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Latest way to get Shiny Meltan Box in Pokémon Go Mystery Box


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

The news of every Pokémon Go player being able to shift to Pokémon Home was taken in with a flavorsome acceptance from the community of trainers. Home Event for the highly successful mobile game is advancing towards termination, and this has ensued in reckless people demanding to know ways to get a Mystery Box so they can acquire a Shiny Meltan.

pokemon go

Part 1: How to get a mystery box in Pokémon Go?

The Mystery Box is a particular object in Pokémon Go that briefly roots the mythical Pokémon Meltan to emerge in the wild. To receive a Mystery Box in the game, you should connect your Pokémon Go and Home accounts in the first place. Furthermore, you should relocate one Pokémon Go character at the very least to Home to attain a Mystery Box that can entice Shiny Meltan.

mystery box pokemon go

Reportedly, you are required to have the mobile version of Home connected to your Nintendo Account. This can be carried out simply by downloading the Home app from your mobile phone store and tracking the instructions given on your screen in the initialization process of your app. After connecting the mobile Home application to your Nintendo account, track the steps below to connect Pokémon go to Home App:

    • Start Pokémon Go.
    • Click the PokeBall icon on the map at the bottom.
    • Advance to ‘Settings’ and scroll downwards and click Pokémon Home
pokemon settings
    • Click ‘Sign In’ in your Nintendo Account. A pop up will appear asking for permission to sign in to 'nintendo.com,' pressing “Continue” will redirect to the website to log in.
sign in to your account
    • Enter your username and password. Press ‘OK’ to return to the previous screen.
      On execution of the above instructions, follow the directions below to move a Pokémon Go creature to Home App:
    • Open Pokémon Go and access the ‘Main Menu’ by pressing the PokeBall icon.
access main menu
    • Open ‘Settings’ and go to Home.
open settings
    • Press on ‘Send Pokémon’
click on send pokemon
    • Press Continue
press continue button
    • Select the Pokémon you want to relocate
    • Click ‘Next’
select the pokemon
    • Tap ‘Transport’ to accept after confirming your pick.
tap transport
    • Press ‘Done’
tap on done button
    • Open Pokémon Home on mobile.
    • Click on the screen to start.
click on tap to start
    • Click ‘Yes’ on the Pokémon Go Link message.
proceed by clicking on yes
    • Select ‘View Transferred Pokémon’
view your transferred pokemon
    • Confirm that you want to Receive by pressing ‘Receive Pokémon’
confirm your pokemon

By following the steps above, you will be awarded a Mystery Box in Pokémon Go, and you can activate it by advancing to your item bag.

Use Virtual Location to catch the Pokémon Go creature.

You can use the faux location of Dr. Fone to imitate your orientation without making a move and collect exclusive Pokémon. The mock location of Dr.Fone lets you simulate your position and permits your mobile application to presume that you have selected the application interface of Dr.Fone without any restrain or recognition from developers of Pokémon Go. Follow the instructions below to catch Pokémon any place without making any movement.

Step 1: Install:

Install the ‘Dr. Fone toolkit’ from the official website after downloading it. After installation, launch the toolkit and select the ‘Virtual Location’ tab.

drfone home

Step 2: Connect:

Subsequently, connect your PC or laptop with the Dr. Fone application. Also, permit the location services to retrieve the location of your device. Then, press on the ‘Get Started’ button to use the services of Dr. Fone.

virtual location 1

Step 3: Imitate your GPS position:

Select your current location on the map. Next, click the leftmost button on the top-right corner of the window to start the ‘Teleport’ mode. Then search the places you wish to mock your position with, and press ‘Go’ after the selection.

virtual location 8

Step 4: Imitate Movement between steps:

To start the simulation, make a movement and traverse to the ‘Move Here’ button to reach multiple times. By default, the motion is adjusted to ‘1’, but it can be replaced by the user to switch the program correspondingly.

virtual location 9

The simulated position will emerge as genuine for the Pokémon Go app, and it will believe that you are moving between the two designated positions chosen on the Dr. Fone GUI screen. At the foot of the screen, the motion speed can also be tuned using the sliding menu. This way, you can use the false maneuver of the position of Dr. Virtual Fone without having the need to understand it. Also, your application will not be banned.

virtual location 10
virtual location 11

Step 5: Movement Simulation between more than two spots:

Dr. Fone's application also permits you to replicate activity between more than two sites. The component is called after the multi-stop path that can be chosen from the GUI toolbox class positioned at the top-right nook that lets you put numerous specified destinations on the map, and your position will behave appropriately as controlled by the virtual location application of Dr.Fone.

To grant permission to the system to mock movement by picking out the right options, press the 'March' button. You will be required to do the Pokémon Go walking illusion at some point. Dr. Fone's virtual movement imitation application eases your life and lets you do the job without being concerned about travel costs.

virtual location 12

Part 2: How to get Shiny Meltan in Pokémon Go?

Meltan is a legendary steel-type Pokémon that was initially launched in Pokémon Go. It is original since each and every other Pokémon has been announced in either the main games or using the Pokémon animation. Meltan has very restricted accessibility and Meltan evolution, Melmetal can yet solely be evolved in Pokémon Go. Until now, there were only two ways of catching Meltan - transferring a Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Pokémon Home or associating your Pokémon Go account to Let's Go, Pikachu! or Let's Go, Eevee! Now there is another way of capturing Meltan, that is, by opening a mystery box. You can get a Mystery Box that opens once a week by connecting your ‘Pokémon Go’ and ‘Pokémon Home’ accounts as described earlier.

The Mystery Box will act as an essence precisely for Meltan, attracting a large amount of the small Hex Nut Pokémon to your locality for one hour. It takes time to recharge, about three days, but after it is charged, you have to transfer another Pokémon to HOME to be able to use it again for an hour. If you get to use the Mystery Box in the course of specific events, you can even grab a Shiny Meltan.

pokemon home vs pokemon go


Pokémon is one of the most enjoyable games, not only because it yields prizes such as the mystery box Pokémon, Meltan Pokémon, shiny Meltan Pokémon go, but it also develops players' interest completely. It manifests a 3D view making it appear as the actual life. Furthermore, with an application like Dr. Fone Virtual Location, you turn out to be an addict as it helps you imitate your GPS position and proceed across the path you set up on the map.


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