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Guide to Get Tinder Plus Free


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Tinder plus free in 2020 is something that many people look for, especially those who have found success with the free version of this dating app. It is one of the forerunners in the matchmaking platform and has been around since 2012.

This dating app offers several unique features, including a proximity aspect. If you are at a particular location, it allows one to find people within 10 miles radius around that location. This feature and others such as visibility are given a boost with Tinder plus free APK 2020. For such reasons, many are interested in getting free Tinder plus 2020.

tinder plus free 1

1. What can Tinder Plus do?

Tinder plus, free for iOS, is a premium service. This provides access to several advanced features to the users. These help one see profiles in more than one location, have unlimited likes, several super likes, and be able to boost their profile once a month.

Here we take a look at these features in detail.

  • Rewind

Tinder plus free download can help a user take back any swipe. It helps one to rewind or re-swipe on a particular person. Hence, if you removed a profile from a like category and later changed your mind, it can help you want them or get them back in the Like category.

  • Passport

This is another feature for which many wish to have free Tinder Plus APK. The ordinary app allows one to specify their location and find matches nearby. With the Passport feature, one can change the location and find dates in other regions. It is helpful for those who frequently travel. All this and more can be had when one opts to get Tinder plus free in 2020. It helps one to set up dates in another location before they arrive.

  • Unlimited Likes

Several other distinct features make the upgrade more likable. It allows one to swipe likes an unlimited number of times. The basic version usually shows a pop-up window stating that one is out of likes. The upgrade removes that restriction.

tinder plus free 2

  • 5 Super Likes

Super like is another highlight of this app. If you like a match or a date, you can add the person to this category. The basic version offers a limited number of super likes in this category. However, with the upgrade, you can swipe profiles, as many as 5 per day in this category and get the attention of these people as well.

  • Boost

This refers to increasing chances of matches as your profile gets highlighted among top profiles in an area. This is done once a month and for 30 minutes in the upgrade version. The views are more and people swipe on the user’s profile much more. It helps one to get out of the line and into the limelight.

  • Other Features

Several other distinct features make the upgrade a more useful version of the basic app. For instance, one can control how much of their information is visible to others. It allows one to control personal information such as distance and age. The profile details become visible only to those who swipe your profile to the right.

Ad-free is another advantage. This ensures that you have a clutter-free interface to view profiles with ease, chat and view images without ads in the backdrop.

You can also control who can see your profile. There are two settings here, one of the people you like or those recently active. Hence, you can choose among these two settings to control the number of people who can view your profile.

tinder plus free 3

2. How can You have Tinder Plus Free?

Usually, there is only one way to get Tinder plus free and that is by enrolling for the subscription service. However, below there are some methods discussed by which one can opt for the features of Tinder plus free in Android.

  • Tinder Discount Promotion Method

This is a method that would work for Android and iOS devices. In this particular method, users get discounted promotions from the company. These come as popup windows and discounts are offered exclusively for users of the free app. Hence, to increase your chances of getting a discount provided to you, all you need to do is subscribe to the free application. Once you are an active user of the platform, it increases your chances of getting discounts for upgrades. When such a promotion comes to a user, he or she must opt for it in 24 hours.

  • Google Opinion Reward Method

Tinder plus for free 2019 can come through by another method as well as. To increase one’s chances of getting a free subscription to the premium features, one needs to start by being a basic user of the services of this dating platform.

This method usually requires users to participate in different surveys. These could be on diverse topics, and in return, the participants can claim different rewards. Usually, cash prizes are offered, between the amounts of $3 to $30. Usually, the money gets transferred to the user's credit account in Google Play. The money remains available for subscribing to different services on the apps. Hence, if you accumulate such rewards, the same can be used for Tinder plus free Reddit purchase.

One can access Google Opinion on iOS as well as on Android. It is possible to participate by receiving links to surveys once one enrolls for such a program.

  • Other ways

There are ways to get the features of the Plus version for free. For instance, features like unlimited swipes and passports are aspects that one can get with Tinder plus free on iPhone.

Get Passport Feature

Steps to do so are as follows:

  • Download an app called Fly GPS; it is available on the Play store akin to Tinder plus APK free download at different Android app marketplaces.
  • Once the application is downloaded, visit Settings and click on the options for developers.
  • Turn on the mock location and select Fly GPS to be the app for the mock location.
  • Open the dating app and keep it minimized so that Fly GPS can be opened as well.
  • Select the location you prefer.
  • Select the GPS service as well as the mode for a fixed location.
  • As you open the dating site, it will showcase your chosen location.

Once all the steps are completed, your profile on the free dating app becomes visible at the location of your choice; hence, people from the current location will be unable to view the profile unless the location is changed.

tinder plus free 4

Get Unlimited Swipes

This is another feature that is possible to get on Tinder plus free with the help of the Fly GPS app.

Steps to get this feature activated are as follows:

  • Visit Settings where the date-time is mentioned.
  • Set the automatic mode to manual.
  • Set time 24 hours from the current time in the present location.
  • You need to clear the app's cache data; after that, you need to close the application and then reopen it.
  • You will find likes refilled in your account.

This is a useful hack for those who wish to enjoy the prime features as would appear in a free Tinder plus account.

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3. How to Subscribe to Tinder Plus?

Those who wish to enjoy the features of free Tinder plus in Reddit can subscribe to it with the following steps.

  • Download the App

To get started with the subscription service, you need to ensure that you have the application installed in your device. The free dating app is readily available for download and installation in Android or iOS devices.

  • Login

The login option is a convenient one. If you are a new user, you can log in using your Facebook account. Alternatively, you can log in using your phone number. You will need to verify the same details and save the login details before you proceed.

  • Create Account

In this step, you will need to fill in basic profile details. These comprise name, age, gender, and certain basic tastes and preferences. There are certain settings you can choose to activate, such as Push Notifications. You would also be asked to set your location.

  • Choose Subscription Service

Once the basic account is created, you can find the upgrade option in your account settings. Here you can choose to upgrade to Tinder plus free android 2020 with Google Pay funds if you have accrued the same.

tinder plus free 5

4. Anything to Note When Using Tinder Plus?

There are several advantages that users find when using Tinder plus free APK.

  • More Visibility

A boost given to paid users every month translates to 10x views and more probability of dates and likes. It helps one to get out of a waiting line and get exposed to a certain region among the top profiles for 30 minutes. This occurs once every month. Again, if one changes their location, they can avail of the highlight feature every time they change location.

  • Unlimited Swipes

This means that one has more matches to view than the basic application. It helps one have more matches to view and like or put away. One can also rewind and put a left swipe in the right direction. There is no limit to the number of matches that await one in their upgraded account.

  • Control Your Visibility

With the paid service, you have more visibility, but also it is under your control. It allows you to control the kind of people who can view your profile. It also helps you set the distance within which you want matches to be found.

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There are several features and advantages that the upgraded version provides. If the basic app works for one, it is best to opt for the upgraded version to make most of its features.

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