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How to Get Shiny Stone in Pokemon


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Shiny Stone

Pokemon has grown over the years to become one of the most popular games and players love this game. After all, what’s not there to love - adventuring features, exciting Pokemon characters, and much more! One of the most competitive and rewarding features of Pokemon Sword & Shield is leveling up your Pokemons.

If you want to level up your Pokemon characters, you can either use an evolution stone or an item. One of the popular evolution stones is Shiny Stone which is used to level up Pokemons like Togetic and a few others. The Shiny Stone is pretty hard to get and we are going to know how to get Shiny Stone in Pokemon.

In this article, we will be talking about:

  • How to get a shiny stone in Pokemon?
  • How To Evolve Pokemons Using Shiny Stone?
  • Which Pokemon evolves with a Shiny stone?

So, let’s begin!

Part 1: How to get shiny stone in Pokemon?

The Shiny Stone is definitely one of the types of Evolution stone that were introduced in Generation IV of the game. Why is Shiny Stone called an Evolution stone? Well, we will get into that later. But, first, how to get a Shiny Stone in Pokemon?

There are quite a few ways to get Shiny Stone. One of the surest ways is to go to the Lake of Outrage in Pokemon Sword and Shield Wild Area. You can get to the Lake only after you have the Rotom Bike upgrade on Route 9. This upgrade allows you to ride the bike across the water.


Once you are at the Lake of Outrage, there is a pool with a Watt Trader & Gyarados on the shore - up and towards the left. When you reach there, you will see a small outcrop with a few stones sticking out. You are almost there.

Ride over there on your bike and one of the stones at the base would be an Evolution one - the Shiny stone. If you are lucky, you might find the Shiny Stone immediately. Else you can just wait there, the stone will respawn eventually.

A second way to find the Shiny Stone is heading on Route 8 and climbing the ladder in Pokemon after your fight with Doctor Joanna. You will find the Shiny Stone at the end of the path.

So now that you have a Shiny Stone, how can you use it? How to evolve with a Shiny Stone?

Part 2: How To Evolve Pokemons in Pokemon Sword and Shield Using Shiny Stone?

The Shiny Stone in any version of Pokemon - Shiny Stone Heartgold, Shiny Stone Platinum, Shiny Stone Pokemon X, or any other, you must know how to evolve Pokemons using Shiny STone.

In this section, we will look at how to evolve your Pokemons using the Shiny Stone in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Once you have collected the Shiny Stone in your inventory, open the “Menu”. Click on “Bag” and then go to “Other Items”. Use the Shiny STone on any of the Pokemons we have listed in the next section.

Note: If you use Shiny Stone on any other Pokemons than the ones listed in the next section, the Pokemon won’t upgrade as you might expect it to. Now that you know how to evolve Shiny Stone Pokemons, let’s see which Pokemons you can evolve using the Shiny Stone.

Part 3: Which Pokemons Evolve With The Shiny Stone?

There are multiple ways you can evolve a Pokemon. One of the ways is by using an Evolution Stone like the Shiny Stone or an item. The only difference between using a stone and item is that the former causes instant evolution of your Pokemon while the later waits for a particular event for a Pokemon to be evolved or traded up!

Here are the Pokemons that have evolved with the Shiny Stone and their evolved character.

  • A Togetic Pokemon (HP = 55, SPD = 40) is evolved into Togekiss Pokemon (HP = 85, SPD = 80).
  • Roselia (HP = 50, SPD = 65) levels up to become Roserade (HP = 60, SPD = 90).
  • Minccino Pokemon (HP = 55, SPD = 75) turns into Cinccino (HP = 75, SPD = 115).
  • A Floette Pokemon (HP 54, SPD = 52) levels up into Florges Pokemon (HP = 78, SPD = 75).

As you can see, the Sped and Hit Points of your Pokemon characters significantly increase after using the Shiny Stone. Besides, these characters also become heavier and, in most cases, taller upon evolving.

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Final Words: Shiny Stone in Pokemon

Finding the Shiny Stone to upgrade your Pokemon characters can be quite tough and might eventually get frustrating. We hope that this guide helped you in finding the Shiny Stone and leveling up your Pokemon. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us by dropping comment below!

Now that you have your go-to guide to find the Shiny Stone, getting this evolution stone must have become quite easy for you. So, when are you going on an adventure of finding the Shiny Stone in Pokemon?


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