iPad Stuck on Update Requested? Here's How to Fix It

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Do you need help with your iPad getting stuck on the Update Requested screen? If so, don't worry—you're not alone. Many iPad users have encountered this issue, which can be pretty frustrating.

Because of the complexity of iOS updates, it can take time to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to get your device back up and running again in no time.

In this article, we'll walk through how to fix an iPad or iPhone stuck on the update-requested screen so you can get back to using your device as soon as possible. Let's get started!

software update

What Is Update Requested On iPad?

Before we discuss how to fix the iPad or even the iPhone stuck on the update-requested screen, let's take a moment to review this issue and why it can occur. When your iPad displays the "update requested" message, Apple's servers have detected a new version of the iOS software available for your device. When this happens, the iPad will prompt you to update your device.

If for some reason, this process doesn't complete correctly or gets stuck along the way, you may be unable to use your iPad until the issue is resolved. The iPad update requested message can occur due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • Poor Internet connection: If the iPad doesn't have access to a reliable Internet connection while updating, it may get stuck on the update requested iPad screen.
  • Software glitches: In some cases, software bugs or glitches can cause unexpected issues during an update.
  • Hardware issues: If the iPad's hardware is faulty or has been damaged, it may cause problems during an update.

These are just a few of the causes for an iPad being stuck on Update Requested. Thankfully, there are several methods for fixing this issue and getting your device back up and running as usual. The following section will discuss some of these solutions in more detail.

How To Fix an iPad Stuck on Update Requested?

ipad update requested

Now that you understand this issue and why it can happen, let's discuss how to fix it. Below, we'll discuss some of the best methods for resolving an iPad stuck on the update requested.

1. Hard Reset Your iPad

A hard reset usually fixes the issue if your iPad is stuck on the Update Requested screen. This will involve unplugging your device from power.

hard reset ipad

  • Presse and hold the Home button and Power button simultaneously until you see an Apple logo appear onscreen.
  • Then release the buttons and wait for your device to reboot. After the reboot, your iPad should start the update process again.

Sometimes it can take a few tries to get the hard reset to work, but it should eventually work and get you back on track. Hard resetting your iPad can also help to clear any software glitches or bugs that might be causing the update process to freeze.

If your iPad is still stuck on the Update Requested screen after several hard resets, try some of the other solutions listed below.

2. Check Your Network Connection

After a hard reset, the next step is to check your network connection.

  • If you're using a Wi-Fi network, ensure it's connected and has a strong signal.
  • You can also try disconnecting from the current Wi-Fi network and connecting to a nearby one.
  • If you're using cellular data to update, try switching to Wi-Fi. This can help ensure a stable connection so the update won't be interrupted.
  • If you're having issues with the Wi-Fi connection, you can reset your network settings, router, or modem.
  • Also, make sure that your device is close to the router and that no obstacles are blocking the signal.
  • Try moving closer to the router or removing any obstructions in its way. Doing this should fix most network connection issues.

If you're still having trouble, then you can contact your Internet service provider for further assistance. They can fix any problems with the connection and help you complete the update process. Some specific iOS versions may also have specific requirements for the network connection, so you may need to check these as well.


If none of these steps work, it might be time to try a different approach.

3. Charge Your iPad

The next step is to charge your iPad. If your device's battery is too low, then it may not be able to complete the update process. So make sure that your iPad has at least 50% battery before attempting an update.

If you have a spare charger or power adapter, try using that one instead. This can help ensure your device receives enough power to finish the update.

If you have a USB power adapter, connect it directly to your iPad and make sure it's plugged into an active wall outlet. Don't rely on any other external power sources, like a computer or vehicle ports, since they may not be able to provide the necessary power levels.

Once your device is sufficiently charged, try restarting it and see if the update will go through. If not, you may need to move on to other troubleshooting methods. However, the latest iOS version may also have compatibility issues with your iPad, so updating to an older version could be the solution.

charge ipad

4. Remove Software Update

Sometimes, the iPad may be stuck on the Update Requested screen due to corrupt software update files. If this is causing your issue, then you'll need to delete these files from your device.

  • To do this, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and then select the "Software Update" option.
  • Tap "Delete Update" and confirm your choice when prompted. This should remove the corrupt update files from your iPad and hopefully fix the issue.
  • If this doesn't work, then you can try resetting all your settings by going to Settings > General > Reset and select "Reset All Settings."

remove software update

This will not delete any of your data but will reset all your settings to their defaults. Once your settings have been reset through the settings app, try restarting your device and see if the update process can continue. The iOS update stuck issue should now be fixed.

5. Free Up The iPad Storage

ipad storage

If your iPad needs more iPad or iPhone storage space available to complete the update, it may get stuck on the Update Requested screen. To fix this issue, try freeing up some space on your device.

  • Go to Settings > General > Tap iPhone Storage & iCloud Usage and check how much storage space is available on your iPad. If you don't have enough free space, you'll need to find ways to free up some of it.
  • Try deleting unused apps or files that take up a lot of space. You can also transfer your photos and videos to iCloud or an external storage device.
  • Once you have freed up some space, try restarting your device and see if the update can proceed. This should fix the issue. If it doesn't, you may have to try other solutions.

Remember that iPad software updates require at least 3GB of free space for the installation process. If your device doesn't have enough free storage available, it will be unable to finish the update and may get stuck on the Update Requested screen. So, make sure you check the storage space to download iOS update files before attempting the update.

6. Dr.Fone-System Repair

Wondershare Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) is a powerful tool that can help you fix various iOS-related issues, including the iPad being stuck on the update-requested screen. It can repair your system without causing any data loss and also provide other useful features such as backing up and restoring your device, fixing various common problems with the iOS system, and more.

It is simple to use and can help you get your device out of the update-requested loop and back to normal quickly and efficiently. So, if none of the above solutions have worked for you, then give Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) a try because it may be exactly what you need to fix the issue. Sometimes nothing else is better than a professional tool for the job.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Follow these simple steps to get through your iPad stuck on update requested problem with this method:

Step #1: Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS), and on the homepage, you'll find the option "System Repair."


Step #2: Select the type of your smartphone you're using. In this case, obviously, it will be iOS.


Step #3: Now select the option of "iOS Repair" to fix the system issues in the iPad

ios repair

Step #4: Select the specific issue and click on "Repair Now" to lead next.

device bug

Step #5: Choose the "Standard Repair" option among the two options you'll be seeing.

standard repair

Step #6: Now, it's time to put your iOS device in Recovery Mode.

recovery mode

Step #7: Put your device into Recovery Mode

steps to recovery mode

Step #8: The tool will automatically detect the device and put it in Recovery Mode.


Step #9: Select the latest version of the update and click "Download"

download firmware

Step #10: The download will automatically start and may take a few minutes.


Step #11: After download completion, it will verify before you're done.


Step #12: That's it.

firmware package is ready

Step #13: The tool will start repairing and will be complete in a few minutes.

repair completed

Hopefully, these solutions have helped you get your iPad out of the update-requested loop and enabled it to finish the update process successfully.

In case the Apple server is having issues or the update is incompatible with your device, you may need to wait until the problem is fixed. If none of these solutions have worked, you should take your iPad to an Apple Store and let the experts handle it.

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The Bottom Line

All the above solutions will help you fix the iPad stuck on the Update Requested screen. But, if you need something else, then Wondershare Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) is the best option. It is designed to tackle various iOS-related issues quickly and effectively.

This robust program can quickly and effectively resolve most iOS-related issues, so you don't have to worry about dealing with the issue yourself. The program also features a wide range of other valuable functions for iOS and even Android devices, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

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