12 Fixes for Apps Not Downloading on iPad![2024]

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Functionality is essentially improved with devices like the iPad. With different applications supporting the device, it develops many use cases for different people. However, while working through these applications, certain apps do not download across your iPad. This raises the question of why are apps not downloading on iPad?

To answer this, this article has provided a unique approach of mentioning the reasons followed by a quick remedy that will help you download applications on your iPad. Once you follow any of the mentioned fixes, you can efficiently resolve the problem of the iPad can’t download apps.

Fix 1: Try to Download an Incompatible or Unsupported App

This might be one of the most basic reasons why you are unable to download on an iPad. The application you wish to access may have compatibility issues with your iPad. In certain cases, it relates to the issues with the device you own. This is because many app developers discontinue the updates across their applications for older versions of iPadOS and iOS.

To make sure that the application you are trying to download on your iPad is not supported across your device, open App Store and check the application details. You can find such details in the 'Information' section.

ipad app store

Fix 2: Ensure You Have Enough Free Space

If you can’t download apps on iPad, a very basic reason would be the lack of free space across the iPad. Any device that does not have enough space across it would not install anything in itself. Thus, if your iPad does not download and install a certain app, that is probably because of a lack of storage. To check this, go through these simple steps:

Step 1: You need to open the “Settings” of your iPad.

Step 2: Proceed into the “General” section from the list of settings. Select “iPad Storage” from the available options and check out the available storage across the iPad. If there is not enough space, your device won’t install any new application.

 check ipad storage

Fix 3: Check Internet Connectivity

One of the primary things to check while downloading an application across your iPad should be your internet connection. An unstable connection can be the primary reason for iPad not installing apps. To counter this, you should keep a check on your internet connectivity, which may disrupt the process of downloading due to instability.

Along with that, if you utilize cellular data for the installation, make sure that your network operator is working properly across your iPad. Any inconvenience can become a direct reason for the mentioned problem.

Fix 4: Pause & Resume Download

Whenever you put something to download from your App Store, you can check its progress on your iPad's home screen. However, if an application does not install across your iPad on time, you can try to pause and resume the download to push the process through unorthodox means. You need to look across the steps as shown below to carry this out:

Step 1: Tap on the icon for a few seconds. You will find the option of “Pause Download.”

Step 2: Once you’ve paused the download by clicking it, hold the icon again to open the options. Click on “Resume Download” to resume the process.

Fix 5: Check Apple Servers

The problem of apps not downloading on iPad is not inherently a hardware issue. This problem can direct back to the Apple Servers that may not function properly. You need to open the link and find out the "App Store" server to see if it operates properly.

If the icon is green, it means that it is working. However, if you won’t find a green icon across it, it definitely leads to the point that Apple Servers are down. Apple takes some time to resolve the issue for their user. You have to only wait for it to recover.

confirm app store server is active

Fix 6: Airplane Mode

In some cases of iPad not installing apps, users usually forget to turn off their iPad from Airplane Mode. With it turned on, they cannot perform anything that involves an internet connection. However, in cases where the network connection is not operating properly, you can toggle the Airplane Mode across your iPad to make it function properly. For this, look across these steps as shown below:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app from the home screen of your iPad.

Step 2: Find the "Airplane Mode" option at the top of the list. Turn on the option with the toggle. After a few seconds, you can turn off the toggle to resume the cellular services of your iPad.

enable and disable airplane mode

Fix 7: Check Your Date and Time

One of the important reasons your iPad won't download and install apps on iPad is its incorrect date and time. This can malfunction the App Store and forbid it from working properly. To counter this, you need to turn on the option of automatically setting the date and time of the iPad. To cover this, look across the steps provided below to fix the new iPad not downloading apps:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” option from the homepage of your iPad. Look for the “General” section in the provided list of settings.

Step 2: Following this, look for the option "Date & Time" in the available options. On the next window, ensure that the toggle of "Set Automatically" is turned on your iPad.

enable set automatically option

Fix 8: Restart your iPad

For the purpose of making sure that your device is malfunctioning and not downloading any application, you can restart your device. Your iPad would restart all processes and resolve the issue of apps not downloading on iPad. To cover this, you can look across these simple steps for restarting an iPad:

Step 1: Proceed into the “Settings” of your iPad. Go into the “General” section of your iPad Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down the settings to find the option of “Shut Down.” Turn off your iPad and hold the Power button to restart the device.

shutdown your ipad

Fix 9: Sign Out of Apple ID and Sign in Again

There might be a case that your Apple ID may be the problem in installing an application across your iPad. To resolve this, it is advised that you should sign out and sign in with your Apple ID across the iPad. Before covering this process, make sure that you remember your password and have kept a copy of all your iPad data. Once done, follow the steps:

Step 1: Launch the "Settings" of your iPad and click on the Apple ID name at the top of the settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings and click on “Sign Out.”

sign out apple id

Step 2: Once signed out, relaunch your “Settings” and click on the profile icon to sign in with the same Apple ID once again.

sign in to ipad

Fix 10: Restart App Store

Out of all reasons, one of the simplest problems that may occur to your iPad is a glitchy App Store. There are times when the platform does not work accordingly, which leads to problems in downloading and installing applications. To counter this, you need to swipe up and turn off the App Store completely. Ensure that it does not work in the background of your iPad.

Once turned off, relaunch the App Store and start the download of your required application. Hopefully, you may not face the issue of the iPad not installing apps.

close app store completely

Fix 11: Update iPadOS

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To resolve the particular problem with your iPad not installing apps, you should check your iPadOS. Usually, such issues arise over a buggy OS on your iPad. In other cases, there is a pending update of your OS that is eventually leading to such a problem. To counter this, you need to update your iPadOS from the Settings, which are provided as follows:

Step 1: Please make sure that your iPad is on charging or charged above 50% for the process. After ensuring the internet connection, navigate to the "Settings."

Step 2: Find the option of ‘General’ in the given list and click on “Software Update” on the next screen.

Step 3: After refreshing the page, you will see a pending update on your iPad. Click on the "Download and Install" option to update your iPadOS.

download and install ipados update

Part 12: Contact Apple Support

In such cases where you are unable to resolve the issue of apps not downloading on iPad, you should consider going to Apple Support for its resolution. They will surely find out the problem with your iPad and resolve it accordingly for you. It is advisably the last option you can consider to figure out the problem with your iPad. It may be some hardware or software fault that cannot be resolved with simple techniques.

contact apple support


This article has presented a list of effective fixes that can be used to resolve the problem of apps not downloading on iPad. iPad is a great device that encounters such basic problems; however, they are resolvable. As this article states, there are numerous resolutions to this issue that can be discovered. We hope you've found a proper solution to iPad not installing apps.

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