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Want to Become a PvP Poke Master? Here are Some Pro Tips for Pokemon Go PvP Battles


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

“How to plan the PvP Pokemon matches and are there some strategies that I need to implement in the PoGo PvP battles?”

Ever since the Pokemon Go PvP mode has been introduced by Nintendo, there has been a lot of confusion among the players. Ideally, you can partake in a Pokemon PvP battle locally or remotely. It is a 3 vs. 3 battle in which you have to select your best Pokemons to fight with other trainers. To help you become a PvP Poke master, I have come up with this detailed guide that will certainly come in handy.

pokemon pvp battle tips banner

Part 1: Pro Strategies to Follow in PvP Pokemon Go Battles

If you want to be good at the Pokemon Go PvP battles, then you must understand how the game works. Once you are ready, I would recommend some of these Pokemon PvP strategies that are followed by pro players.

Tip 1: Start from the low leagues

As you know, there are three different leagues to participate in Pokemon Go PvP battles. If you are a beginner or don’t have too many Pokemons, then you should start from the lower categories and gradually climb your way up. You can find these three categories in the PoGo PVP mode:

  • Great League: Max 1500 CP (per Pokemon)
  • Ultra League: Max 2500 CP (per Pokemon)
  • Master League: No CP limit
leagues in pokemon pvp

The Master Leagues is mostly reserved for pro players since there is no CP limit for Pokemons. The Great League is the best category to learn and try different Pokemon combinations.

Tip 2: Master all the Battle Moves

Ideally, there are four different moves in any PvP Poke battle that you must master. The more battles you partake in, the better you would become.

  • Fast attacks: These are the basic attacks that are done more frequently than others.
  • Charge attack: Once your Pokemon has enough energy, you can do a charge attack that would do more damage.
  • Shield: This would shield your Pokemon from the enemy attacks. In the starting, you would only get 2 shields per battle.
  • Swapping: Since you get 3 Pokemons, don’t forget to swap them during the battle. You can only swap Pokemons once in every 60 seconds.
moves in pokemon pvp

Tip 3: Check your Opponent’s Pokemons

This has to be the most important thing that you should check before you start any Pokemon Go PvP battle. Right before starting the battle, you can check a list of the prospective opponents in your league. You can have a glimpse of their main Pokemons and pick your Pokemons accordingly so that you can counter their picks.

opponent screen pokemon pvp

Tip 4: Know the current Meta

In nutshell, Meta Pokemons are the ones that are considered superior to other picks since they are more powerful. You might already know that some Pokemons are just stronger than others. Since Nintendo keeps balancing Pokemons with constant nerfs and buffs, you should do some research in advance.

There are several sources like the Silph Arena, PvPoke, and Pokebattler that you can check to know the current meta Pokemons.

Tip 5: Shield Baiting Strategy

This is one of the most effective Pokemon Go PvP strategies that you must try. You might already know that there are two kinds of charged attacks a Pokemon can do (mild and strong). During the battle, you need to first poke your enemy and have enough energy for both moves.

Now, instead of going with your ultimate attack, only perform the mild one. Your opponent might assume that you are going for an ultimate and would use their shield instead. Once their shield is used, you can go for a stronger attack to win.

shield baiting strategy pokemon pvp

Tip 6: Learn to Counter Fast Moves

To make the most of your shield and energy levels, you should learn how to counter moves. The first way to do this is by picking your Pokemons wisely. Your Pokemon would automatically get less damage if it can counter your opponent’s Pokemon.

During any PvP Poke battle, keep a count of your opponent’s moves to calculate when they would do a charged attack. Since you would only get 2 shields at the starting of the battle, make sure that you only use them at the time of need.

fast moves in pokemon pvp

Tip 7: Sacrifice Swap

This might sound surprising, but sometimes we have to sacrifice a Pokemon in a fight to win the battle. For instance, you can consider sacrificing a Pokemon that is at low energy and won’t be of much help later.

In this way, you can swap it in the battle and let it take all the charge attack of your opponent. Once the Pokemon is sacrificed and has drained the opponent’s Pokemon, you can place another Pokemon to claim the victory.

Part 2: What Changes should be implemented in Pokemon Go PvP?

Even after the much-anticipated release of PoGo PvP, a lot of players are not satisfied with it. If Nintendo wants to improve Pokemon PvP and make their players happy, then the following changes should be made.

  • The PvP Poke battles are based on the CP level of Pokemons instead of their IV levels, which is something most of the players dislike.
  • Nintendo should focus on making the battles smoother as a lot of players encounter unwanted bugs and glitches.
  • Apart from that, players also complain about unfair matchmaking in which pro players are often matched against beginners.
  • The overall pool of Pokemons is not balanced – if a player has meta Pokemons then they can easily win the game.
  • The PoGo PvP battles are more centric on the picks and less on the actual battle. Players would like more strategic moves and in-battle options to help them fight.
cp iv level trick pokemon

Part 3: How to Select the Best Pokemons for PvP Battles?

During any Pokemon PvP battle, the type of Pokemons you pick can either make or break the results. Firstly, consider the following things in mind before you start any PvP Poke battle.

    • Team composition

Try to come up with a balanced team that would have both defensive and attacking Pokemons. Also, you should include Pokemons of different types in your team.

    • Focus on attacks

Presently, some attacks like thunderbolt are considered extremely strong in PoGo PvP battles. You should get to know about all the major attacks of your Pokemons to pick the best ones.

    • Consider Pokemon Stats

Most importantly, you should be aware of the defense, attack, IV, CP, and all the vital stats of your Pokemons to pick the best ones in the league of your choice. Besides that, you should also do some research about the Meta tier in Pokemon PvP to know the best picks of the present time.

meta pokemons in pvp

Most of the experts consider the following points while picking any Pokemon in PvP battles.

    • Lead

Firstly, focus on getting a Pokemon that can help you maintain a lead in the battle right from the start. You can consider getting Altaria, Deoxys, or Mantine as they are the strongest attackers.

    • Attacker

If you want to fight more aggressively in the Pokemon PvP battle, then consider getting some attackers like Bastiodon, Medicham, and Whiscash.

    • Defender

While making your Pokemon PvP team, make sure that you have at least one strong defender like Froslass, Zweilous, or Swampert.

    • Closer

In the end, make sure that you have a perfect Pokemon that can end the battle and secure a win. Pokemons like Azymarill, Umbreon, and Skarmory are some of the best closers.

skarmory in pokemon go

Part 4: Secrets about the new Mechanics in PvP Pokemon Go Battles

Lastly, if you want to level up in PvP Poke battles, then you should get to know about these three important mechanisms.

    • Turns

Make sure that you keep an eye on the DTP and EPT values as they would indicate how much damage and energy is left. In the new mechanism, everything is about taking turns in 0.5 seconds. This will help you not only counter but also implement your moves before your opponent.

    • Energy

You might already know that every Pokemon starts with 100-value energy. While switching Pokemons, make sure that you remember their energy value as that would be retained later on. The energy value of every Pokemon will also help you make a charged move in time.

    • Switching

Switching is another strategic account in the new mechanism of Pokemon PvP battles in which we enter new Pokemons to the battle. Please note that the switching action has a 60-second cooldown window and you would only get 12 seconds to choose your next Pokemon.

mechanism in pokemon pvp battle

There you go! I’m sure that after reading this post, you would be able to know every important thing about PvP Poke battles. From the meta Pokemons for PvP battles to essential mechanisms, I have listed it all in this guide. Now, it is time for you to implement these tips and become a Pokemon Go PvP champion in no time!

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