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Is Gyarados good competitively in Pokémon 2024?


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Are you a diehard Pokémon fan out there and want to know whether mega Gyarados is a competitive Pokémon 2020? There are several good Pokémon worth giving a try, but what Pokémon outshines mega Gyarados? We all agree that Pokémon Gyarados is amazing, and there are plenty of reasons to justify this notion. In this article, we are going to walk you through a detailed guide on Pokémon Mega Gyarados. At the need, you will rate whether Gyarados is competitive in Pokémon 2020 or not. Let’s take a look. Shall we?

Is Mega Gyarados The Best Pokémon?

Mega Gyarados has incredibly excellent attributes that make it one of the best Pokémon. This can be seen from its high base stats of 540. It is an extremely powerful Pokémon. Thanks to its amazing high attack and Sp. Defence stats. Although its defense is not as excellent as its attacking prowess, it can be covered by its ability Intimidate. Gyrados are the best attackers for any team because of their one-stage speed increase and plenty of movesets. Gyrados are of two types, namely, type 1 (Water) and type 2(Flying). Again, they have two abilities, namely the Intimidate and Moxie. The former lowers the enemy’s attack while the latter improves its attacking might after defeating/knocking down any Pokémon.

Some of the best nature for Gyarados include Jolly, Impish, and Adamant. Rocky Helmet is among the best movesets and builds for Gyarados. It leverages the Impish nature because it has good defense stats. Remember, the flying types are vulnerable to contact moves, and hence the Rocky Helmet will improve their defensive capability. This way, they can nullify physical attackers.

For Dynamax, Jolly is the suitable nature type combined with Moxie ability. It builds takes advantage of boosted speeds and Moxie’s Attack buff to boost Gyarados stats and bring down the foe. Common movesets include a waterfall, power whip, bounce, and earthquake. With Power Whip moveset, Gyarados can take down foes like Wash Rotom. The earthquake move is suitable when facing Steel-type Pokémon because Gyarados can’t learn useful fire-type moves. Ice Fang is another viable move that is best deployed to counter dragon and grass-based foes.

What is the weakness of Gyarados?

Although Gyarados are competitive Pokémon, they aren’t without weaknesses. One of the major weaknesses of Gyarados is its inability to deal with electric moves. Yes, Gyarados has a 4x weakness to electric moves and is, therefore, a total no-brainer way of dealing with it. Just send Pokémons that know electric moves, and boom, you will get Gyarados by surprise. However, Dynamax Gyrados may have sufficient HP to pull through non-STAB electric attack, and hence don’t be sure that a single shot will bring it down.

Another main weapon for Gyrados is the water-type moves. These include Waterfall and Aqua Tail. Pokémons capable of this at half damage can deal with Gyarados effectively.

How to Get the Gyarados

There are a couple of ways you can get Gyarados in Pokémon. The following are some of the plausible methods.

Use Dr. Fone –Virtual Location (iOS)

As the name suggests, Dr.Fone –Virtual Location (iOS) is a popular location-based app leveraged by scores of users across the globe for diverse reasons. They are majorly used for apps and games that are location-based. This way, you can cheat about your actual location and avoid being captive of a fixed location. Dr. Fone –Virtual Location (iOS) is a smart application as it employs smart techniques to hide or simulate your location without being easily noticed. Users can teleport anywhere in the world, simulate movements between two or more points, and use a joystick for flexible GPS control. By using this location, Spoofer, you can teleport anywhere across the globe and catch Gyrados.

How to Teleport to Anywhere in the World with Dr. Fone –Virtual Location (iOS)

Step 1. Download, install, and launch Dr. Fone –Virtual Location (iOS) on your computer. Click the “Virtual Location” option on the main interface and connect your iPhone to the computer. Hit “Get started” to proceed.

drfone home

Step 2. On the new page, click the third icon on the top-right to activate Teleport mode. Enter the place you want to move to and hit “Go.”

virtual location 04

Step 3. Click the “Move Here” button on the subsequent pop-up. Now your location is successfully switched.

virtual location 05

Other Tips to Get Mega Mewtwo X And Y

  • When selecting your starter, be sure to plan ahead. You will be given to choosing between Fire, Water, and Grass-type as your first party member. So, don’t choose a member that brings redundant roles.
  • Be careful about the first gym you pick. Most first gym leaders have some water-based moves. So, make sure your starter can survive the first attack or have a ready backup.
  • Leverage Exp.Share to spread experience to your party even if it hasn’t participated in a battle.

How to Evolve to Shiny Gyarados?

Shiny Pokémon were first introduced in 2017. You will probably remember that Shiny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados were the first releases of shiny Pokémon. Unlike the unshiny Pokémon, shiny Pokémon are hard to come by. This means an evolution to shiny Gyarados is a tough task. Some of the ways to evolve into a shiny Gyarados include:

    • Egg Hatches

Since Gyarados are not available in in the game as an egg hatches, it follows that Shiny Gyarados is not also available as an egg hatch! The only way you can obtain a shiny Gyarados through egg-hatching is by hatching a shiny Magikarp. However, you should have enough candy to evolve successfully.

    • Raid Battles

The good news is that shiny Gyarados can be found in the wild. So, when battling in raids, you might encounter Shiny Gyarados, and you have to take advantage. The only downside, though, is that Gyrados does not feature in the existing Pokémon appearing in raids.

    • In the Wild

Gyarados tend to span more frequently in the wild during events. Although the do so, the chances of coming across a shiny one are about one in every 450. This means you will have to encounter a lot of them to find a shiny one.


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