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8 Solutions to Fix 'Find My Friends Location Not Available'


Mar 09, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

There is no doubt that Find My Friends is an excellent application for location tracking. It allows users to track the location of their friends and family members through a variety of devices. So, when Find My Friends says the location is not available, it can be a frustrating situation. But don't stress over this because we are here to assist you in Find My Friends not working. Go through this guide, and you'll know what to do to take care of the problem.

find my friends location not available

Part 1: What Does "Location Not Available" Mean on Find My Friends?

When the "Location Not Available" message appears on Find My Friends, it means that you have disabled location sharing or have turned off your device's location services. This message can also appear if your device is in an area with poor network coverage or if your device is turned off. In some cases, the message can indicate that you have logged out of your iCloud account or that there is an issue with the iCloud server.

Does "Location Not Available" mean that there is something wrong with iPhone?

Not! This message does not necessarily mean that you have blocked yourself or there is something wrong with your device. If you frequently see the "Location Not Available" message, you may need to check your own device's settings or contact your friends to confirm their location-sharing preferences.

How to distinguish "No Location Found" and "Location Not Available"?

"No Location Found" means that the Find My app is unable to locate the device being tracked. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as if the device is turned off, not connected to the internet, or if location services are disabled.

"Location Not Available" means that the device is not currently sharing its location with the Find My app. This can happen if the device is in Airplane mode or if the user has turned off location sharing for the Find My app. It can also happen if there is a temporary issue with the iCloud servers.

In summary, "No Location Found" means the app could not locate the device, while "Location Not Available" means that the device is not currently sharing its location.

Part 2: Possible Reasons For Find My Friends Location iPhone Not Available:

Why does Find My Friends say location not available? Before we get to the solutions, let's explore the possible reasons behind this problem. It is apparent that when the location is not found on Find My Friends, there is an underlying problem. Here are the possible reasons that could cause this error:

  • Your friend's device has an inaccurate date
  • The other device isn't connected to a network, or it's off
  • Hide My Location feature is active on your friend's phone
  • The Location Services are also turned off on the friend's device
  • Your friend hasn't signed in to the service
  • The location of your friend is in a country or region where Apple doesn't provide this feature

All these reasons can be the ones causing trouble on your iPhone and Android phones. Hence, you will have to look for some conventional methods to fix the unavailable location error.

Part 3: 8 Tips To Make "Find My Friends Location" Available:

When the Find My Friends app location is not available, here are some more tips that can help get rid of this issue.

Tip 1: Check if Find My Friends is Supported in Region/Country:

The foremost thing you should do when the Find My Friends location is not available is to check the region/country's location. Apple Inc still hasn't provided the Find My Friends feature in all countries and regions due to local laws and technical issues. So, the most plausible reason for the app not working properly is solely because it is not available in that particular country/region.

Tip 2: Quit and enable GPS or Location Services again:

After verifying that the feature is available in your region, enable the GPS & Location Services. In case you've already enabled the feature, turn it off, quit the app, and again enable the service. It might fix the location not found on the Find My Friends issue you've been facing. Just open Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services and toggle the bar to turn the feature on or off.

enable location services

Tip 3: Adjust iPhone Date and Time:

As we stated in the possible reasons, incorrect dates and times also result in this problem. If you have manually set the date and time, change the settings and set it to "Set Automatically" in General Settings. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem when the Find My Friends location is not available.

adjust date and time

Tip 4: Check the Internet:

Before you conclude that there is something wrong with the Find My Friends app, check your internet connection. There is a chance that location is not available on the iPhone because your device doesn't have internet access. Try opening Settings > Mobile Data/Wi-Fi and turning it on and off. Alongside, make sure that you have signal strength, whether you are connecting to cellular data or a Wi-Fi network.

Tip 5: Enable Share My Location:

Another tip to try out when your friend's location is not available is to make certain that you've enabled Share My Location feature. To do this, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: For iPhone users: get to the "Settings" app and go to "Privacy & Security". You will find the "Location Services" feature, click on it, and see the "Share My Location" feature.

Toggle on the option to enable it. Once the feature is enabled, your friends will see your location, and you can see theirs.

