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Whats the difference between iPogo and iSpoofer


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

The two most popular Pokemon Go spoofing and assistance tools available over the web are iPogo and iSpoofer. Fans and followers of the game know about the never-ending debate over iPogo vs. iSpoofer. So, today, we will try to resolve this debate and try to figure out which app can assist you better. There is no qualm that both of these apps have their pros and cons. Hence, we need to take a closer look at the features, price range, and other aspects to come to a conclusion. Let's begin.

Part 1: About iPogo and iSpoofer:


Packed full of useful features for Pokemon Go, iPogo apk has become the answer for location spoofing and mastering the game in a very short period.

The list of features includes:

  • Get the latest updates of Raids, Nests, Pokemon, Quests, etc.
  • Catch Pokemon who are not in your vicinity using the mock location feature
  • A clear and detailed map to point out event location and appearance of Pokemon precisely
  • Joystick to move around the map and to adjust the speed of movement
  • Get stats and inventory information
  • Auto Catch and Auto-Spin feature
  • Block encounters with Pokemon unless it's Shiny

To keep things simple, the app is available in two plans that suit the needs of the customers. The Pro Edition is available at $4.99/month with additional features. While the free version holds limited features, the Pro version will give you access to live feeds overlay, fast catch, built-in virtual Go Plus, and much more.


iSpoofer also comes in two versions, a free one and a paid one. As compared to iPogo, the list of features iSpoofer has is longer. But, you need a premium version to use these features. Otherwise, there are just the common features joystick, teleport, IV List, enhanced throw, and Auto-Generate GPX that will be available for use.

It has features like:

  • Location spoofing with movement simulation without actually leaving the comfort of your home
  • Scan gyms and gather information on slot availability to join the right one
  • Create Patrol Routes and auto-generate GPS coordinates to catch Pokemon
  • Teleport for free and get 100 IV coordinates feed
  • Pokemon Radar to display a Pokemon's location roaming nearby
  • Fast Catch and Auto Walking feature
  • GPX file activation

To setup iSpoofer on your system, you need a Mac or Windows Cydia Impactor. If you want to avail of the premium features of iSpoofer, choose a quarterly or monthly plan as per convenience. The plans involve:

  • Pro Quarterly Plan at $12.95 with a license of up to 3 devices either computer or mobile phone
  • Pro Monthly Plan at $4.95 with 3 devices license for either computer or mobile phone

Once you perform the installation, the app will be readily available for use. The app developers also keep on updating it to ensure that there are no bugs, and every task can be performed optimally.

Part 2: Differences between iPogo & iSpoofer:

By looking at the differences between each of the applications, the answer for iPogo vs. iSpoofer will be clear. At first, let's look at the comparison table.

Features iPogo iSpoofer
Difficulty To Install Slightly difficult to install but guides are available Easy installation but there is no instruction manual
Stability Stable when downloaded from the official site Much stable app
Functions Location spoofing is the main function Location spoofing is the main function
Map Best map and map tracking Decent map
GPX Routing Users might find it hard to create routes sometime Easy to create routes
Raid Feed Decent Best
Nearby Pokemon Location Feed Same Same
Auto Runaway Decent Best
IV Checking Best Decent
Additional Features Pokemon Go Plus Emulation feature an item limit setup Customizable shortcut bar

Detailed Comparison:

    • Installation:

Both applications are available for download on their respective official site. There are different processes for the installation of iPogo, and you can choose accordingly. Alongside, there are detailed guides available to ensure that you don't make mistakes. However, for iSpoofer, there is no guide, which means that you might struggle a little but for installation, even if the process is comparatively easy.

    • App Stability:

Both iPogo & iSpoofer users have faced crashing issues. But as long as a player is using the official iSpoofer or iPogo app, there are minimal chances that you'll face this issue.

    • Location Spoofing:

When it comes to teleportation and location spoofing, iSpoofer and iPogo apk both give outstanding results. The cool-down timer on both apps is slightly different, as iSpoofer considers the last in-game action, and iPogo doesn't.

    • Map:

The map feature of both these apps is powered by Google Maps. As a result, the players have a significant advantage in changing their coordinates precisely. In the iSpoofer map, you'll get to see PokeStops, Gyms, and Pokemon within a limited radius only. With iPogo, not only is the radius extended, but you can also filter the Pokemon species, type of Team Rocket, raid level of gym, etc.

ipogo virtual map
    • GPX Routing:

The GPX Routing element of iSpoofer has a sophisticated auto-routing element. This feature will create an optimal route for you. In iSpoofer, you'll get to choose which route to take, whereas, in iPogo, it automatically starts walking once a route is created.

ispoofer generate gpx routes
    • Pokemon/Quest/Raid Feed:

In this section, iSpoofer surely wins over iPogo. The iPogo app only allows the basic filtering of Pokemon feed with usual quest and raid feed. Compared to this, iSpoofer takes the feature to the next level by only showing the feed that is currently active.

ipogo feed
    • Walking & Joystick:

Either of the application will do the trick when it comes to the joystick feature. Both have speed controls and provide movement controls. It means there is no iPogo vs. iSpoofer in this case.

    • IV Checking:

An IV check is a useful component of Pokemon Go. When the feature is enabled in both apps, they have different reactions. iSpoofer brings up the list of all Pokemon and allows you to filter. In iPogo, the app will temporarily change the name of Pokemon to their level allowing the players to review them.

The unique feature in iPogo is the Go Plus Emulation that tricks the app into thinking that the Go Plus device is connected to the phone. Along with this, you can set up an item limit in the game. Once you've reached the limit, remove the items from your inventory and throw them away.

As for iSpoofer, it has a customizable shortcut bar that stays active throughout the gameplay.

ispoofer shortcut bar

Part 3: Conclusion:

If we take a look at iPogo vs. iSpoofer, you will realize that both these apps are highly competitive. The most surprising thing is that iSpoofer has been available for a long time, whereas iPogo is still new in the market. Choose the app that suits your need, and if it's just a location spoofer that you want, then you can also consider dr. Fone-Virtual Location.

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