iPad Home Button Not Working? Fix Now with 6 Effective Ways!

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Apple products are known to be the most popular technology-driven products in the world. Apple iPhone and iPad have been an integral part of millions of users spread throughout the globe. However, these products and devices are not foolproof to perfection. There are different reports revolving around multiple issues related to these devices.

The discussion would converge around the iPad Home button not working properly for this article. Though the issue sounds simple, there are many technical aspects involved in it. While we let you know of these technicalities, this article will feature some of the effective ways you can adopt as a fix for your iPad Home button broken.

Is your iPad home button not working? Find out how to fix it by watching the video below

Part 1: Why is Your iPad Home Button Not Working? Is It Broken?

iPad Home button is believed to be a basic feature responsible for the device's operation. If you encounter such problems with your iPad, you usually come under a lot of burden of getting it fixed. Before discovering the methods that would explain the remedy to the iPad Home button not working, it is essential to get yourself introduced to the error scenarios for this specific button.

ipad home button not working

Scenario 1: The Home Button is Completely Stuck

The first scenario mostly contains the hardware explanation of the particular issue. You might have had your Home Button stuck, which eventually led you to such concerns. However, to cater to this problem, there are a couple of effective fixes which may save you from all hardware issues involving this problem.

To fix the iPad Home button broken problem across your device, you can initially consider taking off your iPad case. This possibility arises from the fact of having certain iPad cases, which prevents you from pressing down the Home button. Press the button again on removing the case, and there you have it! This generally resolves the basic concern of your iPad Home button not working.

Following this, there may be a chance that the Home button might have faced some accumulation of dust and debris across it. The presence of such particles has jammed the button, making it impossible for you to press it down. A straightforward remedy associated with this problem is having the Home button cleaned with appropriate liquids. This cleans out all dust particles within the button, leading to the button’s consistent operation.

Scenario 2: The Home Button is Pressing Down, But Nothing Happens

This scenario is based on the software concerns of the iPad. The cause of this scenario does not involve any particular problem, but it mostly involves a software glitch, leading to the iPad Home button not working. To counter this problem, you should definitely follow the remedies and solutions mentioned in the next part of this article.

Part 2: 6 Effective Ways to Fix iPad Home Button Not Working

This part includes all effective and efficient ways that can be employed to fix the problem of the iPad Home button not working. Before applying this to your problem, it is necessary to understand the procedure involving these solutions.

1. Restarting the iPad

The first and foremost solution that can resolve any software glitches within the iPad involves restarting the device. Being the easiest way, this should be your first choice before moving towards other solutions. To carry out the process, look into the following steps to get to know more about it.

Step 1: To restart your iPad, hold your device's "Power" button until the message "Slide to Power Off" does not appear on the screen.

Step 2: Leave the “Power” button and turn off your iPad. Once it is turned off, wait for almost 20 seconds and press your iPad's "Power" button.

Step 3: You need to press the Power button until it is ensured that the main screen appears on your iPad.

restart ipad

2. Reset All Settings Across Your iPad

If the process is not resolved on restarting the iPad, you may have to reset all the settings across it to fix the iPad Home button broken. Follow the footsteps of the procedure as provided below.

Step 1: You need to locate the “Settings” of your iPad. On opening the settings, proceed to select “General” from the available options.

Step 2: After moving to the next screen, scroll down to navigate to the option of "Transfer or Reset iPhone."

Step 3: On the next screen, you need to select “Reset” from the given options and proceed to select “Reset All Settings” from the available list.

3. Switch Between Portrait and Landscape

You can check the workability of your iPad's Home button through several means. One such method is to switch your device between portrait and landscape. However, you need to follow the steps shown below to cover this:

Step 1: You need to press the Home Button when the iPad is in Portrait Mode. The device should shift into Landscape Mode successfully. Once it is shifted back, turn the device back into Portrait Mode.

Step 2: If this executes successfully, it is clear that the device is operational. Let go of the Home button.

change ipad screen orientation

4. Five-Finger Gesture

Another solution that can save you from facing the issue of a non-operational iPad is to set up a gesture that would act as the virtual "Home Button" for your iPad. To utilize this, look into the steps as shown below.

Step 1: Proceed to the "Settings" of your iPad and directly into the "Accessibility" section of your device.

Step 2: Lead into the next screen to select the option of "Touch." This directs you to a new screen where you are required to tap on "AssistiveTouch."

Step 3: You can create a new gesture by tapping on the option of “Create New Gesture.” Make sure that you put your five fingers on the screen and pinch it perfectly to set up the gesture.

Step 4: Once recorded, tap on “Save” to record this gesture. Set up this gesture as an alternative to the Home button.

five finger gesture on ipad

5. Turn On Assistive Touch

Out of all options, if the five-finger gesture sounds complicated, you can surely consider turning on Assistive Touch for your convenience. The following steps explain how you can fix the iPad Home button not working with Assistive Touch.

Step 1: Open "Settings" on your iPad and navigate to "Accessibility." Tap on "Touch" to open a new menu on the next screen. This shows a new set of options on the screen.

Step 2: Tap on “AssistiveTouch” to lead to the specific menu. On the next screen, turn on the toggle to activate this feature. You can switch on your iPad to see a small button across your screen.

assistive touch on ipad

6. Fix iPad System Errors with Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS)

Many solutions co-exist across the system for repairing different iPhone and iPad solutions. However, they may not successfully provide you with the perfect results. For this, the need for tools that generate the best out of the problem is required. Dr.Fone features complete device solutions covering everything from data losses to system breakdowns.

Dr.Fone is a collection of multiple tools focused on resolving all device problems that hinder your functionality. A toolkit that ensures the workability of your device is undoubtedly phenomenal. This is what makes Dr.Fone unique across the digital platforms.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) provides you with solutions to all significant iOS system issues, including white Apple logo and boot loop issues. To resolve the iPad Home button's not working concern, this tool can easily cover the complete process. While keeping the data intact, this tool ensures that the entire process is covered without any potential threat to the device. The device is, however, conclusively repaired with the tool.


This article has conclusively provided you with a detailed explanation of the iPad Home button not working issue. With such details mentioned throughout the article, you can go through the provided fixes to resolve the problem with their device. However, solutions such as Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) are preferred to get optimal results as long-term solutions. Go through the article to know more about the problem and its solution.

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