with many applications on Android: Tinder, Facebook, Pokémon Go, navigational apps, you name it, Hola Fake GPS Android on all of them effectively.
  • Share location: You can change your location and share the fake location with friends and family.

Part 2. How to Change Android GPS Location with Fake GPS location - Hola?

Follow these simple steps to change your location using the Hola Fake GPS Android application:

Step 1. Download and Install the Hola Fake GPS application from the Play Store.

  • Open the Hola Fake GPS application and grant the permission the application needs to change your device location.

install the hola app

Step 2. You will go to the Developer Options on the Android device. For this, go to the:

  • Settings.
  • Select About.
  • And Click on the Build Number seven times.
  • You can now see the option called: "Allow mock location." And select Hola Change GPS Location from the pop-up menu.

go to the developer option on android

Step 3. Open the Hola Fake GPS application. Select the location that you want. Use the joystick option or keyboard option to move around the fake location.

mask gps location with hola

That's how to use the Hola Fake GPS location application on the Android device to mask your real location.

Part 3. Pros and Cons of Fake GPS location - Hola

Hola Fake GPS Android app or the Chrome Extension has its own set of benefits and limitations, depending on the context and intended use. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a Hola Fake GPS location changer:


  • Privacy: Hola Fake GPS location is usually used to conceal your actual location and protect your privacy on the internet.
  • Access geo-restricted websites and apps: Hola Fake GPS allows you to access restricted content on the internet by changing the server location.
  • Testing and development: If you are designing a location-based application or service, you can use a Hola Fake GPS to conduct such processes.
  • Online security: by masking your real location and IP address, Hola Fake GPS protects you from cyber attacks.


  • Ban from the application or service: Hola Fake GPS does not use high-end technology, so many services can identify its use and ban you.
  • Legal issues: Depending on the local laws of the land, there could be legal issues and heavy fines if you are caught using the Hola Fake GPS tool.
  • Security risks: Hola Fake GPS does not use encrypted technology, so there is always room for others on the internet to identify and cause cyber attacks.

See What Fake GPS location - Hola's Users Have to Say

Hola Fake GPS location has mixed reviews from users. Here's what users have to say about the Hola Fake GPS application:

Vikas Divyakirti on G2 Says:

"Hola Fake GPS is a great service for anyone looking for a simple and location-changer application. The interface is really simple to use, and the time spent on the app is always a seamless experience. The security features offered are not that top-notch, but if you are looking for a free application just to change your location, then Hola Fake GPS is the way to go."

Sheron on G2 Writes:

"Hola Fake GPS has been a disappointing experience for me, and I'm pretty sure it will be for you. The attractive pricing and fast speed promise seem like it is the best location spoofer on the internet, but believe me, any other service on the internet is better than this. The company now constantly gets negative feedback from the giants like Google for its privacy violation. Overall, I would ask you not to download Hola Fake GPS app."

Part 4. Is Fake GPS location - Hola Safe?

No. There is no grey area here. For years, the Hola Fake GPS Android app has been marked as one of the worst apps to change your location. It explicitly collects users' data, monitors users' activity, and sells them to third-party vendors that track you online.

Moreover, the accessible version of Hola Fake GPS isn't even encrypted, so there is always a chance of a man-in-the-middle attack, and so on.

Not to forget, Hola Fake GPS and its parent app, the HolaVPN, have also been removed from the Chrome Web Store numerous times. Additionally, it has a long history of controversies. So, it is only better to look for alternatives to Hola Fake GPS.

Part 5. Comparison of Fake GPS location - Hola and Its Competitor Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

As mentioned, there are many disadvantages to using Hola Fake GPS. From non-encryption to collecting user data, the concerns are more, and the benefits of using the Hola Fake GPS app are less. That is the reason we suggest you use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location. Unlike Hola Fake GPS, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location uses the most advanced algorithms to spoof your location.

1. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

wondershare drfone virtual location

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS/Android) is a feature of the Dr.Fone toolkit for iOS and Android devices developed by Wondershare. This feature allows users to change the GPS location of their device to any place in the world, effectively "spoofing" or "faking" their location.

