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All You Need To Know About Mega Greninja.


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Are you a fan of Pokemon Go? Then, you will find this article not only useful but also quite interesting. In case you have never played this game before, then you should know that Pokemon Go is a fantastic augmented reality game.

It requires the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) to track your location. Basically, Pokemon Go is a mobile application which you can easily download from Google Play Store or App Store, and it's absolutely free. In simple words, you can say that Pokemon Go makes use of mapping technology so as to plot your actual location as you roam around in the streets to catch your favourite Pokemon.

When you play the game, your main goal would be to catch as many Pokemon or fictional characters as you can. Your main task will be to battle your opponents to catch the Pokemon and then train them.

It's worth mentioning here that this AR-game is absolutely convenient to play. Now, one of the most amazing features that have been added to this game is Mega Evolution. But, unfortunately if you were of the opinion that greninja can mega evolve, then you are completely wrong, in fact you should note that no Kalos pokemon can mega evolve.

Through this article, we will discuss all you need to know about Greninja. So, without any further delay, let's get started.

Part 1: Who is Mega greninja?

Mega greninja pokemon

Also, called the Ninja Pokemon, Greninja is Dark/ Water-type pokemon. Some people love to call it a frog-like master. One of the most amazing features of Greninja pokemon is that with its swift movements, you will notice that this pokemon succeeds in confusing its opponents.

It makes use of very sharp throwing stars to slice its enemies. It features Torrent ability.

There are various weaknesses of this pokemon which include “Fighting”, “Grass”, “Electric”, “Bug”, and “Fairy”.Its worth mentioning here that Greninja pokemon is the final evolution of Froakie.

Part 2: What are the Strengths of Greninja in Pokemon?

strength mega Greninja Pokemon

Greninja is resistant to “Water”, “Fire”, “Ice”, “Dark”, “Steel” and finally “Ghost”. Also, this pokemon is immune to “Psychic”. This pokemon’s presence can be very intimidating for its opponents, it would not be wrong if we say that Greninja is quite unpredictable. There is no doubt that the counter attacks of Greniaja prove to be very dangerous for its enemies.

Part 3: How to Catch Greninja?

Catch Greninja Pokemon

In order to catch Greninja, you will be required to fulfill specific requirements in the Pokemon Sun and Moon Exclusive demo.

First of all, after launching the Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo, go to the Pokemon Center.

Then, you’ll meet Professor Kukui and when he starts talking to you and asks what you wish to do , choose the option of "bring to full version.After that, you will be required to choose Ash-Greninja. Then, open the full game, finally you have to enter the nearest Pokémon Center.

Catching your favourite Pokemon or to mega evolve a specific pokemon will require you to go to different places or explore different locations, but it's not always possible to step out of your house, it might be raining, or its night time, in the case, we recommend using software called Dr.Fone(Virtual Location).

With the help of this amazing software, you can teleport to any location or place in the whole without even requiring you to step out of your house.

In order to get started with Dr.Fone, you need to download Dr.Fone(Virtual Location) iOS. Then, you have to install Dr.fone on your smartphone. Finally, you have to launch Dr.Fone (Virtual Location) on your device.

Dr.fone virtual location

Step 1: You have to tap on “Virtual Location” among the various options that you will notice therein. It's important to ensure that when you are setting up Dr.Fone on your device, always ensure that your iPhone is connected to the PC. Then, click on “Get Started”.

dr.fone change location

Step 2: If you have executed the prior steps or directions successfully, then you will see a new window that shows your actual location on a map will get displayed on your screen. Now, make sure that your displayed location on moa is accurate, if not, then click on “Center On,” with the help of this, you’ll be able to make your location correct.

Dr.fone centre on

Step 3: After all the previous steps, the next step is to click on the “teleport mode” icon, which will be located in the upper-right part. This will activate the teleport mode. After that, you have to enter the name of the location or place where you wish to teleport to in the upper left field. Finally, tap on “Go”. As an example, we are going to enter “Italy”, Rome in the left field.

Dr.fone teleport

Step 4: In this manner, your location will now be understood or set by the system to “Italy”. You’ll see a pop-up box; you have to just click on “Move On”.

Dr.fone move here

Step 5: If you have followed the directions accurately, your actual location on the map will now be set to “Italy”. You can confirm your location from the Pokemon Go’s map. Finally, below we have provided a screenshot of how the location will be shown.

Dr.fone location changed

Step 6: Also, you’ll see that the location on your iPhone would have also changed now to “Italy” or any other place that you have entered earlier.

dr.fone location set


So, we have reached the end of this article. We hope that you found the article quite useful as well as insightful. We also hope that with the help of the setup guide for Dr.Fone you can now easily catch your favourite pokemon by teleporting to different locations across the world. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article, then feel free to write it down in the comment section. So, this was all from our side for now. Stay Tuned


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