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Why does the pokemon go battle league not available?


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

After the incredible hype of finally getting the chance to battle other players, trainers hit a wall marked – Pokémon Go battle leagues Not Available.

It’s not the first time trainers have experienced bugs in the game and a long wait during maintenance breaks, but patience wears thin as after 2 weeks into the release of the super hyped Battle League, trainers all around the world are yet to have access to it.

The root cause of this disappointing course of events was a major bug in the first season of the Battle League. Some players could simply use “charged moves” repetitively without recharging. Thankfully Niantic is coming up with a fix.

Part 1: What are the Go battle league known issues?

Pokémon Go as a game, is constantly evolving to improve the trainer’s experience which involves finding issues and resolving them. Like all other games, the publisher always tries their best to make the user experience more enriching and fair for the users.

Season 1 of the Battle League’s had a severe bug that a handful of players exploited to rise to the leader board. After a player has lodged few fast moves, (number of fast moves required for each Pokémon to charge attack, varies) the trainer’s Pokémon can lodge a secondary yet stronger charged attack to deal more damage.

The bug in the series implied that a Pokémon – “Melmetal” is able to recharge their charge attack even while attacking with a “Charged” move, essentially making the trainer using the Pokémon invincible during a real battle.

Several trainers immediately tweeted this excruciating bug to Niantic requesting this issue to be resolved immediately, as a result Niantic had to freeze the leader board for that season.

Players when entering the Battle League are shown – Pokemon Go Battle League Not Available Right Now, and all matches that were in progress were not concluded.

pokemon 1

Thankfully, the issue has been resolved and trainers can get back into the league without any change in the previous features.

Here’s a set of few known issues in the game currently being investigated by Niantic, which we can hope to see resolved later on in the future;

  • Inconsistent Fast Attacks against Opponent Charged Attacks – Your fast attacks don’t land a direct hit when the opponent is throwing his Charged Attack.
  • Fast Attacks are slower on Android – Most android users are experiencing slower fast attacks than iOS users. Niantic has addressed the issue and are awaiting more reports on the issue.
  • Charged Attack Button doesn’t work when tapped - Occasionally after few uses, the Charged Attack button fails to respond when tapped resulting in slower attacks during matches.
  • Go Battle wins are not counted – Some times, a Go battle win is not counted in the Go Battle League Set and remains unrecorded in the journal.
  • Animation Glitch of the trainer throwing a Poke ball – A glitch occurs occasionally when the trainer avatar is seen throwing a Poke Ball repetitively.
  • Disappearance of the Charged Attack and Switch Button – The button of the Charge Attack and the Switch Pokémon button would eventually disappear in-enabling the trainer to take any action during live battle.
  • Next Battle tab not showing up on the Post-win Screen – After ending a match or winning a battle, the button for the ‘Next Battle’ option disappears from the Post-win screen.

Part 2: Why does the go battle not available?

It’s not new for an augmented reality game to have bugs that impede on the fun aspect of the game, but the recent development to Pokémon Go included an update trainers have been waiting for since its release in 2016.

Battle League is a brand new additional feature to the game that allows players to play PVP or one on one matches with other trainers. Ninantic introduced Battle tournaments to be played in three leagues – Great, Ultra and Master, that gives trainers the opportunity to compete and gain dominance over score board.

Pokémon Go is now exploring its roots with Pvp being a part of the original game franchise. We can hope to see the game evolve into a platform for global players to go head to head with each other.

The first season of Pokémon Go Battle League had to be temporarily frozen due to prevalence of broken code (a.k.a. – bug) that created a loophole allowing certain players and unfair advantage.

After attacking your opponent with a Charge move, the move set requires a brief time to recharge in order for the player to be able to use it again.

Few players with the assist of Melmetal (ground and steel type) could lodge constant fast attacks while also using Charge moves with no recharge time. This landed a handful these players to skyrocket to the leader board.

pokemon 2

After this issue was tweeted to the notice of the game publisher, Ninattic temporarily paused Battle League. Trainers while accessing the live tournament event would be notified with – “Pokemon Go Battle League Not Available” by the game.

Although this doesn’t mean that trainers wouldn’t be able to play practice matches or close proximity matches. Battle League presents itself as an event in the game which gives trainers the chance to earn bonuses and stardust.

Even so, Pokémon Go continues to resolve issues as they come along and this shows us how there is so much more to look forward to. Battle Leagues, since its debut has had 4 seasons till now and trainers are all pumped for Season 5.

Here’s a list of exciting updates that will be included in the upcoming season;

  • At Rank 7 you will encounter a Legendary Pokémon on the Go Battle League battle tracks as similar to the Legendary Pokémon encountered in 5star raids.
  • To reach Rank 2 a trainer will need to complete a number of Battles in order to progress.
  • From Rank 3 all the way to Rank 10, a higher number of battles must be won to proceed.
  • Season 5 will be completed once you reach rank 7 which will earn you the Elite Charged TM rather than an Elite Fast TM.
  • In Season 5 few Pokémon’s will get new updated move sets which the trainers can use to train and prepare for upcoming tournaments.

Part 3: Tips you want to level up your pokemon go?

The basics you need to learn to play Pokémon go is catching Pokémon and powering them up. Other than that there are ways you can speed power up your Pokémon to increase CP to higher levels. The overall Pokémon’s collected, evolved or powered up, and battles fought in Battle League will win you points to level up in Pokémon Go.

Although it might seem like a long and hard journey, it doesn’t need to. You can catch and power up Pokémon faster and cover longer distances with some help from WondershareDr.Fone. With smoother and easier GPS spoofing you can cover Poke stops much quicker.

Here’s some tips you can put to easy use in Levelling Up in Pokémon Go:

Tip #1: Use dr.fone Virtual Location

Use Wondershare Dr.Fone – Virtual Location to easily teleport to catch more poke stops at an adjustable speed and free-hand direction. The program is easy to use and a quicker way to grab more powerful Pokémon using lure.

There are several adjustments to the program that makes it fun to use. You can adjust the speed according km/hr so that the speed of the pointer would be determined as either walking, biking or driving in the game. This increases your chances to catch Pokémon at your desired pace.


Key Features:

  • Mock and teleport your GPS to any desired location while connecting your iPhone to your server.
  • All other location based apps would determine your location according to the coordinates set up in the program.
  • You can set the speed according your choice and all other apps would track you as your pointer is teleported manually or automatically.
  • You can also use a free hand joystick to move the pointer on the map according to the movement of your finger.

Tip #2:

  • You can set up multiple lures on several Poke stops and return to those exact coordinates to catch your lured Pokémon.

Tip #3

  • In order to attain a Pokémon who once powered up to its maximum potential can give you a battle worthy breed, you will need to sickle through a couple of them in order find one worth powering up.
  • You can also evolve weaker Pokémon and harvest them for candy which you can use to power up your star Pokémon.

Tip #4

  • Use Lucky Egg to double your XPs earned to increase the chances of getting Pokémon which when evolved spews more XP and Candy.


Pokémon Go continues to amaze trainers and fans of the franchise, and is becoming a most engaging and fun experience. Trainers are going to keep enjoying new and improved updates that brings a cooler jazz to the game. Even though there was a hold up in the fun Niantic has improved upon their initial flaws to give us the battle league tournaments we all love.


Alice MJ

staff Editor

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