How to Set a Voice Memo a Ringtone on iPhone

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Sometimes, we set a particular song over the phone ringtone, and in that condition, when it rings, we can recognize the phone quickly. Some people also look for how to record their own ringtone to make it more unique.

But with iPhone users, the scenario is entirely different. They have a single iPhone ringtone that they can try out. Of course, ringtone options are many, but as we know, the famous iPhone ringtone is the way to recognize one’s own iPhone. When so many people have iPhones around, a person gets confused and cannot recognize their device. In that case, there is a need to look out for how to record their ringtone and change it.

If you are also tired of the iPhone ringtone and have no clue how you will be able to change it, don't worry and customize it now. You will be able to customize the ringtones as per your choice without any problem. For better understanding, keep reading till the last because we discuss it in detail.

A Video to tell you how to make iPhone ringtone from any YouTube video!

Part 1: Record Ringtone with Voice Memos

In this section, we discuss how to record ringtones with voice memos. This is the first step people can adopt to customize their iPhone ringtone. The steps are as follows: -

Step 1: Tap the "Voice Memos app" first.

Step 2: Click on the "Record button" and start recording.

Step 3: When the recording is done, click on the "stop" button and tap on the "play" button to preview it.

Step 4: Click on the "Done" button to save the file.

Note: Be sure to record the ringtone for 40 seconds only. If you recorded the ringtone for more than 40 seconds, you need to trim it.


Part 2: Record Your Own Ringtone with Computer

Now that you have a voice memo that you want as a ringtone, it’s time to create one. For this, we recommend you Dr.Fone – Phone Manager. This tool will help you turn your recording into the ringtone you want. This tool has a “Ringtone Maker” feature that lets you customize the ringtone as you want. Just keep the recording with you and use this tool. Here are the steps to be followed.

Step 1: Launch the program after installing it on your PC. On the main page, click on the “Phone Manager” module. Connect your iPhone after that.

drfone phone manager

Step 2: Go to the “Music” tab on the top menu and notice a bell icon. This is Ringtone Maker by Dr.Fone. So click on it to proceed.

click ringtone maker option drfone

Step 3: Now, the program will ask you to import the music. You can choose to add music either from your PC or device. Choose the desired option.

add voice memo drfone

Step 4: Adjust the settings according to your choices when the music or the recorded voice memo is imported.

set ringtone drfone

Once you are satisfied with the ringtone, click on “Save to Device,” and the program will verify the results.

save ringtone drfone

You will notice that the ringtone is saved successfully in a short time.

ringtone saved on iphone drfone

Step 5: You can now disconnect your iPhone and open “Settings” on it. Here, tap “Sound & Haptics.” Now select the ringtone that you have just saved. It will be set as an iPhone ringtone from now.

Part 3: Customize Your Ringtone without Computer

When you are done with recording the ringtone through the voice memo app, this is the time for you to apply the ringtone. Well, for it, the GarageBand application is required. To use it, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: First, you need to be sure that you have recorded the ringtone and saved it on your device.

Step 2: Get the GarageBand app.

Step 3: Now, move to the GarageBand app and choose the preferred instrument on your iPhone.

choose instrument garageband

Step 4: From the top left, click on the project button.

select project garageband

Step 5: Click on the loop button and select files.

click loop garageband

Step 6: Here, browse items from the Files app and select the previously saved recording.

choose music garageband

Step 7: Drag and drop the recording as a soundtrack and click on the metronome button at the right.

Step 8: Disable it and trim the recording if it is more than 40 seconds.

set ringtone and trim garageband

Step 9: Click on the downward Arrow and select “My song”.

click my songs garageband

Step 10: Do a long press on the selected is the soundtrack from the garage band app and click on the “Share” button.

share garageband

Step 11: Click on “Ringtone”, and tap “Export.”

export ringtone garageband

Step 12: Here, click on “Use sound as” and click on “Standard Ringtone”.

set as standard ringtone garageband

Viola! The recording you have recorded is set up as the ringtone to your iPhone.


  • The drag and drop option is featured.
  • Easy to install third-party plugins.
  • Works on artificial intelligence.
  • Time quantization and pitch correction feature are there.


  • Difficult to use.
  • No mixing console view option.
  • Exporting MIDI is limited.


Customizing ringtone on iPhone is easy. One can use voice memos to ringtone and set up their favorite recording as they want. But do know there is a need to follow a couple of steps to complete this process. If you are unaware of these steps setting the recorded audio as a ringtone will not be your thing!

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