For Android users, go to "Settings" > "Additional settings" > "Privacy" > "Location", and choose the location mode to enable it.

Tip 6: Restart the iPhone or Android Phones:

The next tip to use when Find My Friends says location not available is restarting your phone. For most devices, the method is common. But for iPhone X and 11, the steps are slightly different. For other iPhone models, press the Power button and wait until the slider appears. For iPhone X and 11/12/13/14, you'll have to hold the Volume button and the Power button together to make the slider appear on the screen.

Drag the Power slider to the right side and wait for the device to shut down. Wait for a minute before you restart the device, and hopefully, the feature will start working again as usual.

Tip 7: Check That Your Friend Has Signed into Find My Friends:

Another tip that can help you resolve to Find My Friends location not available is checking that your friend has signed into the app. It is apparent that if your friend hasn't logged into the feature, you won't access his/her location.

Open the Find Friends app, log into it, and enable the location-sharing feature.

Tip 8: Quit Find My Friends App and Open It Again:

Last but not least valuable tip to use when the Find Friends location is not available is to quit the app. There is a possibility that you've faced the problem only because of a momentary issue or some random glitch. Make sure that you also clear the cache memory before opening the app again. It might fix the problem entirely.

Extension: Can I send the fake location by Find Friends to others?

With Dr. Fone - Virtual Location software, you will be able to share a fake or any location you want with your friends and family. Alongside this, Dr. Fone will also pace up your movement to ensure that your friends and family members won't find out that you share fake locations with them. The video below teaches you how to teleport your iPhone GPS location, and more tips and tricks can be found in the Wondershare Video Community.

Here is a video for you to learn how to fix iPhone Find My Friends location not available:

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To use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Download the virtual location app for both iOS and Android and install it on your system carefully. Then, launch the app and select the "Virtual Location" option from the toolkit.

drfone home

Step 2: The next step is to set up the phone's connection. Connect your iPhone and click on the "Get Started" button. Now, detect your current virtual location by clicking on the "Current Virtual Location" icon.

detect actual location

Step 3: Now go to the search box and type the location you want to switch to. Once the location gets detected, click on the "Move Here" option, and the location of your iPhone or Android phone will change to the one you specified.

move to virtual location

As you can see, when you have Dr.Fone - Virtual Location software, you can share any location with just one click. And it would seem that your Find My Friends app is working fine.

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FAQs You May Want to Know about iPhone Location

1. Is there a way to check if someone has stopped sharing their location with you on their iPhone?

If someone stops sharing their location with you on their iPhone, you will see "Location Not Available" next to their name in the Find My app or Messages app. You can check the status of location sharing by tapping their name in the Find My app.

2. Can I track a stolen iPhone if it is turned off?

You may still be able to track a stolen iPhone if it is turned off using the Find My app or iCloud website. However, this depends on several factors, such as whether the device is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, and whether the person who stole the device has turned off location services.

3. Can I track someone else's iPhone location without their permission?

No, you cannot track someone else's iPhone location without their permission. The Find My app only allows you to track the location of devices that are signed in with your Apple ID, and you need the other person's permission to share their location with you.

4. Can I prevent someone from tracking my location?

Yes, you can take steps to prevent someone from tracking your phone's location. Here are some measures you can consider:

  1. Turn off location services or GPS.
  2. Adjust app permissions.
  3. Use airplane mode.
  4. Use a VPN or professional location changer tool like Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to change your phone location.
  5. Check for spyware.
  6. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  7. Review privacy settings.
  8. Be cautious with social media.
  9. Use encrypted messaging.
  10. Avoid public Wi-Fi.
  11. Clear location history.

Taking these precautions can help safeguard your phone's location and enhance your privacy. It's important to stay vigilant and be aware of the privacy settings and permissions on your device.

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Hopefully, now you know "why is find my friends not working" and several ways to fix the Find Friends location not available. In this guide, we learned all these tips to make it easy for iPhone users to rectify the issues with the Find Friends app. Check all the tips carefully and implement them whenever you face issues like this.

If you're seeking a reliable and user-friendly solution to modify the location settings in your Find My Friends App, consider Dr.Fone - Virtual Location . This tool provides an array of features designed to give you control, ensuring a seamless experience with location-based applications.

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