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Where Can I Get Pokémon Go Promotion Code for Free

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Pokémon is a game that requires people to venture outdoors to play. The game runs on an Augmented Reality based on the geographical location of the player.

In 2020, a global slowdown on physical movement threatened the very existence of the game, and there had to be several changes to keep players happy.

People can now use PokéCoins, Remote Raids and other instruments that do not require you to go outside to go around the physical limitations; best of all, Niantic, the developers of the game have made it “legal”.

Pokémon Promotion codes can be used to do several things, such as buying Pokémon bundles that can be used to further your play. It is easy to trade a Pokémon rather than go out into the wild and capture your own.

The article will show you how you can get the Pokémon Promo codes.

Part 1: How can we get the promo codes for Pokémon Go

Enter the Pokémon Go Promo Code and get the rewards

There are various ways in which you can get Promo Codes for Pokémon.

Niantic has a Twitter account on which they post regular promo codes for those people who follow the account.

Other popular Promo codes lists are hosted on sites such as Reddit.

However, there are general ways in which you can acquire Promo codes based on whether you are using an Android device or iOS.

To get Promo codes for Android, you simply have to go to the map, click on a Pokéball, and then scroll down to the bottom of the cart, where you will find the code. On an iOS device, the code cannot be entered through the App due to restrictions by Apple App Store. You must go through an official Niantic rewards site, get the code and enter it using the account that you use to play the game.

Sign in using your Google or Facebook account if you are a trainer to use Pokémon Go Promo Codes

If you are a trainer, you cannot use this method and have to log in using your Google or Facebook account.

The promo codes that you get are for one account only and can be used for a specific period.

Part 2: The 2020 latest list for Pokémon go Promo code

In this article, we give you updated Promo Codes for 2020 that you can use quickly;

We start with the top Pokémon Go Promo Code in June 2020.

  • “HELPPOKEMON” this is a code that will get you a free pack of 1024 Pokémon coins.
  • “2P3N6WKW” – 118 Incubator
  • “PMONCHEST “ – 2 to 10 Uncommon Chests
  • “2GHHDGSKSICNS “ – 1024 free packs
  • “Yxdgcvl62rlkb” – Pokémon Shedinja Power Up
  • “Daddy boy” – also adds Garador EX to your list of Pokémon creatures
  • “OneTwoThree” – 3 free Legendary Cards
  • “MEWISNOW9” – Get Old Mew Card and Mew EX
  • “GYARADOSPROMO1” – get Gyarados Ex and Mega Gyarados
  • “Banspoofing&FsuAtl ” – get free Pokémon Go coins
  • “phantomforces” – Gives a lot of free items including a free hat
  • “SixZero” – gives you 60 Booster Packs
  • “GOTTACATCHEMPACKS” – gives you a pack of 100 free Pokémon go promo codes

The list of Pokémon Go Promo Codes listed here has been verified, and you can go ahead and use them right away.

Pokémon Go Promo code rewards confirmation screenshot

Part 3: How to cheat at Pokémon

Given that people cannot move around as much as they used to, the livelihood of playing Pokémon go in the wild has begun fading. This is to say that it is now somewhat acceptable to cheat and teleport your device to areas where you cannot reach.

Teleporting has been frowned upon by many people, including the developers of the game, but it may now be seen as the only way to enjoy Pokémon Go during the global lockdown period.

One of the best tools to Teleport your device is dr. fone Virtual Location – IOS. This is a tool that can be used to move your physical location virtually to any point shown on tracker maps such as The Sliph Road, and then catch a Pokémon or enter a Raid.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Here are some of the features of dr. fone Virtual Location –iOS

  • Instant teleportation to any part of the world. This is done before launching the game to avoid detection.
  • The Joystick feature allows you to move along tracking maps just as if you were walking on the new location physically.
  • You may simulate walking, running, or riding a bike on the map.
  • This is a tool suitable for apps that require geo-location data for proper operation.

The link below will give you an in-depth tutorial on how you can use dr. fone to enjoy playing the game more, especially at this period. The tutorial will also benefit your spoofing skills for better gameplay in the future.

How to use dr. fone Virtual Location to teleport your device

In conclusion

The use of Promo Codes has been used to enhance user loyalty for many products and services, and Pokémon Go is no different. Niantic releases Promo codes to reward its loyal users and encourage them to keep playing the game.

The promo codes shown above are useful, and you can use them for as long as they are valid. Remember that you can only use one code for one account. You cannot use the same code for two or three accounts. When you want to make your gameplay more exciting during the lockdown period, use dr. fone Virtual Location – iOS to teleport to any part of the world from the comfort of your home. The tool will also come in handy when you want to get an edge in the game any time in the future, by being able to move to exotic locations and take part in the game as if you were there.

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