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Most Asked Questions about Pokemon Go Battle League Rewards: Answered + Other Tips


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Ever since Pokemon Go Battle League matches have been introduced, players have shifted their focus on ranking up. After all, once the season ends, you can collect amazing Pokemon Go Battle league rewards. You might already know that the 5th season of Battle League is currently running with tons of Pokemon Go PvP rewards up for grabs. Let’s get to know more about these Pokemon Go League rewards and how we can level up in the game easily.

pokemon go battle league rewards

What are the Pokemon Go Battle League Rewards?

Pokemon Go Battle League runs different seasons and once a season would end, players are awarded PvP rewards in Pokemon Go. Your Battle League Pokemon Go rewards would depend on your final rank (higher the ranks, better the rewards).

  • Rank 1 to 3: Stardust will be given for free based on your rank
  • Rank 4 to 10: Stardust, Charged/Fast TMs, and premium battle pass/raid pass would be awarded
  • Rank 7: While Rank 4-6 will get Elite Charged TMs, if you finish at Rank 7+, you will get Elite Fast TMs instead.
  • Rank 10: If you finish at the highest rank, you will get a free avatar post and avatar items (Libre or Stone inspired)
pokemon battle rewards for ranks

Apart from these Pokemon Go League awards, you will also get a free encounter with different Pokemons. For instance, if you finish at Rank 10, then you can even get a chance to catch a Pikachu Libre.

Rank Pokemon Encounter (Guaranteed) Pokemon Encounter (Optional)
1 Pidgeot Machop, Mudkip, Treecko, or Torchic
2 Pidgeot Previous Pokemons
3 Pidgeot Previous Pokemons
4 Galarian Zigzagoon Dratini
5 Galarian Zigzagoon Previous Pokemons
6 Galarian Zigzagoon Previous Pokemons
7 Galarian Farfetch'd Scyther
8 Rufflet Previous Pokemons
9 Scraggy Previous Pokemons
10 Pikachu Libre Previous Pokemons
pokemon go pikachu libre

How to Get Battle League Pokemon Go Rewards?

To get more Pokemon Go league rewards, you need to rank-up by playing with other trainers and winning more matches. The battles take place under three primary leagues:

  • Great League: Max 1500 CP for Pokemons
  • Ultra League: Max 2500 CP for Pokemons
  • Master League: No CP limit for Pokemons

Apart from that, three different cups would be organized in the season 5 Pokemon Go Battle League.

  • Little Cup (9th to 16th November): Pokemons with only the first stage of evolution cycle and maximum CP of 500.
  • Kanto Cup (16th to 23rd November): Pokemons from the Kanto index with a maximum CP of 1500.
  • Catch Cup (23rd to 30th November): Pokemons that are caught from the starting of season 5 (excluding mythical Pokemons) of maximum 1500 CP.
pokemon go battle leagues

When you start playing in Pokemon Go Battle League, Rank 1 would be unlocked. As you would keep winning more matches, your rank will improve. Though, to reach Rank 10, you also need an additional Go League Battle rating of 3000+.

rank 10 pokemon pvp

Once the Battle League season is finished, you can just go to your profile to see the eligible Pokemon Go PvP rewards. Now, you can just tap on the “Collect” button to claim your rewards.

collecting pokemon pvp rewards

Tips to Level-up in Pokemon Battle Leagues

As stated, if you want to get more battle league Pokemon rewards, then you must level-up higher. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to level-up in the game easily.

Tip 1: Have a Balanced Team

Most of the rookie PvP trainers make the common mistake of only picking attack-based Pokemons with fewer defense stats. Try not to make this mistake and have a balanced team in which you have both attacking and defensive Pokemons. Also, try to get Pokemons of different types to counter your opponent’s picks.

pokemon go pvp battle

Tip 2: Know the Current Meta Tier

Just like any other PvP game, Pokemon Go Battle Leagues also has a tier-list. That is, some Pokemons are just more powerful than others. Therefore, before you pick your Pokemons, get to know about the current meta-list. This will help you pick more powerful Pokemons that can easily carry a game.

meta pokemons in pvp

Tip 3: Catch More Pokemons Easily

Since it is not feasible to step out and look for Pokemons, you can use a location spoofer tool instead. If you are an iPhone user, then you can try Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). It is a 100% reliable solution that can spoof your iPhone location anywhere you want without jailbreaking your device.

  • Users can look for a target location (Pokemon’s spawning location) by entering its coordinates, name, or address.
  • The application has a map interface that would let you drop the pin anywhere you want in the world.
  • Besides that, you can also simulate your movement between multiple stops at a preferred speed.
  • A GPS joystick would also be enabled by the tool so that you can simulate your movement realistically.
  • Using Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is extremely simple and it doesn’t need jailbreak access as well.
virtual location 05

Now when you know about the updated Pokemon Go Battle League rewards, you must be inspired to rank-up in the game. To do that, you can follow the above-listed tips and collect more powerful Pokemons. For this, a location spoofer tool like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) would certainly come in handy as it will help you catch your favorite Pokemons remotely.

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