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Here are Different Ways to Find Pokemon Go Trainer Codes to Add to Your Account


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

“From where can I look for new Pokemon Go trainer codes so that I can battle with other people easily?”

While Niantic has introduced new features (like Pokemon Go battles leagues) to fight with other trainers, there are still limited ways to find other players. Due to this, a lot of players look for sources to find Pokemon Go trainer codes of other people. Thankfully, there are tons of servers and websites to look for trainer codes for Pokemon Go. In this post, I will introduce 10 different places from where you can get trainer codes in Pokemon Go.

pokemon go trainer codes banner

Part 1: How to Find your Pokemon Go Trainer Code (Or Add Others)?

Before finding various PoGo trainer codes, you should know where you find your own code. Following the same drill, you can even add other trainer codes for Pokemon Go to your account.

1. To begin with, just launch the Pokemon Go app on your device and tap on your avatar at the bottom to explore more options.

pokemon go profile

2. This will display details regarding your account with your avatar. From the top section, you can tap on the “Friends” field.

pokemon go friends section

3. Here, you can view all the trainers in the game you have already added to your account. Now, tap on the “Add Friends” option here to invite a user with their trainer code in Pokemon Go.

pokemon go add friends

4. That’s it! To add anyone else, you can just enter their PoGo trainer code, and send a request. Besides that, you can view your Pokemon Go trainer code and can even share it with others from here.

share add pokemon trainer code

Part 2: 5 Best Websites to Find Pokemon Go Trainer Codes

If you are looking for reliable websites to find Pokemon trainer codes, then you can explore these options.

1. Reddit

Reddit has a thriving community of Pokemon Go players that you would love to explore. Apart from the official Pokemon Go sub-reddit, you can explore tons of fan-made groups as well. Here, you can find dedicated threads to exchange trainer codes for Pokemon Go with numerous other sources.

pokemon go sub reddit

2. Facebook

Just like Reddit, you can also find tons of dedicated pages and groups made by Pokemon Go players on Facebook. Most of these groups are closed so you have to first join them to exchange trainer codes in Pokemon Go.

3. Quora

There are different ways to find Pokemon Go trainer codes in Quora. You can either look for questions posted by other people for the same or join Pokemon Go spaces where you can find tons of other players.

4. PoGo Trainer Club

This is a dedicated website to exchange code by trainers in Pokemon Go. You can simply list your code for other players to find or browse other people’s codes. If you want, you can also share trainer QR codes for Pokemon Go here.

5. Poke Friends

This is a dedicated app and is considered one of the best places to find Pokemon Go trainer codes. You can look for other players from all over the world in this directory and share your trainer QR codes for Pokemon Go with them.

poke friends mobile app

Part 3: 5 Best Discord Servers to Find Trainer Codes in Pokemon Go

Discord is a hub for social gamers and Pokemon Go is no such exception. If you are looking for PoGo trainer codes, then consider joining these Discord servers.

1. Pokedex100

This is one of the most popular Discord servers dedicated to Pokemon Go players. Not only will it help you find Pokemon Go trainer codes, but you can also get tips from other pro players.

dicord server pokedex100

2. Pokemon Go Gamers Community

There are thousands of members in this Discord server, making it a friendly community. You can easily find several Pokemon trainer codes to add to your account here.

3. Pokemon Go International Raider

If you want to make friends from all over the world, then this would be the best Pokemon Go Discord server. You can find players from different countries so that you can exchange gaming ideas and play with them whenever you want.

4. PoGo Trainers

This might be a newly created Pokemon Go Discord server, but it is pretty active. The group is extremely social and encourages its members to exchange their Pokemon Go trainer codes with each other.

5. Pokesnipers

Pokesnipers is another popular Pokemon Go Discord server you can consider joining. Apart from finding PoGo trainer codes, you can also get details about the spawning location of Pokemons or popular raids.

dicord server pokesnipers

Part 4: How to Win Pokemon Go Trainer Battles by Catching Powerful Pokemons

Now when you have added trainer codes in Pokemon Go, you can easily fight with other players. Though, if you want to win more battles, then you need to have the most powerful and meta Pokemons. To catch the Pokemons of your choice remotely, you can use a location spoofing tool like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS).

  • A part of the Dr.Fone toolkit, it will let you spoof the location of your iPhone to anywhere you like.
  • Players can enter the exact coordinates of the Pokemon’s spawning location or provide its address.
  • The interface of the application has a map, letting you browse the area and drop the pin anywhere you like.
  • Besides that, the tool can further help you simulate the movement of your device between multiple spots.
  • You can use a GPS joystick to move realistically and at a preferred speed. There is no need to jailbreak your device to use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS).
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I hope that after reading this post, you would be able to find Pokemon Go trainer codes from different sources. I have also listed a quick guide to add Pokemon Go trainer codes and how to find your code. Also, if you wish to win more matches in Battle Leagues, then try a reliable tool like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Using it, you can easily catch tons of Pokemons without leaving your house.


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