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How does the stardust trade cost In pokemon go?


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Pokemon go has been around for a while now and has arisen as one of the most talked-about games in the gaming community. The fact that it is a location-based game and needs you to move around while playing the game makes it further interesting. Trading in Pokemon go is one of the most talked-about features. Today, we will help you explore more about stardust trade costs and how can you easily perform trades! Hang on as we dwell deeper into Pokemon go and trade stardust costs.

Part 1: How does Pokemon trading work?

So as we've discussed earlier, Pokemon go trading is one of the most interesting features of the game. So how does this trading work? In Pokemon Go, you can trade pokemon possessed by you with those possessed by your friends if both you and your friend, decide to mutually trade the pokemon with each other! For trading in Pokemon go, there are certain criteria you need to satisfy to qualify for trading in Pokemon go! Given below are the requirements to qualify for trading in Pokemon go

  • Be at least level 10
  • Be friends with the person you're trading on Pokemon go
  • Be in a radius of 100 m while you're trading

However, Pokemon go also has levels of friendship and you can trade pokemon of different levels with friends with whom you have different friendship levels. Higher is the friendship level, higher is the level of Pokemon which you can trade. every trade requires you and your partner to spend stardust points. So There are basically 4 levels of friendship in Pokemon go

  • Friend
  • Good friend
  • Ultra friend
  • Best friend

The levels of your friendship with a player on Pokemon go increase with the increase in the number of days you stay friends with them. Within a month of friendship, you can become best friends with a player on Pokemon go! You also need stardust points on Pokemon go. So what is stardust trade cost? Before you trade any pokemon you must spend stardust coins. Not having enough stardust trade coins will not allow the trade of pokemon to happen. Hence, you must have enough stardust trade costs.

Part 2: How much stardust do you need in pokemon trading costs?

Trading in Pokemon go is quite complex. This is because the needed Stardust points will be different in every case and will depend on several factors. Factors such as whether you already half got that Pokemon in your pokedesk or not, the friendship level of you and your friend who are interested in trading, or whether the Pokemon is rare or common. Given below are the Stardust trade costs for each Pokemon.

Standard trades

  • Good friend:100
  • Great friends:80
  • Ultra Friends: 8
  • Best friend: 4

Shiny or legendary ( caught by you)

  • Good Friend: 20,000
  • Great Friend: 16,000
  • Ultra Friend: 1,600
  • Best Friend: 800

Shiny or Legendary ( not caught by you)

  • Good Friend: 1,000,000
  • Great Friend: 800,000
  • Ultra Friend: 80,000
  • Best Friend: 40,000

However, this Stardust trade cost may vary according to the friendship levels! Before trading, you must think of the friendship level between you and your friend and also if the Pokemon which has been traded can be evolved through trading. Evolving Pokemon through trading is another beneficial tactic that could benefit you as a player of Pokemon go.

Part 3: Ways to increase stardust in pokemon go?

1. Use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS/Android)

Do you want to increase your Stardust trade cost in Pokemon go? There is no better way for doing so other than using Dr.Fone - Virtual location (iOS/Android). Using this will easily help you to catch more Pokemon, as you can fake your location using this app. You can change your location to any given location on the map and catch Pokemons from different regions without having to move around. Doesn't it sound fun? Catching the rarest Pokemon all by sitting at home!

Teleport to anywhere in the world

Step 1: Firstly, you need to install Dr.Fone- Virtual location (iOS/Android) on your computer(Win/Mac). Then, install and launch the program on your computer. Click on "Virtual Location" from the options on the main interface.

click virtual location

Step 2: Now, you need to connect your iPhone to the PC and click on "Get Started".

click get started

Step 3: A new window would now pop up where you can see your current location. If you are unable to see your current location, then click on "center on" icon at the bottom. Doing so will lead you to show your location on the map.

map screen

Step 4: Now click on "Teleport mode" using the button on the top right corner of the window. Enter the place you want your location to be set to and then click on "Go". Once done the click on "Move Here". Well, that's it! We're done with changing our location to the desired location!

enter location

2. Exchange the gift with friends to level up a friendship:

Pokemon go also allows you to send gifts to your game friends and receive gifts from your game friends. Well, this can help both of you grow and progress in the game and can be a helpful trick to increase Stardust!

3. Play the game as much as you can!

Investing more and more time on the game will lead you to catching more pokemons which will, in turn, lead to getting more stardust! Hence play it regularly with continuity!


Well, the article did give us a lot of idea about stardust trade cost and how to increase Stardust trade points in Pokemon go. We dwelled more into major facts about the game and learned a lot about it. We also explored what is drfone-Virtual location ( iOS) and how it can help you to teleport from one place to another! Using the app will help you a lot in improving the game and wouldn't require you to do much! All you've to do is teleport from one place to another, catch more and more pokemons and get more stardust! As a player, it shall improve your stats by a huge margin!

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