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Hacks to do pokemon go trainer battles


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

With the launch of the Pokémon Go battle league, the trainer battles are seen as one of the options that can be used to compete and do it the hard way. As the name suggests it is a feature in Pokémon Go that lets you battle as a trainer against the other trainers. Pokémon Go trainer battles are a great way to enhance your skills as the rules are different from the gym and raid battles which are also a great feature of this game. The Pokémon CP limits are granted to each league from which the trainer needs to choose one.

Pokemon go hacks 1

Part 1: What is the Point of Trainer Battles in Pokémon Go?

The best part is that the teams are assembled by the trainers themselves. The point of the trainer battles is that a winning team is chosen while competing with the other players. The trainer battles Pokémon Go also lets the trainers choose the best players that would charge and power up Pokémon. Different spoils are embedded within the trainer battles and they all are worth trying. Once the trainer battles he is rewarded three times per day as a normal team leader. As an AI team leader, you can get the reward once every day.

Pokemon go hacks 2

Now you want to make sure that the charged attacks are learned and how they can be used as a weapon against the other players. The Pokémon should also be chosen as per the ability as different Pokémon have different charged attack ability overall. The Pokémon is of a different kind as all benefit from the charge attack in different states. It also means that you get to choose Pokémon like Tyranitar which will get you to through the battle with highly advanced skills. Typhlosion is a dual-type Pokémon and the raids which are done using it benefit the trainers as compared to single types.

Part 2: What can you get from trainer battles Pokémon go?

This part will deal with the rewards which the trainers will get for the battles which they will fight. There are three different types of rewards that you can win when it comes to trainer battles. These are as follows:

  • Stardust
  • As of January 2019, the Rare Candy reward has also been introduced to make the battles more enchanting.
  • 1 in 7 chance of Sinnoh Stone.

No matter that you win or lose a battle these rewards are credited to your account. If you are playing with a computer the threshold to get the rewards is 1. If you are competing with the other players then the rewards can be earned thrice per day. Both the participants will get the same rewards but the abilities are different depending on the fact that whether you are a winner or loser. The Ace trainer medal and its acquaintance will also get the level up with each battle that you win. The other three medals will also get a level up as per a blog post from Niantic. These medals are as follows:

  • Great League Veteran
  • Ultra League Veteran
  • Master League Veteran.

The rematches that are done in the trainer battles also account for the leveling up in all the medals as well as the other rewards that are explained.

Pokemon go hacks 3

Part 3: Does CP Matter in Trainer Battles?

In Pokémon trainer battle it indeed matters and this is one of the basic phenomena that will take you and your team to the next level. The CP stands for combat power and it means the power of your Pokémon. As a trainer when you battle more and more the XP increases and the CP as well. This CP will also help you to get a step ahead of others in terms of Pokémon that you own. The candies are used to make sure that the CP of the Pokémon is increased. It also means that you get the best Pokémon on the battlefield that will be able to counter offense the other Pokémon on the field. There are two ways to get higher CP. Firstly you can evolve a Pokémon and secondly you can also power up an existing Pokémon. Both are the choices and the result is completely up to you. Use candies and power up your Pokémon to a higher level. It will also ensure that you get the best results on the battlefield. The weight and the size of the Pokémon also affect the CP score so you need a Pokémon that is both agile and lightweight to get the best results.

Part 4: Tips to level up Pokémon before doing the Pokémon go trainer battles

To get the best out of Pokémon Go battle another trainer it is advised to get the Dr. Fone Virtual Location. This program has been specifically developed to change the iOS location and the added features also get you a step ahead of our competitors in Pokémon trainer battles.

The Process

Step 1: Install the program

You need to make sure that the program has been installed and launched to begin the process.

drfone home

Step 2: Get Started

You need to make sure that the virtual location is clicked from all options and the iPhone is connected. Click get started to begin.

virtual location 1

Step 3: Accurate location

In the next window click center on to get the accurate location.

virtual location 3

Step 4: Teleport

Activate the teleport mode by clicking the corresponding icon on the third one on the upper right corner. Enter the place you want to teleport to.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Move Here

The system understands the desired place and then you need to click to move here.

virtual location 5

Step 6: Checking

The location has been fixed to the desired place. Your iPhone will also show the location that you have selected. This completes the process in full.

virtual location 6

Features of the Program

  • The program is used to teleport the iPhone location anywhere in the world.
  • The GPS can be simulated along the roads that you have drawn by yourself.
  • There is a Joystick that can be used for free movement.
  • The location of 5 devices can be changed at a time using this program.
  • The 1 click location changer will allow you to set your location with ease.


Dr. Fone is perhaps the best and the most used program for the Pokémon trainer battle. There are no doubt other methods to charge up your Pokémon as well as the CP but this program is the best of all. With the Dr. Fone location changer, you can summon nearby Pokémon for aid while in battle and this increases the chances of your victory. As Pokémon is a location-based game so the prowess of Dr. Fone - location changer even increases. Get this program now to be at the top of your game and beat your competitors.


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