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How can I recover my iPhone call log?

By mistake I deleted recent calls and I didn't back it up. How to recover these deleted call history on iPhone? I hope I can get them back. It is very important to me. Please help!

3 ways to recover call history from iPhone

Many of our readers confronted such kind of problems. And don't be too worried. There are three ways that we can use to recover our iPhone call history: directly scan our iPhone, extract from our iTunes backup and recover from iCloud backup. These three ways let us recover missed calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls. All we need to do is to get an iPhone call history recovery tool which can help us find the call log out. Dr.Fone - iPhone Data Recovery is such a tool.

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Part 1: How to recover deleted recent calls on iPhone directly without backup

For most of our users, if we haven't backed up our iPhone before deleting recent calls, then we can just seek to recover from iPhone directly. Let's check the steps to retrieve deleted calls on iPhone.

Step 1. Connect our iPhone and scan it

In order to recover our deleted recent calls on iPhone, we need to connect our iPhone to the computer at first. Then run the program and stay at the recovery mode of "Recover from iOS Devices". When we see the window shown on the right side, we can directly click on the "Start Scan" button to begin scanning our iPhone for lost call history.

retrieve deleted iphone call history

Step 2. Preview and recover deleted call history from iPhone

Once the program finishes scanning our iPhone, it'll present us a scan result showing all recoverable data on our iPhone, not only call logs, but also contacts, messages, photos, videos and so on. But we have the option to preview and decide which items we want to recover. Then tick them and click on the "Recover" button to save them all on our computer with one click.

how to recover deleted call history on iphone

Part 2: How to recover call history on iPhone via iTunes backup

If we have backed call history before with iTunes and it contains that wanted calls. Then we can try to restore from iTunes backup. All or nothing, that's what iTunes backup lets us do. We only have the chance to restore everything in the iTunes backup file to our iPhone with iTunes, or we restore nothing. There is no selectively restoring. And it will overwrite our original data on iPhone. What if we want to selectively restore some specific data from the backup? What if we don't we to lose our original data on iPhone? The method below is going to be pretty useful for us to selectively recover call history on iPhone via iTunes backup without overwriting data.

Step 1. Choose and extract iTunes backup file

We don't need to connect our iPhone to the computer when we choose this way, and don't do it, for the iTunes backup can be easily updated if we've enabled the automatic synchronization.

Simply launch the program on our computer and choose the mode of "Recover from iTunes Backup Files". Then we'll see that all backup files generated by iTunes on our computer are presented in a list by the program automatically. All we need to do is select the one for our iPhone or the one we want to extract, and click on the "Start Scan" button to get it extracted.

retrieve deleted iphone call log

Step 2. Preview and recover iPhone call log from iTunes backup

The program can get the backup extracted in a few seconds. Once it's done, we can preview all contents in the backup in details. Choose the "Call History" menu on the left side. We can read our phone call history one by one. Tick the item we want to keep and save it to our computer by clicking on the "Recover" button. We can also restore it to our iPhone by selecting "Recover to Device". Here Dr.Fone won't overwrite our original data on our device.

Preview and recover your iPhone call history

Part 3: How to retrieve deleted calls on iPhone via iCloud backup

If we have iCloud backup and it contains our deleted calls, then we can try to retrive it from iCloud backup. Just the same as iTunes, iCloud also doesn't allow us to preview or selective restore specific data from its backup. All we need to do is using a third-party tool that can help us extract the backup for selective recovery and restore. There is also such a way to retrieve our deleted calls on iPhone via iCloud backup.

Step 1. Run the program and sign in our iCloud

Choose to use this way, we need to know our iCloud account, that's to say the Apple ID and the password, so that we can get the online iCloud backup down.

After running the program, switch to the mode of "Recover from iCloud Backup Files". Then we can directly sign in our iCloud account by putting in the Apple ID and the password. It's totally safe here. Wondershare won't keep or leak any information of our account and data.

recover deleted call history on iphone

Step 2. Download and scan the iCloud backup

When we've got in, the program can detect all backup files existing in our iCloud account. We can choose the one for our iPhone and click on the "Download" button to get it down to our computer. The downloading process will take we a few minutes.

Note: The downloaded file is only located on our computer. There is no record in the program or any other place.

retrive iphone call history

Step 3. Preview and retrieve deleted calls

After the downloading, there will be a scan button appearing. Click it to move on. When the scan is over, we can preview the content of the backup file in detail. Choose the "Call History", and we can read all items one by one. Tick the item we want to recover and save it on our computer or restore it to our iPhone.

recover iphone call log

Try It Free Try It Free

From the above introduction about call history recovery, we can get how to reover call history on iPhone in different situations. And all the above methods allow us to export call history as Excel, CSV and HTML file on computer. If needed, we can click the "Printer" icon on the top right corner of the window. We hope it will be useful for our readers and users. Have any other suggestions? Welcome to left your comments below. And for your convenience, we also recommend some related information below.

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