This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as testing location-based apps, hiding your real location, or accessing location-restricted content. Besides, it's compatible with both Android and iOS devices, though it can only spoof location for games on iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Teleport your device's location to any corner of the world.
  • Use joysticks or a keyboard to move on the map.
  • It works with all location-based applications, like Tinder, Pokémon Go, and more.
  • You can export and import GPX files of different paths and navigate the territory.
  • Three different speeds, including walking speed, car speed, and bicycle speed.
  • There is no need to jailbreak or root your iOS and Android device.
  • Save Historical records and use the records to quickly access your favorite spots.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

2. Comparison table: Fake GPS location - Hola Vs. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location Hola Fake GPS
Supported Devices iOS and Android Android and Chrome Extension
24/7 Support Email, Phone, and more options No.
Key Features: Import GPX files, move at three different speeds (from 3.6km/h to 108km/h.), use joysticks or keyboards, and spoof your location to any corner of the world. 360-Degree Directions, Automatic movements, manual movements, and more. Use joysticks to move, different map types, and access different locations.
Works with Social apps, navigation apps, and location-based games. Location-based games.
Price US$ 9.95/mo US$ 4.95/mo
G2 Ratings 4.7/5 2.3/5

3. How to Spoof GPS Location on iPhone and Android Using Dr.Fone?

One of the best things about Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS/Android) is the simple UI that allows even the least tech-literates to use the application and change their location comfortably on any location-based application.

Here's How to Use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location:

Step 1: Download and Install the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location. On the main interface, choose Virtual Location from the list of options.

select virtual location

Step 2: Connect your phone to the computer using its respective cable. Then, click Get Started on your computer and trust the devices on your phone to proceed.

click get started

Step 3: On the next screen, you will see the current location of your device. Choose Center On if you cannot see your current location on the map.

view your current location

Step 4: On the next screen, select Teleport Mode. Choose the desired destination. You can choose any part of the world. In this example, we have selected Rome.

select teleport mode

  • Click on Move Here.
  • Choose the desired speed that you want to travel.

select the location to teleport to

Step 5: You can see the new location displayed on your phone. It's as simple as that!

start spoofing phone location

That's how to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to spoof your location and move to any part of the world conveniently.

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Bonus Tips: How to Use HolaVPN and a Location Spoofer to Fake GPS on Pokémon?

Pokémon Go is hugely popular, but some countries block players from accessing certain features or from downloading it at all. A free VPN service, HolaVPN, can be used to change your IP location to unblock Pokémon Go in these areas.

1. What is HolaVPN?

HolaVPN is a VPN service that reroutes your internet traffic and hides your IP address. Unlike the Hola Fake GPS, the bandwidth and encryption levels allotted with the HolaVPN service are significant. Plus, it does not alter the location of a chosen application but all the applications on the internet. This means you can play Pokémon from any part of the world, access YouTube from another region, and so on.

2. Why Use HolaVPN in Pokémon Go?

Various situations might prompt you to use HoleVPN in the Pokemon Go game. For example, some countries restrict players from downloading the Pokemon Go game or gaining full access to some in-game features. Also, some Schools and organizations' networks usually restrict players from playing the Pokemon Go game, so you need a VPN to be able to access the game.

3. How to use a HolaVPN with Pokémon Go?

Step 1. Download the HolaVPN app on your device. Then, launch it and sign in to or create an account.

Step 2. Spoofing your GPS location on Android or iPhone requires a third-party app. Dr.Fone - Virtual Location is one of the best GPS spoofing apps.

Step 3: Locate the country you wish to change your location to and tap on it.

Step 4: Once you're connected to a particular country, your phone location will change instantly.

In conclusion

Hola Fake GPS location is not the best application to change your GPS location. But if you are simply looking to access a restricted website because of IP location, HolaVPN can be helpful.

However, it is unsuitable for long-time use. For instance, Hola Fake GPS is known to monitor your online activity and collect information about you. So, it is best to use an advanced application like the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location as shown. As mentioned, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location uses the most advanced technology to spoof your GPS location, so apps like Pokémon Go can't find your actual GPS location.

Overall, if you are looking for the ultimate tool to spoof your GPS location, then Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS/Android) is the best way to go.

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