Groudon vs Kyogre, Which is better and how to catch?


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Keenly following Groudon vs Kyogre episode, you soon realize the uniqueness of these creatures. They are among the very powerful monsters found in Pokemon Go. You find them ruling the soil and sea, the most valuable features that man needs. That explains why so much attention is given to these two. Groudon’s role is focused on the ground while Kyogre is a water-type legendary Pokemon. Dive to the next section to learn more differences between these two giants in Pokemon Go gaming.

Part 1: Groudon vs Kyogre, Which is better?

Groudon can retaliate in the full force given its strong stats, BST of 770. It comes with powerful features to resist Steel and Fire. But when it comes to water issues, the strength diminishes by 4 times. Groudon has a mixture of red, grey, black, and white with yellow eyes. Power-wise, Groundon is quite powerful. It can immediately summon droughts and in turn, evaporate water.

Kyogre, on the other hand is a water-type Pokemon featuring two large wings and four square-shaped claws. It boasts unresisted water that’s combined with ice and electric coverage. It has the ideal special Defense mechanism to carry out attacks pretty fast. Kyogre also has well-layered security system that can block any trouble and ease prediction during battles. This creature doesn’t go down that easily without a powerful physical attacker.

Therefore, considering Pokemon Groudon vs Kyogre, the latter is better placed as it is resistant to numerous attacks like Steel, Water, Fire, and Ice. Groudon is resistant to Electric, Poison, and Rock.  

Part 2: What Pokemon movie is Groudon vs Kyogre vs Rayquaza?

Mega Rayquaza vs primal Groudon and Kyogre movie is Pokemon Apocalypse. Here, Groudon and Kyogre take to battle, causing Hoenn to suffer at their hands. All fighters want to fit their ideals of what they parsee of the Pokemon world. As a result, Lexi and some of her friends decide to go on a tough mission to find Rayquaza. It’s only him who can stop the fight between Groudon and Kyogre. But Groudon is determined to interfere with Kyogre’s peace, ending up attacking his resting place. The task is left to Lexi, who should find Rayquaza to come and stop the fight. However, Team Magma doesn’t make it so easy for Lexi to accomplish his mission. It even becomes tough with the Trainer Zinnia who blocks any access to Rayquaza.  You need a focused way to catch Groudon and Kyogres and stop the fight. Remember, Kyogres can dive deep into the water while Groudon can travel on land and climb higher mountains. How then can you catch these two creatures?

Part 3: Tips to catch Groudon or Kyogres?

These tips will help you catch Groudon or Kyogres even when it’s not your weekly research task for rewards. But remember, you need to move with speed to not miss the best opportunity.

Going to the Gym

You can easily catch Kyogre in Pokemon Go within a gym during a five-star raid. Form a group to better your chances of success during the raid.

Connect with raiders nearby

Numerous Pokemon groups will connect you with players who live nearby. You can team up to take on a raid together. Go to Discord or Reddit to find players.

Capture Kyogre immediately

It is one thing to attack Kogre and another to catch him. Time-up when it’s defeated and move with speed to capture him. Increase your chances by using “Razz berries”.  Throw curveballs and increase your chances too.

Defeat Team Magma

To catch Groudon, ensure you beat Team Magma first so that they can release Groudon from captivity. After overpowering the team, go to the Weather Institute and ask the scientists on the top floor to tell you the direction that Groudon followed.

Use Ultra Balls and Master Ball

Once you know the route that Groudon followed, you should find him in a cave. This is the perfect time to use such goodies. Ensure you carry along with level 55+ of Pokemon and some 50 Ultra balls. Additionally, one master ball should be enough. Next, go to battle and put Groudon to sleep. Use the balls at this time.

Use the best trick to catch Groudon or Kyogre the easy way: Dr. Fone Virtual Location.

It is not easy to raid some regions like the caves to catch Groudon. In such a scenario, considering a location spoofer is a better option. With Dr. Fone Virtual Location, you can change your device’s location and visit any location to catch Groudon or Kyogre.

Step 1. Download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on your computer

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Go to the Dr. Fone Virtual Location website and download the app to your computer. Then install and launch it to start spoofing. Click the “Virtual Location” option.

virtual location

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer

Connect your phone to the computer and wait for the system to recognize it. Then click on the “Get Started” option.

Step 3. Input your desired location


virtual location


Here, click on the “Teleport” button, then key in your preferred location in the search bar. Next, hit the “Go” button.

Step 4. Teleport to your desired location


virtual location 04

Finally, it’s time to teleport to your desired location. Drop a pin to where Groudon and Kyogre creatures are and click the “Move Here” button to move there virtually. Your location is automatically changed and you can move with speed to catch all the Pokemon.


The Groudon vs Kyogre episode is quite interesting. The only drawback is when it comes to catching these legendary Pokemon. Opting for Dr. Fone Virtual Location will enable you to catch Pokemon no matter which cave they are hiding in. Easily change location and go anywhere you wish to in just a click of a button.


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