How to Fix Google Maps Voice Navigation Won't Work on iOS 14: Every Possible Solution

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“Ever since I have updated my phone to iOS 14, Google Maps is having some glitch. For instance, the Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14 anymore!”

This is a recently posted query by an iOS 14 user that I came across on an online forum. Since iOS 14 is the latest edition of the firmware, a few apps might malfunction on it. While using Google Maps, a lot of people take the assistance of its voice navigation feature. If the feature is not working, then it can make it harder for you to navigate while driving. Don’t worry – in this post, I will let you know how to fix the Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14 in different ways.

Part 1: Why Does the Google Maps Voice Navigation Won't Work on iOS 14?

Before we learn how to fix this Google Maps voice navigation issue, let’s consider some of the major reasons for it. In this way, you can diagnose the problem and fix the issue.

  • Chances are that your device could be in the silent mode.
  • If you have muted Google Maps, then the voice navigation feature won’t work.
  • Google Maps might not be compatible with the beta version of iOS 14 you are using.
  • The app might not be updated or installed properly on your device.
  • The Bluetooth device you are connected to (like your car) might be having an issue.
  • Your device could be updated to an unstable version of iOS 14
  • Any other device’s firmware or app-related issue can tamper with its voice navigation.

Part 2: 6 Working Solutions to Fix Google Maps Voice Navigation

Now when you know some of the common reasons for why Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14, let’s consider a few techniques to fix this issue.

Fix 1: Put your Phone on Ring Mode

Needless to say, if your device is in the silent mode, then the voice navigation on Google Maps won’t work as well. To fix this, you can put your iPhone in the ring mode by visiting its settings. Alternatives, there is a Silent/Ring button on the side of your iPhone. If it is towards your phone, then it will be on the ring mode while if you can see the red mark, then it means your iPhone is in the silent mode.

Fix 2: Unmute Google Maps Navigation

Apart from your iPhone, chances are that you could have put the Google Maps navigation feature on mute as well. On the navigation screen of Google Maps on your iPhone, you can view a speaker icon on the right. Just tap on it and make sure that you have not put it on mute.

Besides that, you can also tap on your avatar to browse to Settings > Navigation Settings of Google Maps. Now, to fix the Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14, make sure the feature is set to an “unmute” option.

Fix 3: Reinstall or Update the Google Maps app

Chances are that there could be something wrong with the Google Maps app that you are using as well. If you haven’t updated the Google Maps app, then just head to your phone’s App Store and do the same. Alternatively, you can long-press the Google Maps icon from the home and tap on the delete button to uninstall it. Afterward, restart your device and go to the App Store to install Google Maps on it again.

If there was a minor issue causing Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14, then this would be able to resolve it.

Fix 4: Reconnect your Bluetooth Device

A lot of people use the voice navigation feature of Google Maps while driving by connecting their iPhone with the car’s Bluetooth. In this case, chances are that there could be a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity. For this, you can go to your iPhone’s Control Center and tap on the Bluetooth button. You can also go to its Settings > Bluetooth and first turn it off. Now, wait for a while, turn the Bluetooth feature on, and connect it with your car again.

Fix 5: Turn on Voice Navigation over Bluetooth

This is another issue that can make the voice navigation malfunction when your device is connected to Bluetooth. Google Maps has a feature that can disable voice navigation over Bluetooth. Therefore, if Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14, then open the app, and tap on your avatar to get more options. Now, navigate to its Settings > Navigation Settings and make sure the feature to play voice over Bluetooth is turned on.

Fix 6: Downgrade iOS 14 Beta to a stable version

Since iOS 14 beta is not a stable release, it can cause app-related problems like Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14. To resolve this, you can downgrade your device to a stable iOS version using Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS). The application is extremely easy to use, supports all the leading iPhone models, and won’t erase your data as well. Just connect your phone to it, launch its wizard, and select the iOS version you wish to downgrade to. You can also fix several other firmware issues on your iPhone with Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS).

ios system recovery 07

That’s a wrap, everyone. I’m sure that after following this guide, you would be able to fix issues like Google Maps voice navigation won’t work on iOS 14. Since iOS 14 can be unstable, it can cause your apps or device to malfunction. If you encounter any issue using iOS 14, then consider downgrading your device to an existing stable version. For this, you can try Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS), which is pretty easy to use, and won’t cause any data loss on your phone while downgrading it as well.

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