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Deleting Grindr Account: 5 Solutions to Follow


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Albert was interested in dating apps and wandering around the social media platform to create a unique account in a reliable space. The Grindr app flashed on his way of search and without learning through the profile of this app, he signed up for a member. Now, he is struggling to delete the account in Grindr because the app’s purpose does not match his needs.

The above happenings occur commonly with the Grindr app. This app is exclusively for gay, bi, and Trans groups of people to meet if they find their favorite match. It is a dating app for a particular group. Some people who show interest in meeting them also have an app account. Like Albert, many people find ways to delete Grindr account since they are unknowingly into this platform.

grindr app

Part 1: Log out of Grindr account

If you want to walk away from the Grindr app, the first step is to log out from your profile. This action will help you to take a break from this social media. When you log off the account, people can still view your profile. You can retain the messages and media in this platform without any issues. Instead of deleting the Grindr account, you can temporarily take the log-off option.

An iOS device with version 4.3 and the Android users (version 4.0) will be able to carry out the log-off option at the Grindr platform effortlessly.

Steps to log out in Grindr account

Step 1: Select the Grindr icon in your phone

choose app

Step 2: Hit your profile

tap profile

Step 3: Choose the ‘Settings’ option

settings option

Step 4: Press the ‘Log out’ button in the displayed list

log out

Part 2: Deleting Grindr without losing profile

If you are stuck up with this app and looking for a solution to delete Grindr without losing the profile, follow the guide below.

What are the pros and cons of deleting Grindr account without losing the profile?


  • You can retain the profile and its related information
  • All the chat messages and media is available on this platform for your view
  • Other members in this app will be able to view your profile


  • Immediate response to the messages is not possible
  • Any updated information related to this app will not reach you.

Steps to delete the account by retaining the profile

Step 1: Tap the Grindr icon on your phone

Step 2: Make a long press and drag towards the ‘X’ option, which appears at the top of your device. Drop the icon over there to delete the app.

remove grindr

This method removes the app from your device, but your profile will be active in the Grindr platform for everyone’s view.

Part 3:  Deleting Grindr account by erasing profile

It is possible to delete Grindr account by removing the profile from its database. Take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of this solution below


  • A complete step out from Grindr platform
  • All the unnecessary images and conversations will be removed from the database of Grindr


  • Once the deletion process is completed, it is impossible to get back to your same account.
  • You have to pay for the subscription if you fail to unsubscribe from the GrindrXtra plan before the deletion process.

Before following the below step, you have to spare some time to cancel any subscriptions related to this app.

A systematic process to delete the Grindr account

Step 1: Open the Grindr app by tapping its icon

Step 2: Hit your profile picture

tap profile again

Step 3: Select the ‘Gear’ icon it represents the ‘Settings’ of Grindr account.

settings option

Step 4: Press the‘ Deactivate’ option from the list.

hit deactivate

Step 5: Finally, specify the reason for your deactivation and hit the ‘Delete’ button. This step confirms the deactivation of Grindr account.

delete account

Part 4: Deleting GrindrXtra account using Apple ID

When you subscribe for Grindr Xtra on your iPhone, enjoy the below-added features.

  • Surf through the profiles without any advertisement interruptions
  • You can vie nearly 600 profiles
  • It contains additional filters
  • You can mark profiles which were recently had a conversation

Procedure to delete GrindrXtra account in Apple ID

Step 1: Visit the ‘Settings’ option in your iPhone

iphone settings

Step 2: Hit the ‘App Store’

app store

Step 3: Press the ‘Apple ID’ and log in with the credentials

apple id

Step 4: Select ‘Subscriptions’ and press the ‘Manage’ option. Tap the ‘Grindr’ app and turn off the auto-renewal.

disable subscription

Part 5:  Deleting GrindrXtra account using Google Play

The GrindrXtra account in Android devices gives you the following benefits

  • Save your favorite chats
  • You can add unlimited favorite profiles
  • The Explore mode option helps you to surf through many profiles

How do you delete the GrindrXtra account in Google Play?

Step 1:  Go to the ‘Google Play Store’

select google play

Step 2: Hit the three horizontal lines at the left top of the screen and choose the ‘Account’ option

google play

Step 3: Tap ‘Subscriptions’ and press the ‘Cancel’ button beneath the ‘Grindr’ app.

deactivate grindrxtra

style arrow up

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Therefore, you had a quick note on the Grindr app and its related activities. You must be clear about deleting the Grindr account optimally without any issues. Utilize the steps as per the instructions discussed above to complete the desired tasks on the Grindr app successfully.  Few clicks at the right control are sufficient to bring the necessary outcomes. Log out and cancel the subscription to Grindr account quickly if you had lost interest in this app. Make necessary changes on this app and get rid of operating issues of the Grindr app. Disconnect at the perfect scenario if you had done with this app.

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