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All You Need To Know About Mega Garchomp


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

If you are a fan of the Pokeman fantasy, then you possibly know who Mega Garchomp is. Otherwise, he is a mythical Japanese game character or terms in Pokemon, dual-type Dragon/Ground pseudo-legendary Pokémon, and was introduced in the IV generation.

Catch Mega Garchomp

Physically-built big, skinny Mega Garchomp is a powerful Pokemon, and has his claws, fangs & clings make all the rough moves to overpower his opponents. Mega Garchomp falls under the category of the legendary Pokemon and everyone of you wish to catch this Pokemon, how it isn’t as easy as you might perceive.

Fortunately, in this post, we’ll guide you with the easiest procedure to catch Mega Garchomp. However, before this segment, we’ll talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the pokemon Mega Garchomp. So, without any further delays, scroll down to find answers to your queries:

Part 1: How Good is Mega Garchomp?

mega garchomp strengths

Mega Garchomp is a special Pokemon type, he is both dragon & ground type pokemon. He is strong against the rock, fire, poison, steel, and electric Pokemons. Because of his big statue, the majority of the Pokemon scare away from Mega Garchomp.

The best abilities of Mega Garchomp include steel, rock, and ground moves, and the power of all these moves becomes 1.3*, in the situation of a sandstorm. If you someone focuses on winning the Pokemon battles the tough way, then get the Mega Garchomp Pokemon, as he has the ability to get rid of it with just one claw attack. In the family of Garchomp, Mega Garchomp is the fastest Pokemon. This Pokemon can fly at an incredible pace to catch his opponents.

Part 2: What is the Weakness of Mega Garchomp In Pokemon?

The biggest weaknesses of Mega Garchomp include against the ice, fairy, bug, and grass type Pokemon. Another big weakness is that Shiny Garchomp Mega does battle his opponents with mind, just his physicality. Sometimes, a smart Pokemon can topple him.

Part 3: Where can I find the Mega Garchomp and catch them?

Catch Mega Garchomp

To catch Mega Garchomp, you’ve to clear a number of Pokemon levels, and then only you’ll get the mega stone for the Mega Garchomp Pokemon. However, there is a hush-hush to catch Mega Garchomp, go to Victory Road. To make this smooth, first fly to the Pokemon league. From there, you need to head South in the Victory Road.

You’ll have to pass through two sets of caves, and then you’ll re-emerge outside the path where there crumbled walls. After that go North, and you’ll know that you’re headed the right direction, as you see the Grey stone platform. From there on you’ve to head left, until you come across a spooky trainer girl and there is one wall right behind her. There you'll have a mega tower, and there is your Mega Garchomp.

Part 4: How To Use dr.fone virtual location to Catch Mega Garchomp

But, what if you are near Victory Road, would you fly there, ofcourse, during the era of COVID-19, who will take such an undue risk. Don’t you worry, we’ll tell you an easy method to catch your favorite Mega Garchomp, right from the comfort of your couch. How is it possible? Pokemon Go is a VR game that delivers real experiences, as you move, you explore things. The one-word answer is dr.fone.

It is a FREE fake location App, that teleports your smartphone to be anywhere in the world with a single-click. Not just that, it has three modes, one is walking, running, and riding. So, location-wise, you can fool your best friend that you are roaming in the streets of Rome, while you relax in the background of your countryside house in Sydney.

How to use it?

Step 1: First, you’ve to download the dr.fone software on your Windows or Mac PC. This software is FREE, and install it like any other program on your computer.

Step 2: Once you've installed the software on your device, the next step is to open it. You’ll see a myriad of options as illustrated through the below picture. From all these options, you’ve to choose “Virtual Location. “

dr.fone virtual software

Step 3: Once, you’ve clicked Virtual Location, you’ll be taken to a whole new screen, as shown above. Now, you’ve to connect your iPhone via a USB cable to your device, and finally click get started.

dr.fone change location

Step 4: Again, you'll be taken to a new window, where real-time GPS location of your smartphone will be shown on the map. If the location isn’t precise, then you’ve the option to lick “Centre-On.” in the lower part of the map to reach the accurate location.

dr.fone real time gps location

Step 5: You’ve to activate the teleport mode, from the three icons you see at the up right corner of the window Enter the place you wish to teleport your phone's location to. And, after entering any location, hit “Go.”

virtual location 04

Step 6: Now, the system will see your entered location as your desired location, a pop-up will appear, click “Move Here.”

dr.fone location changed

Step 7: Now, your smartphone location will be changed to your entered location, you can disconnect your iPhone, and see its present location, and you’ll be surprised to know that you are in any other part of the world, without leaving your couch. Isn’t that amazing?

This software is safe and secure to use, unlike any other software, you won’t be soft or hard banned on the Pokemon Go game, And, the best part, you won’t have to spend a penny for this software. The interface of this software is really something, super-good, even a non-techy guy will be able to change his smartphone location with great ease.

Final Words

So, in this article, we learned about Mega Garchomp who he is, what are his strengths, weaknesses, and above all where to find this Pokemon. We also throw light on how to easily catch this Pokemon using a free and safe, third-party tool.


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